Before you get excited, it does not exist yet, sadly. But, me and a friend of mine had some awesome ideas for it, if it does ever come into existence. I was wondering, if you guys would play it? Here it goes.

Obviously, it would have the storyline of Katniss, the reaping and everything, and you would follow that. But, that would be too easy for most of us Hunger Games super-fans who have read the books over 7 times. So, we were thinking, wouldn't it be cool if the game was for the X-Box Kinect, and it would be like you're actually there. You could answer some questions, and it would give you a District, then you could make your character. It would be an online game, so you can play with 23 other people! And when your character dies, you just go to another arena.

We thought it would be fun, something like that. What do you think? Any other ideas you might want to add? :D