King of the Hill: Tournament Style!

So I've seen some other people do this, and since my hunger games did not work out, I'm trying something a bit different. If you dont know what the heck im doing, please read the rules or continue reading this. Pretend there is hill that no one owns. You can own it if you give a reason and aat the end of it saying My Hill/MH. Here's an example: I claim this hill because i can. MH. Though this will have a twist. There will be 3 rounds, each taking 1-2 weeks. After every week the top 2 users will qualify for the finale. There the top 2 from all three rounds will face off to see who claims the title of King of the Hill!

sorry to rainbow shifter if i sort of copy your intro.


  • You can join at any time
  • if you have won a round you connot compete in anymore rounds except the finals, EX: User 4 won round 1 therefore cannot compete in round 2 or 3, only the finals.
  • You have to wait an hour between posts
  • i will put a scoreboard up on the comments after every day IRL
  • there is not a limit on how many people join a round, except i need 4 people to start a round. To join a round, and you have to do is a 'My Hill' sentence.
  • Good Luck!

Round 1

1 day left.

Round 1 has Began!!! 

Rank User # of Claims


NIby  35


Bee 24


Lexi 20


Yoonie 10


Brendan 9


Blake 8


Jade 6


Erlend 5


Blue-Ribbonz and Ican 2


11th Doge 1

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