The 87th Hunger Games

This is my first games ever, hope you like it!

(thank you to nightlock kryptonite for the tutorial!)


  • 3 tributes only, maybe more if there arent enough spots taken
  • no reservations
  • this will just be a regular hunger games, no twists or anything
  • no swearing or fighting in the chats 
  • the more detailed your trib is, the more likely it s to survive; other than that, it is completely random
  • Staying active is one of the main keys of your trib staying alive, so advice, advice advice! It might even change the whole story
  • Templet:


Age (12 - 18)


Apereance (lunaii or real pic is greatly prefered) or you can just describe.



Backstory (can be short)


you can add anything else if you like.

  • I will be doing reapings, showing the arena, and then go striaght to the games.

This Years Tributes!

District Name Age Weapons User
D1 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear, Knives and Swords Tehblakdeath
D1 Female Trinity Mace 17 Knife, Mace YourFavouriteSalmon
D2 Male
D2 Female Eve Loop 14 Knife, Mace


D3 Male
D3 Female Luna Devogne Rae 18 Bow And Arrow WeirdTributes
D4 Male Matthew Haper 13 Throwing Knives, Crossbow Lexis2685
D4 Female

Mill Haper

13 Throwing Knives, Crossbow Lexis2685
D5 Male Johnathan Mikeal 17 Sword, Machete, Spear YourFavouriteSalmon
D5 Female
D6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear YourFavouriteSalmon
D6 Female
D7 Male
D7 Female Bee Clio 14 Axe, Throwing Knives, Spear Pippycat
D8 Male
D8 Female Aislyn Latona 17 Bow and Arrow, Sword *Kyoni_Kara*

D9 Male

D9 Female Sienna Renea 17 Blowgun, Sickle *Kyoni_Kara*
D10 Male
D10 Female
D11 Male
D11 Female
D12 Male Freddy Slayer 15 Traps, Bombs,Hand-to-Hand Combat WeirdTributes
D12 Female Scarlet Burn 15 Spear, Traps, Bow And Arrow Pippycat

I will not be accepting tribs for spots that have been taken already and i will not tell you if they need to change because the're to many tribs that their district has been taken, sorry.

  • Blade Spectrus D1 Male
  • Trinity Mace D1 Female
  • Eve Loop D2 Female
  • Luna Devogne D3 Female
  • Mathew Haper D4 Male
  • Mill Haper D4 Female
  • Johnathan Mikeal D5 Male
  • Buck Rockwell D6 Male
  • Bee Clio D7 Female
  • Aislyn Latona D8 Female
  • Sienna Renea D9 Female
  • Freddy Slayer D12 Male
  • D12 Female Scarlett Burn



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