• Awesomedude607

    hey guys those of you who love final fantasy are going to love this. if not you can still read it but you may not like it . i will be doing a regular hunger games blog where you can submit your own tributes that you create. oh by the way im gonna randomely choose the people that are over 18 years old. im giong to change thier age. so without further ado the Final Fantasy Games!!!!!!!!!


    name: Warrior of Light

    gender: male

    age: 16

    appearance: grey flowing hair. blue eyes. blue armor that has gold horns sticking out of his head

    skills: uses the power of light, his sword, and also his shield to obliterate his enemies.

    weapon(s) of choice:sword

    weaknesses: darkness

    history: spoken of in Lukahn's prophecy that appear in Cornelia to save the captured Princ…

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