hey guys those of you who love final fantasy are going to love this. if not you can still read it but you may not like it . i will be doing a regular hunger games blog where you can submit your own tributes that you create. oh by the way im gonna randomely choose the people that are over 18 years old. im giong to change thier age. so without further ado the Final Fantasy Games!!!!!!!!!



name: Warrior of Light

gender: male

age: 16

appearance: grey flowing hair. blue eyes. blue armor that has gold horns sticking out of his head

skills: uses the power of light, his sword, and also his shield to obliterate his enemies.

weapon(s) of choice:sword

weaknesses: darkness

history: spoken of in Lukahn's prophecy that appear in Cornelia to save the captured Princess Sarah from the clutches of the corrupted knight, Garland. Unlike later appearances, these Warriors each hold the crystals themselves.Their mission is not to save the crystals, but to destroy the Four Fiends of each of the four elements and to save the world. These Light Warriors are not given names, and instead are named by the player. Their job classes are also assigned by the player at the start of the game.After defeating the Four Fiends, the Light Warriors travel into the past to defeat the cause of all the evil, Chaos, who is in fact their first foe, Garland. The evil force had created a cycle of destruction passing through time that the Warriors of Light end once by destroying Chaos.

Warrior cg render


name: white mage of light

gender: female

age: 15

appearance: red eyes,red hair, white cloak

skills: a great healer and is great with a hammer

weapon(s) of choice: hammer

weaknesses: darkness

history:see warrior of light. same thing


this is rafia from ff3. i couldn't find a better picture



gender: male

age: 16

appearance:grey hair,bandanas on his head with only a little bit of hair showing,bluish blackish armor, with a blue flowing cape

skills: master of all weapons

weapon(s) of choice: any

weaknesses: without his rose he is kinda powereless.

history:In the Japanese novelization, he was born in Salamand and was taken in by his adopted family after his parents' death. After his home is burned down and his adoptive parents murdered by the Palamecian Army, he is critically wounded by several black knights while fleeing Fynn. Upon awakening, he finds himself in the remote rebel stronghold of Altair, where he reunites with his close friends Maria and Guy. Upon realizing that Leon has been separated from them, Firion, Maria and Guy ask Princess Hilda if they could join the rebel army, since they have nothing left to return to.

Hilda refuses to let them in because of their young age, but allows them refuge from the empire so they can wait for Maria's brother, Leon, to find them if he survived. Instead of waiting, Firion, Maria and Guy go to Fynn to find Leon themselves. They find Scott, Hilda's groom to be, mortally wounded in the secret room of Fynn's tavern. He gives a ring to Firion to give to Hilda. Scott tells Firion to tell Hilda of his love for her and his regret that he will not see her again, then rethinks the request. Impressed by their accomplished infiltration of Fynn, Hilda lets Firion and his friends join the Wild Rose Rebellion against the empire.

Hilda gives the party their first mission, to locate mythril, a powerful metal needed to create weapons. The White Mage, Minwu, accompanies the party to Salamand. The town of Salamand is currently under the Empire's the control, and the men of town are forced to mine Mythril. A town native named Josef informs them of the townspeople's plight, but is unwilling to help, as his daughter Nelly is also a captive. The party heads to the mines, where they rescue the prisoners, along with Nelly. They return to Altair soon after with Mythril.

Firion leads a team to the town of Bafsk to stop the large airship, Dreadnought, from being completed. The party is too late and the Dreadnought is finished and attacks several towns. His party then retrieves the Goddess Bell needed to open the gates of Kashuan Keep, where Sunfire needed to stop the Dreadnought is located. Josef helps them get the bell by giving them his snowcraft. After fighting Borghen, Josef sacrifices himself to rescue the party from a large boulder. After collecting the Sunfire, the party, along with Prince Gordon, witness Cid's airship being captured, where Hilda and Cid traveled to Kashuan. They rescue her from the Dreadnought and then destroy the engine, but not before Maria recognizes the Dark Knight of the empire is Leon.

Soon after the King of Fynn orders from his death bed that Firion's group contacts the Dragoons of Deist. Firion heads to Poft in search of a ship, along with Maria and Guy, and recruits a pirate named Leila, who offers to aid the party by bringing them to Deist so that she and her crew could rob them. Once at sea, her crew attacks the party and loses. Leila gives herself up and Firion allows her to join them.

At Deist, the party only find a mother and son in Deist, as everyone else has been wiped out, save for one Wyvern. The party places the last Wyvern's egg in a pool in the depths of Deist Cavern. After returning to Altair, they discover Hilda has been acting oddly and is eating mice. Firion enters her room alone, where she attempts to seduce him. The rest of the party bursts into the room just as she reveals her true form as a Lamia Queen. After defeating the Lamia, Firion and his group head to the Palamecian Coliseum, where Hilda is being held captive. After rescuing Hilda, Firion, Maria, Leila and Guy participate in an attack upon Fynn, where they infiltrate the castle and kill the Imperial commander, restoring the kingdom of Fynn.

Firion travels to Mysidia to locate Minwu. After finding he traveled to the Mysidian Tower, the resting place of the mighty Ultima Tome, Firion and his friends search for the Crystal Rod, a relic used as the key to the tower, which lies in the Mysidia Cave. However, in order to explore deep into the cavern, he needs a White and a Black Mask. After finding these artifacts on Fynn Castle and the distant Tropical Island, respectively, Firion heads to the Mysidia Cave and obtains the key to the Mysidian Tower.

However, when approaching the island where the Tower is located, Firion, Maria and Guy are swallowed by Leviathan. The party manages to escape from its bowels with the help of the last remaining Dragoon, Ricard Highwind. Finally, at the top of the Mysidian Tower, they witness Minwu sacrificing himself to acquire the Ultima Tome for the party.

After retuning to Fynn, they discover that a Cyclone that has been summoned by the Emperor is destroying towns. Firion leads a team into the Cyclone with the help of the newborn Wyvern and defeats the Emperor.

A celebration held for the Empire's defeat is halted by the announcement that the Dark Knight Leon has taken the throne after the Emperor's defeat. The party enters the castle using the recently deceased Cid's airship and confronts the power-hungry Leon.

In the middle of a confrontation with Leon, the Emperor returns from the dead, revealing his plan to destroy the world. Ricard holds him off while Firion, Leon, and the rest of the party escape. Upon arriving in Fynn, Hilda agrees to let Leon join the Rebel Army and tells Firion to keep an eye on him.

The last battle takes place in Pandaemonium at the end of the final dungeon, the Jade Passage. When the Emperor was killed the second time, Leon leaves the party because of what he did with the empire, but Firion tells him that when he is ready to come back, he will be happily welcomed back again.

In the novelization Firion and Maria end up together, although this is left ambiguous in the game


name: Maria

gender: female

age 17

appearance purple hair,white and red dress

skills: great black mage but also good with a bow

weapon(s) of choice: bow and arrow

weakness: not so strong


Maria's parents are killed during the Palamecian empire's strike against Fynn. This gives her a good reason for not being able to go home after being taken in by the princess of Altair, Hilda. Firion asks if the three of them (Firion, Maria and Guy) could join the rebel army. After they are refused, Maria makes the statement they could not go home because Fynn has been taken over by the empire and that their parents have been killed. Hilda gives them the rebel password, Wild Rose, and allows them to stay in Altair. Maria, throughout the game, wants to defeat the empire, but also find her lost brother, Leon, who has been separated from her because of the empire's attack against Fynn.

Maria is later shocked to learn that one of the Emperor's servants, the Dark Knight, is actually Leon. When Leon attempts to crown himself Emperor after the original Emperor's first death, Maria accompanies Firion to confront him. However, the original Emperor returns from the dead, and Leon is forced to give up all dreams of ruling. After the Dark Emperor's return, Maria, Firion, Guy, and now Leon, head to Pandaemonium, the fortress of the Lord of Hell that has come to surface from Hell thanks to the Dark Emperor's powers to stop him. When the party faces the Dark Emperor, he is finally defeated. Leon separates from the party, but Maria does not want to separate from him again and tries to stop him from leaving. Firion stops her, saying that when Leon is ready to come back he will be welcome.




gender: male


appearance: has grey hair,a purple turtle neck under a black shirt and a leather breastplate. grey leather pants and big black boots.(looks like a girl to me)

skills: cheerfull and impulsive.

weapon(s) if choice:sword

weaknesses: a liitle to reckless


Luneth is an orphan who was raised in the remote village of Ur by the priest Topapa and his foster mother, Nina. Ten years ago, when he was very young, Luneth and his biological parents were dwellers of the surface world below the Floating Continent. While traveling on Cid Haze's airship one day, the ship was engulfed in a thick, vast darkness and crashed on the Floating Continent. Luneth's parents were killed on impact, but Luneth survived together with Cid, who took the surviving child to Ur and gave him to the elder Topapa. From that time onward, Nina and Topapa raised Luneth as their own son.One day, he went out exploring in the Altar Cave and fell down a hole. There he found the Wind Crystal, which chose him as a Warrior of Light. He then went out to find three others who shared his destiny. He and his childhood friend, Arc, wanted to save the ghosts in the town of Kazus. They met Refia on Cid's airship, and met Ingus at Castle Sasune, a place that was also was affected by the spell.

Arc, Refia, Luneth, and Ingus defeated the Djinn with the help of Princess Sara, and the four of them returned to the crystal, which blessed them with its power. Takka, Refia's foster father, modified Cid's airship so that they could crash through the rock that blocked the way to Canaan, which would cause the ship to shatter. They took Cid to Canaan and heard about a man called Desch on the Dragon Mountain. They scaled the mountain to find him, but Bahamut brought them to his nest.

They found Desch there and helped him escape. They hopped off the mountain and landed near the Gnome Village. Desch told them that he had lost his memory and was trying to discover who he was and where he came from. He decided to travel with them on their journey. At the Gnome Village, they helped the doctor recover his strength and he showed them the passage to the underground place, where they ended up at the Vikings' Cove. The vikings have been attacked several times by the Nepto Dragon. Their only ship, the Enterprise, was promised to them if they would kill the serpent. Luneth, Arc, Refia, Ingus, and Desch traveled to the Nepto Temple. They used the spell Mini to travel farther into the temple, where they found a Giant Rat.

After defeating it, they found a crystal shard. Leaving the cave, they put the crystal in the missing eye socket of a statue of the Nepto Dragon. The Nepto Dragon spoke to them and told them that he was grateful and wouldn't attack the Vikings anymore. He also gave them the Fang of Water. The Vikings gave them the ship, and together, they sailed to the Gulgan Gulch, where they spoke to the blind elders. They told them to go to the Tower of Owen, where Desch's destiny awaited. They used the spell Toad to get trough the tower, and fought Medusa at the end of it.

She mentioned that she was Lord Xande's soldier, and after she was defeated, Desch regained his memory, and explained that he is an Ancient who is supposed to protect the tower, and he may have even built it. Desch then sacrifices himself to prevent the impending explosion and is thought to be dead. The group ended up landing on the Enterprise, and one of the currents is gone, so they could continue.

Luneth and his party continues to travel to Dwarven Hollows, where the leader of the Dwarves requested their assistance on getting back one of the Horns of Ice, which was stolen by Gutsco the Rogue. The party successfully defeated Gutsco and retrieved the Horn of Ice. Upon returning the Horn on the pedestal, Gutsco appears and steals the two Horns. It turns out Gutsco survived the battle and hid under the party's shadow. He then makes a retreat to the Molten Cave, where he's planning on getting to the Fire Crystal by using the Horns's power. The party encounters Gutsco at the cave, and battles him that transforms into Salamander. Upon defeating him, the Fire Crystal blesses the Warriors of Light with its power.

After recovering the Horns of Ice for good, they receive word from a Tokkul villager that the town is under attack, and requests the Warriors of Light's assistance. Arriving at Tokkul, the party founds the village is filled with soldiers. The party is then captured and taken to Hein's Castle, where they are imprisoned. The party makes their way to Hein and defeated him, releasing the King of Argus, his subordinates, and the villagers of Tokkul.

At Castle Argus, the party tells the King about their purpose of coming. The Kind thanks him for rescuing them and gives him the Wheel of Time, and tells the party to meet Cid. After meeting with Cid, he upgrades the Enterprise into an airship and tells the party about their past. The Warriors of Light, along with Cid, originally came from the surface world. They were passengers of Cid's airship, and when the airship fell on the Floating World, the 5 of them are the only survivors. Cid and his wife then encourages Luneth and his friends to go to the Surface World.

Going to the Surface World, the party discovers the place is covered in darkness. They then found a sunken ship, and after exploring it, found and old man and a passed-out girl. The old man tells the party that the girl is actually the maiden guarding the Water Crystal, Aria. After healing Aria, she joins the party and retrieve the Water Crystal shard at the Temple of Water. They then go through the Cave of Tides to the Water Crystal, where Aria uses the Crystal's shard to restore the Water Crystal's light. Upon asking the Water Crystal to lend its strength, Aria suddenly pushes Luneth and is attacked. It turns out, Kraken was the one that tried to catch Luneth off-guard. The party proceeds to battle and defeat him. Unfortunately, Aria couldn't survive the blow and passes away in Luneth's arms. The Warriors of Light then receives the Water Crystal's blessing, and escapes the Cave before it collapses. The Water Crystal banishes the darkness away from the Surface World, returning things to normal.


name: Refia

gender: female

age: 15

appearance: red medium length hair,red shirt with blue cape over it with a cross in the middle of it on her neck, and brown boots up to her thieghs

skills: motherly,white mage

weapon(s) of choice: staff or hammer

weakness: shes needs magic to stay alive


Refia was raised by the Kazus village blacksmith, Takka. She became tired of her strict blacksmith training and ran away from home. When she tries to escape on Cid's ship, Luneth and Arc catch her. When she begs to go with them, the two accept and let Refia come along.

Later on, Cid tells Refia (as well as the rest of the party) that when they were all mere toddlers, Refia and her biological parents went on board Cid's airship. During the trip, the airship flew into a strange and violent cloud, causing the ship to crash onto the Floating Continent. It is unknown what happened to Refia after this; it is possible that Takka might have found her near Kazus. She and the boys also learn that they were all originally from the surface world below their floating island.

After the adventure is over, Refia realizes how grateful she should be to Takka for raising her, and decides to become his apprentice at last.



name: Kain


age: 17

appearance: purple armor all around you cant even see his face

skill: great with lances and he is a traitor

weapons of choice: lance

weakness: not good at magics


Kain was born in Baron to the Commander of the Dragoons, Ricard Highwind. His father was particularly active, but died suddenly one day while Kain was still young, sprouting rumors that he may have been assassinated. In The After Years, Kain recounts that he used to hate his father for how strict he was. Kain was raised with Cecil by the King of Baron. Initially, Kain disliked Cecil, since the king treated Cecil more like a son than Kain himself. It was often Rosa who would stop the two from fighting. The three eventually became friends, and Kain became Cecil's rival and developed romantic feelings for Rosa, although she and Cecil were likewise enamored.

The king wanted Kain to become a Dark Knight like Cecil was, but Kain wished to follow in his father's footsteps down the path of the Dragoon in order to defend the castle. Kain cared for his father's dragon, who grew weak but still faithfully awaited his master's return. The Dragoons were on the verge of disbanding after Kain's father's death, but reformed when they saw the devotion of both the dragon and Kain. Kain was eventually appointed the Commander of the Dragoons. The fate of the dragon is unspecified, but it does not appear in any version of Final Fantasy IV.

Kain Highwind

name: Rosa


age: 18

appearance: Light blonde hair with bangs that frame her face, she wears a long cloak that goes all the way to her feet. its gold.

skills: amazing archer and white mage

weapon(s) of choice: bow and arrow

weakness: dark magic, cant stand it


Rosa became a White Mage because her mother, Joanna, was a White Mage who fought alongside her father, a dragoon, and she wished to fight alongside her lover Cecil like her mother did with her father.

Rosa is first seen in Baron, when Cecil finds her in the castle after his mission to Mysidia and before he and Kain go on their mission to deliver a package to the village of Mist. She worries for and tries to encourage Cecil, who has doubts about the King of Baron. She responds to Cecil's fears and doubts about his current path in life by speaking about the goodness she sees in him, that he needs to follow his heart, and lastly wishes Cecil luck on his mission to Mist.

When Cecil does not return, and after learning of the new plans of the Red Wings, Rosa becomes worried and starts searching for him. The specifics of her travel from Baron to Kaipo remain unknown, yet she eventually contracts Desert Fever, an illness which only the Sand Pearl can cure, and collapses on the outskirts of Kaipo. An elderly couple in Kaipo tends to Rosa during her malady, and when Cecil and Rydia come to visit her, they vow to find the Sand Pearl so they can cure her. After obtaining the Sand Pearl in the Antlion's Den with Edward's help, they return to Kaipo and use it on Rosa, who recovers. Rosa tells Cecil about what happened after he left Baron, revealing how a man named Golbez took control of the Red Wings and actively seeks the remaining Crystals. Rosa offers to assist in reaching Fabul, where its people keep the Crystal of Air - surely Baron's next target - as a national treasure.

Rosa, Cecil, Rydia, and Edward cross the dangerous Mt. Hobs in order to reach Fabul. However, a thick sheet of ice blocks their path as they attempt to cross the mountains. Only a Fire spell can melt the ice, and only Rydia, gifted with Black Magic, can cast it, but the burning of her village has created a mental block that keeps her from casting the spell. Rosa helps Rydia overcome this block with encouragement and a reminder of the enormity of their quest, and Rydia overcomes her limitation and opens the way to Fabul by melting the ice. Further up the mountain, the party meets a man named Yang Fang Leiden, a Monk from Fabul. They help him defeat several of Golbez's monsters, and warn Yang about Fabul's impending danger.

Upon reaching Fabul, the party provides the urgent news of Baron's intentions to Fabul's king. He accepts the party's help and shortly thereafter, Baron invades Fabul. During the battle, Rosa and Rydia take the office of relief until the invading forces push Cecil, Edward, and Yang into the Crystal Room. Kain arrives in Fabul as Golbez's servant and defeats Cecil in battle, but the sight of Rosa stalls Kain and he stops him from killing his friend.

At Kain's hesitation, Golbez enters the Crystal Room and defeats the rest of the party. He abducts Rosa and orders Kain to take the Crystal of Air. Golbez then takes Rosa to the Tower of Zot and keeps her as a prisoner at its highest level. She remains bound as Golbez's captive throughout the game until Cecil defeats Cagnazzo and obtains the Enterprise from Cid, at which point Kain parleys with Cecil and offers Rosa's freedom in exchange for the Crystal of Earth. Cecil reclaims the Crystal from the Dark Elf and fights his way to the top of the Tower of Zot, defeating the Magus Sisters to reach the top floor.

When Cecil finally arrives with the Crystal, Golbez takes it and denies that he holds Rosa hostage. Tellah attacks Golbez and casts Meteor on him, which breaks Golbez's control over Kain who guides Cecil to Rosa in time to rescue her. Cecil and Rosa admit their feelings for each other and share a kiss, and Kain apologizes for having betrayed Cecil and mistreated Rosa. Rosa forgives him and invites him to fight alongside her and Cecil, to which he agrees. The party moves to leave the tower when Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Air, appears before the party and attacks. After her defeat, Barbariccia sets the tower toward its destruction, and Rosa casts the Exit spell to warp the party from the tower to Cecil's room in Baron.

With Golbez possessing all the four Crystals, Cecil's party worries about the next step in Golbez's plan. Kain reveals the existence of the Dark Crystals, a similar set to the Crystals stolen from each prominent kingdom, hidden in the Underworld. Kain explains Golbez needs all eight Crystals - the four Dark Crystals and the four already in his possession - to open "the way to the Moon". Cecil decides his party should head underground to protect the remaining Crystals, and Kain shows Cecil the Key of Magma. Cid's airship Enterprise had since returned to Baron via remote control.

Following Rosa's rescue from the Tower of Zot, a visit to Rosa's mother in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV leads to a conversation about Rosa's decision to pursue Cecil to Kaipo. Rosa's mother laments permitting Rosa to study White Magic since it put her in harm's way, demanding that Rosa remain home. Rosa responds by expounding her thankfulness for the ability to help those in need, and reminds her mother of the bond her parents shared similar to her relationship to Cecil. Confronted with Rosa's true feelings, Rosa's mother admits the value of her daughter's choices and wholly entrusts Rosa's safety to Cecil.

From this point on Rosa travels with the party in their quest to protect the Crystals, mainly in the background role. Once on the Red Moon the game reveals the tragic history of Cecil and Golbez, finalizing in a flashback of the first meeting between Cecil and Kain during their childhood years. In it, Kain initiates a scuffle with Cecil over the perceived special treatment he believes Cecil receives from the King of Baron, when Rosa intervenes. She reminds Kain of the moral code of men stated by the King, and when Cecil admits to starting the fight, Rosa shows admiration for Cecil's honesty.

Following these revelations, Fusoya and Golbez head to the Moon to fight Zemus. On the Lunar Whale, Cecil asks Rosa and Rydia to leave the ship, convinced that the fight with Zemus would entail too much danger for him to allow them to accompany him for the final battle. The women reluctantly agree, secretly stowing away within the ship. Once the airship lands on the moon, Rosa and Rydia reveal themselves. Rosa defends her right to join Cecil out of love and by noting her ability to cast White Magic, a skill Cecil possesses but with much less proficiency.

Cecil admits to their value and allows the women to take part in the battle against Zemus. They journey to the core of the moon, where Fusoya and Golbez appear to defeat Zemus. However, the hatred that grew inside Zemus over the years gains its own sentience in the form of a creature called Zeromus, which continues the attack on the party. With help from the prayers of old friends, the party defeats Zeromus. Cecil and Rosa marry and take the throne of Baron. All party members except Kain attend the wedding.


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