aka Brandon Christopher

  • I live in My Home? Heaven. Where I live? Huntsville, AL
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is I work for God
  • I am Male
  • Awobbie

    Brandon's 1st Hunger Games

    October 24, 2011 by Awobbie

    District Female Tribute Male Tribute Female's Stylist Male's Stylist Mentor Escort
    Capitol Aily Gorthrow Klepto Surum Lybia Youvitch Hale Youvitch N/A Railen Uly
    1 Glitter Dreme Chick Chang (Pun Intended) Liop Tolly Helga Neth N/A Wit Ret
    2 Wama Fert Tilo Pity Typui Reno Cato Rel N/A Wert Mert
    3 Welda Tru Polyphemus Une Dala Trine Walex Triy N/A Ruty Tutty
    4 (Avoxed before Start, did not preticipate) Gilga Humming Ty U Asa Fre Pol Nothe N/A Uma Retro
    5 Tly Gooli Glopin Gooli Guttur T Ut R N/A Deloise Farhorn
    6 Ret Rogers Sliky Byt U Tyh Asa Nai N/A Re di Polian

    I'm Making this as a Fan-Fiction Hunger Games. Winner Announced the next day, If 160 comment "Uprising" then they will all survive. (Under Constrution)

    Aily Gorthrow grew up in a pampered house. S…

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