District Female Tribute Male Tribute Female's Stylist Male's Stylist Mentor Escort
Capitol Aily Gorthrow Klepto Surum Lybia Youvitch Hale Youvitch N/A Railen Uly
1 Glitter Dreme Chick Chang (Pun Intended) Liop Tolly Helga Neth N/A Wit Ret
2 Wama Fert Tilo Pity Typui Reno Cato Rel N/A Wert Mert
3 Welda Tru Polyphemus Une Dala Trine Walex Triy N/A Ruty Tutty
4 (Avoxed before Start, did not preticipate) Gilga Humming Ty U Asa Fre Pol Nothe N/A Uma Retro
5 Tly Gooli Glopin Gooli Guttur T Ut R N/A Deloise Farhorn
6 Ret Rogers Sliky Byt U Tyh Asa Nai N/A Re di Polian

I'm Making this as a Fan-Fiction Hunger Games. Winner Announced the next day, If 160 comment "Uprising" then they will all survive. (Under Constrution)


Aily Gorthrow**

Aily Gorthrow grew up in a pampered house. She was the starter of the uprising that added the Capitol to the Hunger Games. She has a mom, Hyt Gorthrow, is 24 and her dad, Mytre, is 21. She has a sister, 2-Year-Old Alic Gorthrow. She is 12-Years-Old. Her boyfriend was also chosen.

Klepto Surum**

Klepto Surum grew up working and beinjg in constent trouble with President Hydro. His mom, Gyle Surum, is 45 and his dad, Tyth Surum, is 46. He is an only child. He is 13 years old. His Girlfriend was also chosen.

District 1

Glitter Dreme

Glitter Dreme's family died shortly after she was born. She is better than the other Careers, and instead of joining the Career Pack she joined Capitol, District 11, and District 12,

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