• Axeman99

    My first Games.

    April 27, 2013 by Axeman99

    I am a new user and i have been looking on the fanmade games and wanted to make my own so i am going to. I will however not have other users submit tributes for the reason that i really does not want to have to look through submittings and want to focus on making a good games.The games will be titeled as simple as "Axeman 99s 1st Hunger Games". Because i make my own tributes it will probably take at least one week until the pre-games stuff begins to show up but i will try to make it quickly.

    I will before actual the starting of the games write about the tributes(that is quite obvious)and their full team(Mentors,Escorts,Stylists and Prep teams), the reapings, the parade, the interwiews, the training and the arena and its mutts and sneaky gam…

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