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    The 24th Hunger Games

    September 20, 2012 by BRO-STER

    Hello, we are BRO-STER AKA Seth and D.J., we will be co-writing these games. Theses games will try to follow the continuity of the books as close as we can, but in some instances exceptions may be made. For example, a District 12 Tribute may win more than they did in the book. This will be the first in a series of games, so things that happen in theses games may be referenced in our future games. Hope you enjoy. We will be doing Reapings but not Tribute Parade, training,or interviews, but will feature training scores.

    1. A person can submit up to 2 tributes.
    2. Please do not get mad if your tribute dies.
    3. This is a bit of a trial and error for us since this is our first games.

    1. Tribute Name:
    2. District:
    3. Age:
    4. Gender:
    5. Physical Description (body build, eye col…

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