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    Meet the New Katniss

    March 17, 2011 by Babyjabba

    Its confirmed Hunger Games lovers! Meet your new Katniss Everdeen!

    Lionsgate confirmed this afternoon that Jennifer Lawrence, of "Winter's Bone," will play the lead in the new Hunger Games film. She will play Katniss in the first installment of the popular franchise set to release March 23, 2012.

    “Jennifer’s just an incredible actress,” praised Suzanne Collins in a statement. “So powerful, vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I never thought we’d find somebody this perfect for the role."

    Source: Indie Wire

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  • Babyjabba

    Hunter Parish of the hit TV show "Weeds" is in talks to play the lead role in the upcoming Hunger Games film! Parrish confirmed to E! Online that he is up for the role of Peeta Mellark.

    "I've met the producers," Parrish told E!. "I'd be grateful to get the opportunity. Like, really grateful. It would be amazing."

    He has yet to see a script based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy but has recieved tons of support from fans on Twitter!

    "You don't get much better than that," he said. "The true fans of the book. So regardless of whether I'm a part of the film or not, I feel honored to just sort of be thought of. I read the books all last year, and I guess they're starting filming soon."

    And who does he want to play Katniss?

    "If it's Jennifer […

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  • Babyjabba

    The Hunger Games Film finally has a release date! Lionsgate announced this morning that the big screen adaptation will be released March 23, 2012! Production is expected to begin as early as this spring!

    Plus, "casting director Debra Zane has been hired to flesh out the novel's dystopian world for the screen." Zane also did the casting for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and X-Men Origins: Wolverine so we are in good hands!

    So mark your calendars! Who do you want to play Katniss, Peeta, Gale and the rest of the characters?

    Source: Reelz Channel

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