Banak Crane

aka Banak Crane

  • I live in The Capitol / District 9
  • I am Cranesome
  • Banak Crane

    Hey all, I've seen alot of Hunger games posts and I would like to start 1 too :). Please note its my first. Also dont expect much of the reapings, ENJOY!

    4tributes max

    Also dont forget to follow TeamRue's Hunger Games!


    Hello citizens of Panem, im Banak Crane and im the Headgamemaker of the 47th Hunger Games! I hope it will be a bloody year to entertain everbody!


    Interviews and The Hunger Games will be hosted, nothing else. (If more people signup, a reaping will be hold+training scores)NO chariot rides. Reaping and training scores will be hold now. Every day in the arena I will give a report about the deaths, and how the tributes feel. Mentors (must be previous Victors, so there are no …

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