Hey all, I've seen alot of Hunger games posts and I would like to start 1 too :). Please note its my first. Also dont expect much of the reapings, ENJOY!

4tributes max

Also dont forget to follow TeamRue's Hunger Games!

Banak Crane 47th



Hello citizens of Panem, im Banak Crane and im the Headgamemaker of the 47th Hunger Games! I hope it will be a bloody year to entertain everbody!



Interviews and The Hunger Games will be hosted, nothing else. (If more people signup, a reaping will be hold+training scores)NO chariot rides. Reaping and training scores will be hold now. Every day in the arena I will give a report about the deaths, and how the tributes feel. Mentors (must be previous Victors, so there are no mentors in the first few rounds. But you can send items to your own tributes.)

Commentated by Claudius Templesmith and Caeser Flickerman.


As a punishment for the Dark Days, each District have to send 1 boy and 1 girl to the Hunger Games, they have to be between 12-18 years, where only 1 tribute can survive. 
23 other tributes will die.

​Template (Tribute)









(Interview) Personallity:


Appearance [Including Token]:








Tribute List:


District Name M/F Age Weakness Weapons
D1 Moon Lester M 18 - Swords
D1 Rose Cheshire F 17 Being hated Throwing Knives, Spears, Swords, Axes
D2 Jozef Bruno M 17 Water Swords, Knives
D2 Thalia Combe F 16 Short tempered, family Throwing Knives, Bow
D3 Rickey Dean M 18 Can't use alot of weapons Explosives, knives.
D3 Tiffany Gomez F 13 Spiders Landmines, sword,
D4 Baez Rocca M 13 Hates sad things Machete, Trident, Net
D4 Sarah Price F 17 Tempature, sensetive Survive
D5 Scott Frost M 17 Darkness, Sleeping, hurt sister Scavenging, Strenght
D5 Ally Frost F 16 Killing, Blood, Fire Survival
D6 Thomas Quince M Lightning, Insects Trident, Net, Spear
D6 Skyler Chase F 13 Insects Bow
D7 Mickey Sarlac M 14 Heat Spear, Rock
D7 Kayla Morrison F 13 Afraid of losing her loved ones Axe
D8 Fran Turner M 13 Not strong Survival
D8 Candy Lynch F 18 Swimming, coordination Throwing, aim, find food
D9 Kevin Quince M 12 Claustophobic, Brother gets hurt Trident, Net Ying-Yang swords
D9 Milly Clatch F 14 Swimming, moving Bow, animals, hiding
D10 Uit M 15 Dark, Bears not strong Surviving skills
D10 Rodney Malace F 13 Flexibiily, aim Swimming, coordination,sprinting
D11 Nathan Drake M 15 Swimming, Dark Sword, Throwing knvies
D11 Octavia Gloss F 16 Dark, Heighs, Tracker Jackers, and slow painful death Throwing Knives, Bow Axe
D12 Nick Lovizo M 12 Small Bow, Knives
D12 Jane Socha F 12 Climbing, Muts Survive Skills
District Training Score Odds User
1 9/12 4-1 J McAtee
1 10/12 3-1 J McAtee
2 9/12 5-1 J McAtee
2 8/12 9-1 PeetaPancakes
3 5/12 17-1 Mrweare121
3 6/12 15-1 Mrweare121
4 8/12 6-1 J McAtee
4 9/12 4-1 RueMellark7
5 6/12 13-1 Clove the best
5 7/12 10-1 Clove the best
6 9/12 8-1 Robin040197
6 8/12 12-1 Katniss7412
7 7/12 13-1 Thresh16
7 7/12 17-1 TeamRue123
8 4/12 39-1 OldWiseOwl
8 6/12 25-1 Aquastar4infinity
9 7/12 15-1 Robin040197
9 7/12 16-1 Robin040197
10 6/12 13-1 Michael Iron
10 7/12 15-1 Aquastar4infinity
11 8/12 7-1 Me
11 9/12 6-1 Foxface26
12 6/12 281 Maybell Rocks!!
12 5/12 40-1 Maybell Rocks!!

Death List

Ended as: Name: Killed by:
24th Nathan Drake D11


District2: As usual full of careers waiting to volonteer to the HUNGER GAMES! 

Jozef Bruno POV: Yay finaly I can volounteer! I've waited so long on these 
damn reapings, you know. Training your whole life gets boring... The escort is 
greeting us, as we got the most victors since the first Hunger Games. When she goes to the male bowl, everbody is ready to volounteer. The other guys next to me are nervous to volounteer, but after years of training, everbody older than 15 is ready for it. 
As she calls a name, I dont know wich as I didn't concectrate myself on that I scream: I volounteer! I walk up the stairs, and she asks me what my name is: Jozef, 
Jozef Bruno. Ah, the escort says. Isn't it funny that the name I just yelled was 
yours? Wow, sometimes I should focus more...

District3: We are all walking to the center of our District, where the 
reapings are holded. We all hope our name doesn't get taken, because we are 
not born fighters.  

Rickey Dean's POV: Im walking with the other people of my age around the 
center. My family is so rich, I don't need to claim tessare. The chance of my name getting taked is very low. But there's always a chance... The escort 
is going to grab the Male's bowl as first, and all boys are scared that they 
will get taken... And the male tribute of the 47t h Hunger Games is..... 
Oh, screw me and my live... 

Tiffany Gomez's POV: Oh, great... That weird boy with all his mutilants is 
chosen, how ironic... Serving the Capitol doesn't seem to help your chances, 
 does it? That silly escort is now going to ruin another girl's life, hope 
its not mine. I hope they get some of those dumb kids at school, as 
they are pissing me off. And... the female girl of District 3 is... -not me-..Tiffany...NO...Gomez!   The chance of me getting grabbed is 0.008329492424%... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!!?

District 4: District is full of careers, as usual. All people are exited and 
can´t wait to volounteer. 

Baez Rocca POV: Yay, finaly a reaping today... I hope we have finaly a winner again. I am not sure if I should volounteer... Bet my brother will be pissed 
 as its his last chance to volounteer. The new escort is very happy, as 
she can escort alot of champions in her career. She is walking to the bowl, to grab a name, wich doesn´t matter as everbody is going to volounteer anyway. 
"Mars Rocca!". I think quick, and I really wanted to volounteer, maybe it's 
even my last chance if all career's volounteer before I can do it. I quickly 
open my mouth and scream as first "I volounteer!"! Yay, I was as first. Then 
my brother sees I was it, and he has to control his anger really good. As the escort says, "What is your name?" I responded, Baez Rocca. The escort response "You didn't 
want him to win the price, did you?" 

Yep, thats true.

District 7: After working yesterday hard at the lumber, all children between 12-18 
have to join the Reaping.                                                  

 Mickey Sariac POV: Yay, great another reaping... Can't believe that no1 stopped Snow yet. Hope my name doesn't get taken, as my family would be kinda hurt, I guess. Not 
that they can't get further without me, but I guess it would do something to them. So that escort is walking to the male's bowl, and he is going to grab a name out of that stupid bowl. He still doesn't got a name yet -how hard can it be- then that idiot 
finally got a name, he reads it upside down -The capitol must be full of these dumb 
people-. When he finaly got it all good, he is going to read the name that everbody 
-your own name-, he yells: Andddddd.......... The district 7 male tribute of the 47th Hunger Games isssssss.......... MICKEY - nooo - Sariac...

Kayla Morrison POV: As the escort yells if Mickey Sariac would come to him, all girls around me are scared that their name is getting grabbed. I don't care really if some 
girls name is getting grabbed -as long its not mine-. As Mickey Sariac is standing 
next to the escort, the escort grabs a female name, and the girls name of District 7 
issssssssssssssssssssss... Kayla -its a common name, no worries- MORRISON. -well I 
guess that name isn't common.

Days in the Hunger Games

D1M: I feel myself getting pushed up in the air. Around me I see very high grass, and woods, with a cornucopia in the middle of the desert, thats about 500metres away Im ready to start, 50 seconds left... I am the cornucopia, and I thought I saw a career, but I only see the trident print on my body *       
D1F: I see the countdown on the cornucopia, still 40 seconds left, I can´t wait to 
kill some 1.  I see the my district parntner, he is standing 4 tributes away from me. We are going to rush to the cornucopia, and try to kill on the path to it as many tributes.  15 seconds left. There are running some people at the cornucopia, I almost killed Skyler Chase, but the only kill I got was a little boy named Fran Turner.

D2M: Ah, only 10 seconds left. I see that my career partners are all spread, not that it really matters in a circle arena tho. I see the last countdown going, 5... 4... HURRY! 3... 2... Am I sure I should go in? 1... And, let the 47th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN I am trying to kill Sarah Price who was going to backstab me, then I got hitted by a trident, but I could kill Sarah, before I felt the trident on the other side of my body. *                                                                               
D2F: The games finaly begon! I am sprinting to the cornucopia, I see that my mater are doing the same. I see Nathan Drake wich also wanted to join us. We let him stay -till the bloodbath- and then we kill him. I see the brother of the boy I just killed and I know I can't stop him, I feel a trident in my chest. *

D3M: Im not sure what to do really, so im trying to find my district partner, she points to the woods. Well, we can be allies for now. Im  finaly in the thick woods. 
D3F: Im in the woods with my ally, Rickey Dean. I see the cornucopia and I see alot of blood flashing -but I cant see any people-. But there is something strange with the woods... Its way bigger than it looks like. Its a trap from the Capitol I guess, as its 3x as big as it looks. Well atleast im save!

D4M: I am finaly at the cornucopia, and I act with Sarah Price we are together with the careers from 1 and 2. We are just staying to get weapons and food to kill the careers and other tributes. I hitted Jozef Bruno with my trident, to stop him from killing Sarash but then I turn around and I see Jozef Bruno with his sword killing Sarah, so I have no choice, and he's dead too. Im staying at the cornucopia for now.                         
D4F: I see my partner Baez Rocca, and he grabbed a trident, and I got some knives, and I see Baez hits Moon lester with his trident, and im pretty sure he´s dead. I throw my knive at Nathan Drake, and I see his life flashing away from his body. Suddently I see Jozef Bruno for my head. With his swords where he is so good with. I see the metal of his sword. 

D5M: I'm running to the cornucopia, I told my sister to run to the woods. I saw the careers fighting with eachother, so I could grab a backpack with some supplies in it, but I don't see water. But there's a small sword in it.  
D5F: Im scared of losing my brother in the bloodbath -Scott Frost- and I hope he comes quick to me, if he isn't dead. When I see my brother im so happy! He survived and got a backpack with supplies and a sword! We start walking to the edge -these woods are bigger than I expectted-!                                                              

D6M: Im walking to the cornucopia -I know it is stupid, but I really want to get some supplies. I know its bad when I am there. I dont see my brother and im scared to dead. When I finaly see him, Moon Lester comes to cut me and I am hurt really much! I see the wound in my chest and I know I am not going to make it. Im trying to walk to a backpack, and throw it to my brother, who catched it.
 He has tears and is screaming. *      
D6F: I have to run to the cornucopia as I am scared by the insects in the woods. I run to the cornucopia -wich isn't very bussy after all- and I take the bow thats close to the cornucopia- Then I see the girl from 1 is chasing me, -her name was like Ruze Tjezire-  but im way to far for her. Still I have to run to the woods... I take the woods where I think nobody went to.                                                       

D7M: Im running to the cornucopia, Rose Chesire is still chasing Skyler Chase and I can grab a spear, and walk to the high grass around the cornucopia, looking for enemies. Im glad I could take my weapon. 
D7F: I didn't evem try to walk to the cornucopia, I just went to the east forest, and I found a axe and some knives! Im not sure if its a trap from the gamemakers, or from a tribute, but I don't think so. I see the girl from 8, and I have no choice, so I threw my axe. 

D8M: I'm at the cornucopia, I forgot that there were alot of 'cowards' that didnt go to the cornucopia, and im getting grabbed by Rose Chesire, flshsshshh and there's blood all over my body. *
D8F: I see my district partner gets killed, and I know im close to get killed too. Im running in the east forest, but then I see Kayla Morrison, with her axe in her hand. I see an object coming closer to my head. *                                           

D9M: Im at the cornucopia and I see my brother getting killed, I stabbed my trident in his chest before I even could think. PAYBACK
D9F: I went to my district parnter and we allied, i'm so sorry for him and his brother.

D10M: I went to the woods when the gong goed, nothing special happened, but I found a backpack with food for 1 day.                                                         D10F: I sprinted to the cornucopia, and was there as first and didn't grab a weapon, only survival stuff. Hiding in the tall grass.                                     

D11M: I went to the cornucopia, and im dead before the show even starts. *            
D11F: Im hiding in the woods, but I don't know where I am in the woods. The moon falls and im getting scared of the dark. The moon is brigher than I expected, and thats nice. Suddently I hear people talking, with high voices, and I bet they are not so old. I walk closer to them and I see that they are from D12, and I ask them if they want to be allies. They wanted to be allies. I tell them I found a backpack with 3 weapons in it, a yin-yang sword, a trident and a sword. I get food from whats over from the D12'ers.                                                  

D12M: I find my district partner and we are gone in the woods. She already found some berries, and it would be nice if a sponsor could send us a weapon to stand a chance. The girl from 11 comes to us and ask to be allies, i'm glad its not a career. 
D12F: We're hanging together in the woods, nothing specials going on, but we have filled stomaches, but if a tribute sees us, we're dead. We don't have any weapons or something that is usefull. But then it changed, we met the D11F girl who found weapons in the woods, and we finaly have a chance. BOOM BOOM -the cannons are finaly going- BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.  We watch the fallen tributes.

Caeser: What an interesting day!

Claudius: Tell me something, I've never seen so many 'careers' falling the first day.

Caeser: Me too Claud, I think it never happened that more than 2 'careers' died!

Crane: I didn't expect that so many of the favorites died, as they were good in the training. Its suprises me that there are alot of alliances going on.

Claudius: Well Banak, lets see the fallen!



D4 girl

D6 male


D11 male

Thats in total of 5 careers! Suprised!

All tributes are fine, 11 and 12 allied, same for 3 and 9.

Claudius: Banak, could you explain me the arena, please?

Banak: Ofcoarse mate. You have several forests, and we have modified the woods so its 3 times as big as it looks like. We also putted supplies in there so even the tributes who didn't partipicate in the Bloodbath can still have a weapon and some useful supplies.

Caeser: Thanks Banak! Lets start the second day of the 47th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!

Day2: The day after the Bloodbath

D3M: After we saw the tributes who died in the bloodbath, we finaly knew we had a chance, as alot of the careers got murdered. In the woods we found a small backpack with some supplies, but no food. We really need some food.
D3F: Im staying in the woods with my ally, and there's not happening something special unlit... BOOM! Im quickly turning around to see my ally, but he is still there and alive.

D4M: Im sitting around the cornucopia, as there are no careers to defend it, we did succeed, but im still very sad about my district partner. But im trying to win for her,  and luckily I got plenty of supplies, im close to water and I have alot of hiding places around me.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

A look on the Hunger Games in the Capitol

The capitol

Sponsor List Everyone starts with 200$.

125$ each kill

Food, say what kind of food you want (Healthy, etc) 20-300$

200$ Axe:

$180 Blanket:

$80 Blowgun:

$150 Bow:

$60 Arrows :

$130 Burn Cream:

$165 Camouflage Paints:

$40 Dagger:

$100 Darts (12):

$230 Restore, heals wounds fully

$38 Knife: $75 for 4, 15 for 200$

200$ Mace:

$175 Anti-Infect:

$95 Net:

$125 Night-Vision Glasses:

$150 Painkiller:

$90 Coat:

80$ Poison:

$75 Raft:

$5 Rock

40$ Rope:

$30 Sleeping Bag:

$110 Slingshot:

$125 Spear:

$125 Sword:

$125 Throwing Axes (6):

$200 Throwing Knives (8):

$215 Trident:

$300 Water:

$100 Wire:

$20 Wooden Club:

$90 Machete

250$ Tent

Name: Allies: Money
Moon Lester (1) - -
Rose Chesirie - 325
Jozef Bruno (2) - -
Thailia Combe - -
Rickey Dean (3) Tiffany Gomez 200
Tiffany Gomez Rickey Dean 200
Baez Rocca (4) - 450
Sarah Price - -
Scott Frost (5) Ally Frost 200
Ally Frost Scott Frost 200
Thomas Quice (6) - -
Skyler Chase - 200
Mickey Sarlac (7) - 200
Kayla Morrison - 325
Fran Turner (8) - -
Candy Linch - -


If any1 got suggestions (Training scores, more betting/no betting etc), please tell me and I will try to add them :).

Also please send your tributes to he 47th HUNGER GAMES :)!

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