I walk on to the stage, heart beating and screams of "No! Come back!" I put that behind me and as a represenative of District 5 I have officially become one chosen for slaughter. Maybe I should explain about myself. My name is Kelys from District 5. We control the electricity and power of Panem. I used to kid with my friend Jackro about how we could just shut down the power and the Capitol would be at our mercy. "But that's really dangerous, what if the Peacekeepers found out killed us and our families? " "At least we would go down trying to make a point how it's not just their world and it's ours. We can do something if we want to." That was the last night I talked to him before the reaping. Jackro was always gullible but nice. I think he had a crush on me in school but now I don't really think so. he always took care of me and my family when my mother and brother died in an explosion at the power plant where they worked. Jackro's uncle was killed in the explosion too, maybe that's why he's so nice to me because we can relate to each other about losses. That's why I was shocked to hear him volunteer. I looked towards him with fury. Why?! He knows that our families can't surrive without the both of us.

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