FAN MADE Catching Fire Movie Script


Characters: 1. Katniss Everdeen- Jennifer Lawrence 11. Bonnie- 2. Peeta Mellark- Josh Hutcherson 12. Twill- 3. Haymitch Abernathy - Woody Harrelson 13. Beetee- 4. President Snow- Donald Sutherland 14. Wiress- 5. Plutarch Heavensbee- 15. Johanna Mason- 6. Gale Hawthorne- Liam Hemsworth 16. Finnick Odair- 7. Mrs. Everdeen- Paula Malcomson 17. Mags- 8. Primrose Everdeen- Willow Shields 18: Cinna- Lenny Kravitz 9. Romulus Thread- 19. Effie Trinket- Elizabeth Banks 10. Peacekeepers 20. Capitol Man 11. Caesar Flickerman- Stanley Tucci

(NOTE: This is a script that I MADE UP for one of my reading projects, so all of you can STFU about "omg this sucks" and "zomg this is fake". I MADE THIS IN SEVENTH GRADE..where i had absolutley NO WRITING TALENT AT ALL.Well OBVIOUSLY, the movie has ALREADY come out, so I might as well DELETE this whole entire thing because of you HATERS. BUT, i've decided, because this whole entire thing was a piece of crap, I'll just leave it as it is. I might as well start a FAN MADE...emphasize on FAN MADE Mockingjay Script)

Scene One

(Camera faces sky and sounds of birds are heard. Chattering of people are heard. The camera shows District 12’s train station. A line of peacekeepers are waiting for the train to arrive. Prim and Mrs. Everdeen are seen. So is Gale. A train is seen from far away coming into the station. Camera now faces in the train, showing Katniss and Peeta. Haymitch is seen lying on the couch surrounded by liquor bottles.)

Peeta: (holding Katniss’ hands) Who’s the one you most want to see now?

Katniss: (Looking out window) I don’t know. (pause) I’m just happy to be home.

(The train stops and a crowd of reporters surround the train. A reporter comes out with a camera. He motions for a picture and Peeta and Katniss kiss. There is a big flash and the words Catching Fire come out onto a black screen written in fire with a mockingjay pin)

(The scene changes into Katniss with a bow and arrow. The camera changes into Katniss point of view. She aims the bow at a beaver. The beaver is shot in the chest and Katniss takes it with a bunch of other game. She then walks toward the electric fence. Katniss starts narrating.)

Katniss: My name is Katniss Everdeen. (picks up bow and puts it in tree stump) I live in Panem, North America. North America has split into 12 Districts. (A map of Panem appears highlighting the Districts and the Capitol) Each District is in charge of making a product. This is District 12 where Coal is made. (For each District that Katniss explains there is a short animation) We, citizens of the 12 Districts of Panem have suffered from the Capitol for more than 75 years. Every year after our rebellion they have made us play the games. The games of death and torture. Katniss: The Hunger Games. The games where 24 people from each District fight to the death and win. It’s the most horrible thing. And I know it, because I was one of the victors. (flashback to Rue’s death, Clove, Cato, mutts, and finally Peeta. Reaches fence and climbs. Travels around the Hob and shows the bad condition of all the houses. Reaches Gales house.)

Katniss: (leaves game bag on doorstep, travels to Victor’s village and there is an obvious difference between the seam and the luxury of the houses here.) ( Walks up to Haymitch’s house. opens front door. Everything is a mess. Haymitch is lying on the couch with a beer bottle still clutched in his hand. Katniss sighs, takes the bottle and splashes it on his face. Haymitch slowly wakes up.)

Haymitch: (wakes up) Brrrrr! (shakes face, looks at Katniss) What the ( insert appropriate word here) did you think you were doing?

Katniss: Waking you up! (walks over to kitchen and opens fridge. Many bottles are seen) Haymitch! You have to stop drinking!

Haymitch: I’m trying sweetheart but-

(Peeta enters room with loaf of bread)

Peeta: But what? Too tired to show a little dignity? Mr. 50th Hunger Games victor. (cuts a piece of bread. Chucks at Haymitch. Haymitch dodges it and picks the bread off from the floor. Haymitch licks it.)

Haymitch: Mmmmm...tasty. Other than the very rude wake up , I’m glad you two are here. You have a lot of warming up to do. The Capitol will be expecting you to perform like you did in the arena in the Victory Tour.

Katniss: Meaning kissing and hugging again?

Haymitch: Something like that.

(Katniss is about to walk out the door when Peeta stops her.)

Peeta: Would you like a piece of bread?

Katniss: (stares at bread) I don’t like blueberry.

(Walks out of door. Haymitch burps out “ REJECTION” and a loud throwing knife sound is heard. Katniss walks toward her house. She opens the door and sees Mrs. Everdeen. )

Katniss: Hi mom! (Mrs. Everdeen is looking very pale and a capitol man is standing right next to her.)

Mrs. Everdeen: How was your walk Katniss? (very nervous tone.)

Katniss: What? Oh, um... it was more like skating. It’s really getting slippery out there. (knows that there is something wrong.)

Mrs. Everdeen: Someone is here to see you.

Katniss: Is it Cinna? Did he come to help me on my talent?

Mrs. Everdeen: No, Katniss, it’s

Capitol Man: He is expecting you Miss Everdeen. This way, please.

(Capitol Man points toward office room.)

Katniss: (talking to Mrs. Everdeen) It’s probably just a private interview.

(Katniss walks down towards office. Camera shows her worried face.)

Katniss (thinking): Who’s here? What do they want? Why is my mother so worried?

(Katniss opens door. A man sitting in a chair is turned around in a large swivel chair. The man’s body and face cannot be seen. A rose is on the desk along with a book that has been bookmarked with reading glasses. Katniss wrinkles her nose at the sight of the rose. )

Unknown Person (talking on phone): Tell Plutarch to get things ready. I’ll be back as soon as possible after I deal with our little fire starters.

(It appears that Katniss knows who the unknown person is. The swivel chair turns around and the face of President Snow is seen. Katniss and President Snow stare at each other for a few seconds.)

Snow: Hello Katniss.

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