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  • I live in Well I can tell where I wish I could live...................I wish I lived in the U.K.
  • My occupation is I sit in class 24/7 trying to learn something new...... if that counts :)
  • I am Something new.....
  • BarbieKlaus1029

    Hey! Okay, basically this game will be very fun mix between a survival theme and a random fun theme. So basically you've been picked. I'm not gonna give a lot of information on the challenges because the challenges will be very organic and raw, not exactly straightforward enough for me to just say. So all you need to know will be below. Also, don't take the story to seriously, it's just there as kind of a back bone, in case there are any lurking questions.

    (Future times)

    So long ago, there was talk of "The Hunger Games", but now in 3012, exactly 100 years later there, the rebels lost there battle hard and it's back. Except worse. The new government once known as the Capitol, is insisting on making the first ever 'Hunger Games' in 10 decades …

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