The Epic Survivor Games! :D

Hey! Okay, basically this game will be very fun mix between a survival theme and a random fun theme. So basically you've been picked. I'm not gonna give a lot of information on the challenges because the challenges will be very organic and raw, not exactly straightforward enough for me to just say. So all you need to know will be below. Also, don't take the story to seriously, it's just there as kind of a back bone, in case there are any lurking questions.

The Story...

(Future times)

So long ago, there was talk of "The Hunger Games", but now in 3012, exactly 100 years later there, the rebels lost there battle hard and it's back. Except worse. The new government once known as the Capitol, is insisting on making the first ever 'Hunger Games' in 10 decades the best one! In these games for now on out, only kids related to rebels will play! Also, since 100 years have past and now the new government is even worse than the Capitol, the games have changed a lot. Every year, two tributes are chosen from the 12 Districts. Except now, District 12 has been removed due to rebel reminders. So now there is 1-11 and 13. And now, every year they do an extra raffle through districts 1-11 and 13, to pick the extra kid, 12-18, that is gonna compete as a third person in one of the districts. Yes, in one of the districts there are three tributes. Since the 75th Hunger Games, was one ruined by the rebels, President Callum, who is related to Snow, wants to rebuild a similar arena that can't be distroyed in honor of his descended father Snow. Also, since kids only related to the rebels are picked, they also make it known which rebel you are related to.

Rules/ How to Play...

Okay so the only think you need to do is JOIN! I'm not holding a limit by any. Just join! There really aren't any rules for the game in general. However, there might be rules to individual challenges. The challenges range extremely easy to fairly difficult. The only difficult ones will most likely be a riddle and on riddles you will always have the option of joining as an ally [although sometimes that's not the smartest option]. So basically, what all these challenges do require is a bit of effort, and when I mean effort, I mean that you don't just join..... and then later abandon in the games. The challenges will be uploadedy regularly. I will wait for you to complete the challenge if you are late, but I won't wait ages, so if you remain idle for an extended time, you will be eliminated! I know what people are gonna ask already. How do you get eliminated? There aren't any ways to get eliminated in general other than not to do the challenge because for each individual challenge, it's changes completely different!

The Tributes The District Related Rebel
PeetaSucks District 1 Gale
Ravenclaw eagles14 District 1 Finnick
Anon.... District 2 Finnick
ThatHotDude14 District 4 Blight
TDR97 District 5 Cressida
Luke1998 District 5 Delly
Primrose33 District 7 .Johanna
Hungergames1504 District 8 Katniss
iluvgale District 8 Gale
BlackMage9 District 9 Annie
Hungerisnottwilight District 10 Gale
~ilovepeeta~ District 10 Haymitch

^^ This column will be the column that is updated regularly :)

Okay! Don't worry about the genders.


Okay! The games are about to start soon! I used to pick who goes to which district. Except for two requests. The related rebels and districts are released. If you want to change you rebel relation then just ask and I'll change it to who you'd prefer. As you've probably notices, District 2 has three people, that is because District 2 was the chosen District! Congratulations!


The arena!

The scheme is pretty simple. Similar to the 50th Hunger Games and the 75th Hunger Games. Everything is very beautiful but could also be very dangerous. And the whole Arena is surrounded by a huge electric fence. There also electric fences that seperate the different parts of the Arena. In each of the 5 parts of the arena there are hidden lethal and beneficial things. So it might be worth it to visit the rainy meadow for food or water, but what if it floods? There are similar ways to every part of the arena! In the first photo of the slideshow, all the arrows are pointing to the black lines, which symbolize an electric fence there.

  • A simple drawing of how the arena is arranged.
  • The Beach.
  • The Woods.
  • A snowed road! (Yes, I do realize that's a river, just pretend it's a black road)
  • The Cornucopia. ( A rocky canyon with lots of weapons hidden in lethal places)

Challenge 1!!

(I am extremely sorry this is so late.)

Peetasucks has a free pass for this round. (Which means, you can't get eliminated, but you still have to do it. But you can turn it into me any time.)

Challenge 1 is a two part challenge.

The first challenge will be the interviews ( You only have to answer 2 questions) while the second challenge is going to be the beginning of the games. Throughout the interviews I will be giving you hints just like Claudius did. So in a sense I am Samantha Templesmith. The hints or pointers will be in bold and in parentheses.

The Interviews:

  • interviewer is Samantha Templesmith

Samantha: IF you could go back in time and ask your "related rebel" (see chart) a question for the games, what would that question be?

You: ( I am looking for sincere GENUINE "tribute like" answers. The key word here is geniune)

Samantha: So are you going to bring a token from home in with you to the games? If so, what may that token be?

You: ( I am looking for again, genuine answers but I'm looking more into creativity!)

  • Part 1 of challenge two over

The Games:

Okay the games are a minute away from starting and you're feeling mixed emotions. After around 40 seconds of worried emotions, you see yourself rising in cylinder like tubes. You see your surroundings and you are extremely confused because you notice how there are only a few people standing beside you opposed to the 25 people who were picked. So worried about how things are going so far, you think the gong rings and take off. But the gong didn't ring and you were shocked by the cylinder tube rays for going before the gong rang.

All of a sudden, you see light hit your eyes while they slowly open, not knowing where you're at. You wake up next to a tent and realize what happen. But you're not dead. And thats even more scarier.

You try to get up but you're too weak right now, a few moments later, a preppy girl walks by....

Girl: Do you want some tea?

You: No! Why are you here and not ripping my head off?

Girl: WELL, I'm kind of weak and I am in desperate need of an ally. When I saw you get shocked, I knew you were gonna die so I thought if I saved your life and took care of you, you might be want to be my ally?....

You: Well what are you good at??

Girl: Like I said, Im not very strong or masculine, but I'm very smart and from District 3, so I know lots about the electric fences around here. Thats even how I got you back to life! In 3 we learn a lot about electricity and the injuries it could provide. But since theres not a lot of play time here, we don't get to climb trees or do other things kids do. So Im not very athletic.


  • The challenge part

You are to finish the rest of the story! There are endless possibilities! But , try to keep it serious and real. So no silly business. It doesn't have to be long. But anyway here are some questions that must be answered in the rest of the story! Make it interesting!

Will you be allies with her? If not, then how will you repay your debt to her for saving your life? If so, what will you do next in the games with her? What do you find out next about this girl?

Just an FYI

The preppy girl is not a specific tribute. Also, there are some weird factors to this story, and there will be those lurking questions, but they will be revealed sooner or later. Im going by a storyline, so in challenge two, you may need to know something about challenge 1. Or in challenge 7 you may need to know elements of challenge. You may message me your answer on chat, answer on my talk page or answer in the comments on all challenges.


Okay! A great amount of people are dead. Most got betrayed and attacked by the ally girl but some were just not as smart as others.

The challenge winner is: Luke1998

So he gets a free life next round.

The two originally eliminated were

Primrose 33



But Luke1998 chose to redeem Primrose33

12 are left. BUT Anon..., ThatHotDude14, Primrose33, and Blackmage9 all lost their other tribute.

The next challenge will be put up today or tomorrow.

Well, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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