We have appointed 5 game makers. Here are the ideas we have came up with. To die you have to lose all of your flags and have 5 marks on your shirt to die. You can not have more than 3 people in an alliance this is to in sure there will not be a stall in the games. We plan to give everyone or have them compete for backpacks that they will start with. these will contain their flags and belt plus a marker and a bottle of water. The cornucopia will have extra flags water markers and food. When you die you must send out a mass text to all tributes saying you are dead plus go back to the cornucopia and pop only the balloon with your name on it. This is so if someone doesn't have signal they can pass by the cornucopia and see who's left. We want to do interviews and training but haven't figured out how we can do it yet. Anything that I've left out that in your opinion we need? I love criticism so fire away it'll help me get an idea of how good this party is going to be. We are all 14 or 15.An it's from about 2 pm to 7 pm. There are anywhere from 14 to 22 of us playing as well. Comments welcome. Ideas please. Thanks.

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