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Bazett's First Hunger Games

Bazett December 22, 2011 User blog:Bazett

Hello welcome to my Hunger Games I hope evryone enjoys my Hunger Games well my first Hunger Games. I hope it is fun I might make more I dont know but enjoy.

District Boy Girl
District 1 Wilden Criss [8] Mariah Abernathy [10]
District 2 Michael Vermes [9] Jilly Marks [7]
District 3 Ian volt [11] Shana Buzz [8]
Distict 4 Noha Bishop [5] Julie Bishop [7]
District 5 Harris Jon [6] Kathrina Loula [6]
District 6 River Rhodes [10] Sutton Yates [9]
District 7 Benjamin Logan [9] Everly Dreamcatcher [11]
District 8 Down Smith [9] Raqel Numez [6]
District 9 Willow Clove [10] Meadow Clove [7]
District 10 Ranch Xander [10] Ginger Fleur [9]
District 11 Sam Blah [7] Blue Ghost [8]
District 12 Flame Fireblaze [7] Flaire Fireblaze [5]
District 13

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