Stanley Tucci, Caeser Flickerman

Stanley Tucci has closed a deal to join the Lionsgate’s movie adaptation of The Hunger Games.

The actor, who can be seen in the upcoming Captain America, has been cast in the role of Caesar Flickerman, the iconic host of the Hunger Games. In the Suzanne Collins’ novel, Caesar -- known for his “outrageous appearance and buoyant personality” -- interviews the 24 tributes, which are televised for the nation to see.

Last weeks casting news included Wes Bentley to play and newcomers

Be on the lookout for the casting of: tributes Cato and Clove, Haymitch, Cinna and President Snow, among others.

Hunger Games, to be directed by Gary Ross from a script by Billy Ray, is slated for release less than a year from now: March 23, 2012.



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