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    Hi Every body theres is going to be a 91st Hunger Games! Same rules and everything Please post you tribute in the comments. NO RESERVATIONS

    NAME and age District Gender Strengths
    Weapons Weaknesses Personality Image
    Arianna Mae 17 1 Female speed, strength
    bow and arrows, spears swimming sweet funny blond curls, green eyes, tan
    Lion Scrapes 18 1 Male Knowledge of plants,strong
    mace daydreams too much love to kill blond short hair, green eyes, tall


    Fite 13

    2 Female Navigation,aim,hiding,swimming,dance
    Short-Sword knives


    Knowledge of plants,mace, strength

    Shy and Sweet, kind,determined Cute,4'9,blonde hair, blue eyes

    Dimitria Pod 13 3 Female Climbing, Healing,Running
    Axe,Sai,Spear Emotion, Trusting Shy, Smart Beautiful,Tall,…

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