91st Hunger Games

Hi Every body theres is going to be a 91st Hunger Games! Same rules and everything Please post you tribute in the comments. NO RESERVATIONS

NAME and age District Gender Strengths Weapons Weaknesses Personality Image
Arianna Mae 17 1 Female speed, strength bow and arrows, spears swimming sweet funny blond curls, green eyes, tan
Lion Scrapes 18 1 Male Knowledge of plants,strong mace daydreams too much love to kill blond short hair, green eyes, tall


Fite 13

2 Female Navigation,aim,hiding,swimming,dance Short-Sword knives


Knowledge of plants,mace, strength

Shy and Sweet, kind,determined Cute,4'9,blonde hair, blue eyes
Dimitria Pod 13 3 Female Climbing, Healing,Running Axe,Sai,Spear Emotion, Trusting Shy, Smart Beautiful,Tall,5'9
Rickey Dean 18 3 Male Making plans, know mutts weaknesses exposives, knives can'tMalekuse weapons careless and mean silver hair, tall white skin,
Marina Brooke 16 4 Female Swimming, Speed, Sleekness Trident, Net, Knives Hates to kill kind, sweet, loving, trustworthing long brow curls, shimmering blue eyes 8'1
Katarina Mayolla 16 5 Female Stealth,speed, and accuracy knives Isn't strong in hand-to-hand combat and doesn't trust anyone. Won't make any allies Porcelain skin, radiant, sunset colored hair, 5'5
Yesenia Root 14 7 Female Smart, Throwing Axe, Axe, small knives blood, loyalty vicous when threatened, confident Strawberry blonde hair, 5'8, blue eyes, long legs
Brian Anglim 14 8 Male Strong Bows, Knives, Axes weak, anger issues grimm 5'2 light brow hair, rosy cheeks
Jaxon Keller 17 11 Male strong sword, knife, spear shy and sleepy funny, sweet, smart black hair, bright blue eyes

Good luck everyone!

Pictures will be posted but you have to provide them. Pictures won't be posted until i get all the tributes. Also after I get all tributes you will post your bloodbath strategy in the comments.

luvmiranda (talk) 16:10, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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