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  • I live in waiting in pain for Catching Fire and the House of Hades to come out XD
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is waking up, being awesome, going to sleep
  • I am wishing i could break into Rick Riordan's house to get the House of Hades
  • Beautiful Mistake


    June 3, 2013 by Beautiful Mistake

    It literally breaks my heart to say this but, I'm leaving.

    I'm not leaving forever but expect me only for a couple of times a month.

    I'm not good at good bye's but here are some of the people who made my time on here amazing.














    & so many more.

    Like I said, i'll be on but not that much.

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  • Beautiful Mistake

    Before, anything I would like to say that all my previous games are cancelled. I'm sorry but I need to focus on these completely. So I welcome you to the Slender Games! (Sorry for being inactive, but these hospital visits are annoying :3)

    So basically these are games with a very favorite person who has been hauting me lately. (I swear I think someone was watching me in the Kitchen). And this special person is SLENDER MAN! For those that don't know, Slender Man is a tall man with long limbs, no face and several arms in a black suit. He basically stalks you and then kills you in your moment of weakness.

    If anyone has played the Slender Man Game, then you have a basic idea of how this works. Basically, tributes will be locked in an arena with S…

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