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    The Island Games!

    February 3, 2013 by Beautifully Mine

    Welcome to Summer and Jackie's First Games!

    We present to you, the Annual Island Games!

    The Capitol started getting bored of the same old games and decided to make something new. To make Panem fear even more, they decided to change them up a bit by creating a new type of games. They have named them, The Island Games.

    24 trainees will be transported to a stranded island, containing limited supplies and food sources. The only un-poisonous edible thing in the arena is cocunuts, which the tributes must find them in rare palm trees. The ocean water is poisonous to drink and can kill a tribute over a matter of time by making them unusually ill, causing them a slow and painful death. Sharks roam the seas and the only fish that live in the water is f…

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