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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hi! If you played The Hunger Games, what would you rather do/have?

    1. Would you rather get burnt by a fireball or have a long nap due to massive tracker jacker stings?

    2. Would you rather get your backpack slashed open at the Cornucopia bloodbath or would you rather get it slashed open by muttations?

    3. Would you rather eat Groosling or Muttation?

    4. If you were stung by a tracker jacker, would you rather yell HELP or ask for sponsors?

    5. At the tribute parade, would you rather have your costume fall off during the chariot ride or would you rather burn on fire with actual flames?

    6. If you were a sponsor, would you rather give your tribute a weapon, medicine, or food?

    7. Would you rather be a District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or Distric…

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Take me out to The Hunger Games,

    Take me out to the Hob,

    Buy me some health packs and tracker jackers

    I don't care if I ever come back-ers

    So root

    Root, root for the tributes

    Or it won't be the same

    And that's 1...2...3 stabs you're out of The Hunger Games!

    PS: You can catch the last line to:

    And that's 1...2...3 cannons fired in The Hunger Games!

    Take me out to the Quarter Quell,

    Take me to the parade,

    Buy me a trident

    A backpack, too,

    I don't care cause I'm going to kill you,

    So root,

    Root, root for your favorite

    But it won't be the same

    Cause some victors will end up dead in The Hunger Games!

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  • Beemerboyz803

    In a different Hunger Games, specifically not 74th, 75th, 50th, 9th, and any with tributes in 74th or 75th, the District 7 tributes manage to escape the Bloodbath, while 11 do not survive, including the District 3 male, both from District 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12. As instructed by Blight, they had to chop with their axes trees down to find other tributes. They will eventually chop necks off tributes their height. All of a sudden, with the axe, the District 7 boy manages to kill the District 11 female and the District 10 tributes. Their cannon fires on Day 4, and on Day 10, he continues his chopping through the woods. He spots another tribute, he suggests a Career, also chopping with an axe. He swings at her head and kills her. Later that night, …

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Vote for who you'd like to see complain about their Tribute Parade Costumes! 5 down, 19 to go! Vote! Vote! Vote! First voter, first pick! Poll closes today!

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Like to see more complaints? Vote for who'd you like to see! Come back tomorrow for more! My mistake! The "what" in the third to last line is spelled whta. Hahahaha! :) Please comment!

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