In a different Hunger Games, specifically not 74th, 75th, 50th, 9th, and any with tributes in 74th or 75th, the District 7 tributes manage to escape the Bloodbath, while 11 do not survive, including the District 3 male, both from District 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12. As instructed by Blight, they had to chop with their axes trees down to find other tributes. They will eventually chop necks off tributes their height. All of a sudden, with the axe, the District 7 boy manages to kill the District 11 female and the District 10 tributes. Their cannon fires on Day 4, and on Day 10, he continues his chopping through the woods. He spots another tribute, he suggests a Career, also chopping with an axe. He swings at her head and kills her. Later that night, the cannon fires and the boy's partner is seen up in the sky. He ends up killing all the Career tributes with his bloody axe and wins.

In the same Hunger Games, a Career tribute, the boy from District 1, grabs a spear, backpack, a crate of supplies and more. He then points a spear at both District 12 tributes, but they spear him back in the leg. He dies of internal bleeding on Day 9, but the District 12 tributes die in the Bloodbath.

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