Hi, I'm Brad and I'm going to make a Hunger Games. It is my first one so it might not be up to everyone's standards, but I'll try my best. :)


  • Don't be mad/whiney if your tribute dies. Chances are that they will.
  • Maximum of 2 tributes each.
  • No perfect/over powered tributes.
  • No "Look on my profile".
  • Have fun. :)

Tribute Form/Template









Strengths: (name 2 or 3)

Weaknesses: (name 2 or 3)

Allies:  (if they will who will they ally with like certain districts or personalitys.)

Training session: 


The Cornucopia is in a wheat field which has a small grassy field around it.
Once you are past the grass, you will arrive at a large, grassy, wet swamp which has many creatures that await your arrival. There are multiple sections of water that are drinkable, while others aren't. The tributes need to be careful where they drink from. There is one large river that runs through the whole arena. It is drinkable but has many creatures around it. The creatures in the Arena are; poisonous mosquitos (they don't kill but cause a decent deal of pain and they mostly come out at night), crocodile mutts, snakes of all sorts, fish (all are safe and good to eat), cougars (don't really go near the river much. They stay in the swampy section though), rats (only in wheat fields) and egret mutts (a bird that lives basically at the river)

Tribute List

District/Gender Name Age Weapon of Choice Username
D1 Male Pacster Chalmers 17 Sword, throwing knives Myworld
D1 Female Evaine Mejai 18 Knives, steel claws PumPumPumpkin :3
D2 Male Mors Voluntaria 16 Dagger, throwing knives Mistfire333
D2 Female Tarin Aisla Brandt 16 Throwing knives KatnissEverdeenFan
D3 Male Jason Deric 14 Spear, knife SapphireDoesHG
D3 Female Sombra Celesta 14 Axe, throwing knives Mistfire333
D4 Male

Prentice Guneroy

15 Sickle Beerad21/Me
D4 Female Katarina Seacrest 14 Axe Xbilliex
D5 Male Konami Aretino 14 Hand-to-hand, fangs, trident. Tehblakdeath
D5 Female Kenzie Meyer 14 Throwing machetes Ms.finnickodair
D6 Male John Lewis 16 Long sword Wesly3016
D6 Female Lucia Morris 13 Katana Xbilliex
D7 Male Equius Zahhak 14 Bow and arrows Tehblakdeath
D7 Female Rose Summers 16 Axe/hatchet Devalitster
D8 Male Banette Tsukomogami 15 Traps, needles and knives Mistfire333
D8 Female Yuno Gasai 14 Axe, poison Mistfire333
D9 Male Brandon Ivey 15 Sword, throwing knives Myworld
D9 Female Crystal Jennifs 12 Throwing knives, bow SapphireDoesHG
D10 Male Jack Sean 14 Bow and arrow Wesly3016
D10 Female Shurima Hunt 15 Chakram PumPumPumpkin :3
D11 Male Titus Slash 16 Sickle Smilingtribute
D11 Female Renee Rual 12 Bow and arrows ReneeTiana
D12 Male Ryker Tedder 17 Dagger Ms.finnickodair
D12 Female Ebony Fern Grenslev 16 Bow and arrows KatnissEverdeenFan


So, for this, every player has $500 and any user can use this money to buy an item for that tribute. Items will be put up soon with prices. After the Reapings and Training Scores are put up, each user that has a tribute has to pick one tribute that they like the best, not who they think will win. You can't pick your own tribute. The 5 most popular tributes will recieve extra money that people can use to sponsor them with.

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