Hey guys! So, this is my second Games. Yeah. It's the 20th Games...'cause my last ones were the 19th...


You can submit up to four tributes. Please add: Name, age, gender, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, and personality. Backstories are optional.



I really don't need 12 couples in these games, so...yeah. Try to refrain from this (as well as brother/sister pairs).

I won't be making a slideshow or anything, but if you have a lunaii or other tribute picture, feel free to post it in the comments or on my talk page.

So, that's pretty much it. Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes of the 20th Hunger Games
District Name Age Score Kills Place User
1M Aurum Livingstone 17 10 Waverly 5th CallamD97
1F Katelynn Huxley 14 9 none 15th SkyTimeGirl
2M Wren Hayes 17 11 Bob, Drake, Rose 10th Catnipkatniss
2F Chloe Piperholt 17 10 Zafina, Micaiah, Miya, Olly, Aurum 4th District3Tribute
3M Olly Oompa 17 9 Aiden, Wren, Thalia 6th Srish3211
3F Aria Camelliston 16 8 Meyna 3rd Katelyn.danita
4M Surf Waves 15 9 none 18th Ms.finnickodair
4F Thalia Summers 16 10 Patrick, Ezra 7th Catnipkatniss
5M Aiden Smith 18 8 none 20th Katelyn.danita
5F Meyna Langrove 16 6 none 23rd District3Tribute
6M Brann Clatch 16 8 Chloe 1st Robin040197
6F Glade Frost 15 7 Peace-keeper 2nd Nate777
7M Keagan Mitchell 17 7 none 13th Ms.finnickodair
7F Orianna Rishfield 17 6 none 22nd Deaphalia911
8M Bob Barker 12 2 none 19th Deaphalia911
8F Ezra Rung 18 7 Katelynn 14th District3Tribute
9M Patrick Diome 15 6 none 17th Deaphalia911
9F Miya Rye 14 5 none 8th OrangeGreenConverse
10M Waverly Mare 17 9 none 24th OrangeGreenConverse
10F Micaiah Valgus 16 8 none 9th Deaphalia911
11M Wang Jinrei 18 6 none 12th Mrweare121
11F Zafina 14 7 Orianna 21st Mrweare121
12M Drake Dust 17 7 none 16th Nate777

Rosemelrose Divage

12 5 Keagan, Wang 11th Rosemelrose


24th: Waverly- Arrow to chest by Aurum

23rd: Meyna- Arrow to chest by Aria

22nd: Orianna- Sword to chest by Zafina

21st: Zafina- Dagger to chest by Chloe

20th: Aiden- Decapitated (sword) by Olly

19th: Bob- Knife to chest by Wren

18th: Surf- Incinerated by Gamemaker fireball

17th: Patrick- Knife to chest by Thalia

16th: Drake- Sword to chest by Wren

15th: Katelynn- Axe to neck by Ezra

14th: Ezra- Knife to chest by Thalia

13th: Keagan- Arrow to chest by Rosemelrose

12th: Wang- Arrow to chest by Rosemelrose

11th: Rosemelrose- Knife to stomach by Wren

10th: Wren- Sword to back by Olly

9th: Micaiah- Dagger to chest by Chloe

8th: Miya- Knife to chest by Chloe

7th: Thalia- Dismembered arm to face by Olly

6th: Olly- Knife to stomach by Chloe

5th: Aurum- Knife to chest by Chloe

4th: Chloe- Sword to back by Brann

3rd: Aria- Acid from Aurum-bot

2nd: Glade- Suicide (to avoid a much more painful death later)

1st: Brann- Victor

Arena (Click to enlarge)

The arena this year is based off of Egypt. There is an Egypt-shaped section that is desert, the rest is rainforest. The waterways (other than the Mediterranean, which is only a narrow stream with a force field on the other side) are water. In the center of Egypt, the Cornucopia is at the top of a pyramid. The tributes will have to climb it to reach supplies. The pyramid is surrounded by a lake with four paths into the desert.

HOWEVER: The "Nile" does not change course, it runs right under the lake. At sundown each night, the pyramid collapses for about a minute, dumping all tributes on it into the River of Night, where they

20th Hunger Games Arena

must endure tortures. If they survive, they wash out into the lake at sunrise.

And, of course, NONE of the tributes know what the heck Egypt even is, so they don't see anything special here.


Chariot Rides

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the 20th annual Hunger Games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

District One: I’m Awesome (I forget who sings this)

Aurum and Katelynn are covered in diamonds and the chariot has a bunch of fireworks because, well, just because. As usual, the Capitol loves them. The Games are underway.

District Two: Pants on the Ground-General Larry Platt

Wren and Chloe are pretending to fight each other unconvincingly. Then their swords go flying and hit a button. A sign pops up saying ‘District Two: Your Future Victors’. Nobody is even paying attention to what they’re wearing.

District Three: Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz

At first the crowd is like ‘RLY THIS IS THE SAME MUSIC AS LAST YEAR’ but then they’re like ‘OMG THIS YEAR THE WHOLE CHARIOT IS FLYING!’ They are dressed as flash drives. Olly looks like he doesn’t enjoy it.

District Four: That one song that starts with “Everybody clap your hands!” and then everybody claps for like three minutes

Surf is dressed as a clownfish, Thalia as an anemone. The stylists wanted to display the symbiotic relationship of these two animals and the friendship of their tributes. The Capitol thinks it’s lame and does not clap their hands.

District Five: Long Time- Boston

District Five specifically picked this song because their chariot broke and Meyna and Aiden had to walk. Nevertheless, the spark plugs on the tributes’ noses are very original.

District Six: Airplanes- B.o.B

Brann and Glade are dressed as airplanes. It seems lame until the propellers on their heads start spinning and they levitate. The crowd goes absolutely NUTS. These guys will be on the front cover of the Capitol Times tomorrow.

District Seven: Fortunate Son- CCR

Keagan and Orianna are trees. The crowd is bored. They then listen to the music and begin to wonder the question that has puzzled people for ages: Why are CCR songs always so SHORT?

District Eight: Theme Song from The Price is Right

Bob is wearing a suit and jumps off the chariot to sign autographs. Ezra rolls her eyes and waves to the crowd, embarrassed by the music that Bob picked.

District Nine: We are the Champions- Queen

The stylists are so overconfident that one of their tributes will win that they gave them both their victor’s interview costumes before the ride. They are dressed as wheat stalks. The Capitol is not interested very much.

District Ten: I’m Hungry- Parry Gripp

The tributes are dressed as cows, nothing too interesting. The song was chosen as a protest for not feeding the outlying districts nearly enough. As a result, the song picker is executed by President Palmer.

District Eleven: No music

The stylists felt that music would distract from their stunning costumes. Wang’s apple suit shimmers in the sun like an apple would, and Zafina’s peach costume has little hairs on it. The Capitol is impressed by the stylists’ attention to detail.

District Twelve: Threw It On The Ground- Lonely Island

The tributes, wearing a small flame on their heads (which the Capitol loved) were instructed to put a book in the flame and, well, throw it on the ground. They did, and the Capitol loved it.

Second day of training: XANDERGATE

A Capitol sanitation worker picks up the burning book immediately after the parade. Only one page is at all readable, so he turns the book into the police. There, they made a shocking discovery after deciphering the only words still partially readable in the whole book:

…tomorrow. I’ll take a seven for now, but it might not be enough. I need sponsors to get past Jack. That kid…eugh. I can’t even talk about it. Well, he’s nothing compared to some of the others I’ll meet in the arena. I should probably try and get some rest, it’s a big day tomorrow. The next person who picks up this book…well, just make sure it gets delivered back to District Ten for my funeral. –L.G.

The book that was burned? The only copy available to people other than government officials-the ORIGINAL copy- of the pre-Games diary of Loomus Graham, victor of the 19th Hunger Games. It had been kept in District Ten’s suite in the Training Center. Meaning there’s only one possible way it got out: District 12 stylist Alexander Lemonstrevich broke into the District 10 suite and stole the book on purpose, intending for his tributes to destroy it…

DUN DUN DUN…TO BE CONTINUED! (I'll post updates on this as the Games go on)

Stuff that happened during training:

Due to the Xandergate scandal, the tributes from 12 were complete outcasts. Since most of the other tributes wouldn’t even talk to them, they decided to ally with each other.

Bob kept switching stations and inviting four random tributes to train with him.

Meyna asked the dude running the fire-starting station if Jimothy would be as annoying as last year. He replied, “More, probably. He’s been impossible ever since he discovered Def Leppard.”

The final day of training before the private sessions was cancelled because the Gamemakers got really drunk and didn’t feel like showing up. The tributes sat around in the training center playing cards and forming plans. The Careers intimidated everyone by playing a 3-on-3 basketball game with a shot put ball.


Glade’s POV

The metal plate emerges onto…is that a pyramid? There’s a pyramid at least fifty feet tall with the Cornucopia at the top. This doesn’t look good… Calm down, Glade. Count to six. You can do this. My usual method. One. How many tributes make it out of these sick games. Two. The number of Frost siblings left. Grim… Three…okay, I haven’t quite figured out what three stands for yet, but I will. Four. The number of siblings I’ve lost to the Games. Five. The number of times this necklace has been in the arena. Is this really a good luck charm? Well… Six. The district that is counting on me. With home in mind, I’m always ready to fight. That’s why counting to six works so well. The gong goes off. Good thing, too.

Miya’s POV

I rush up three steps and grab a backpack. No weapons, but that’s okay. I’m not going to overpower anyone in a fight, and, well, there aren’t many places to hide in a desert. I can just make out some type of forest on the horizon, though. That’s a much better place for me to be.

I turn around and the guy from 10 is facing me. He runs at me with a knife, and I sidestep him. He throws it in my direction as I run away from the bloodbath. I pick it up and cross the bridge into the desert, but not before watching him fall to the ground with an arrow in his chest.

Aurum’s POV

My first arrow finds Waverly’s heart and he drops. I see Wren and Chloe making their way up to the very top step and decide to do the same. I take my time and survey the arena. Desert for quite a way after you get over the lake, but there is a forest, and another lake off to…judging by the sun, the east. I look back down at the battle and see the girl from 3 shoot the girl from 5.

Zafina’s POV

I pull a sword off one of the upper steps without the Careers even noticing. God, they can be so arrogant sometimes. Silently, I get ready to pounce on them. I turn around to fully gather my surroundings, and the 7 girl is heading towards me with an axe. I won’t give her the chance. I jump down a step and stab her in the chest. She howls and crumples.

Unfortunately, the Careers hear her scream. They whip around, prepared to fight. I dodge the first few arrows, and am about two steps from the bottom of the pyramid when a knife buries in my leg. I fall down the remaining steps and land near the plates. When I look up, Chloe Piperholt is holding a dagger over my head.

“Nice try, Zafina. Be quieter next time.” She nearly throws the dagger into my chest.

Olly’s POV

Me has no kills. Me like kills. YAY! ME HAS SWORD! I take a step up with one foot and touch my sword to the ground. “CAPTAIN MORGAN PUNKS! WHAT NOW!”

I run at Aiden from 5 with my sword. I cut off his head. Yay! I HATE CAREERS. THEY ARE BAD. I WILL KILL THEM. But not now. They must suffer first. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe…

Wren’s POV

Well, it appears everyone’s pretty much left. Only five deaths. Lame. Although…if everyone left, they would have sounded five cannons…

The twelve-year-old from Eight pops up out of nowhere and appears at the bottom of the pyramid. I almost scream at him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“I’m going to die anyway, why not get it over with?”

I shrug. “Ok.”

“Wren Hayes, come on down! You’re the next contestant on-Ow.” My knife pierces his chest. And six cannons go off.

Patrick’s POV

One knife. That’s all I’ve been able to get so far. My first priority now has to be getting out of this desert. Water is more important than anything because…well, let’s just say it’s not usually this hot in Nine.


‘Welcome to the Jungle’ starts playing again. It’s pretty much been the post-bloodbath anthem for the last ten years. Nobody cares anymore.

Strike that. Keagan Mitchell is playing air guitar on his axe. I guess one crazy tribute is all it takes for Jimothy to keep his job.

Keagan’s POV

Lesson number one, my dear friends. Never play air guitar on an axe, lest you want to nearly cut off a finger. Of course, it’s not that bad. Sure, I can’t feel it, move it or look at it, but it’s still attached. And anyone awesome enough to play axe air guitar in the first place is awesome enough to fix the resulting injury, right?

Oh, well. I drink some water. I know it might not be safe, but I have to drink the river water. There’s no way I’m getting an infection in my finger. That has to be cleaned off with the Cornucopia water. Of course, nobody knows if that’s safe, either. Whatever. I’m immune to 84.46% of infectious diseases anyway. Or so claim the school morphlings.

Thalia’s POV

Well, we all made it through the first day. Better than those idiots from last year who called themselves Careers.

We’ve set up camp on the upper steps of the Cornucopia pyramid. It gives us a great view of incoming tributes, as well as protection of our supplies. We can see for miles. When the six faces are projected into the sky after sunset, we’re almost looking down onto the hologram, the pyramid is so tall. Well, we would be. But because Chloe was the only one who knew that this thing was called a pyramid, we’ve assigned her to do all the ‘intelligence operations’, which basically means keeping track of who’s dead. So she's the only one actually watching right now. I wish my job was that easy.

The anthem ends. The ground rumbles a bit. I sit up straight. And the pyramid collapses, taking the entire alliance and all of our supplies and sending us into a river beneath the pyramid. SPLASH! I almost black out upon impact. Surely there are mutts down here…

End of Day One

Day Two

Katelynn’s POV

Well. Glad that’s over. The Career alliance somehow washed out into the lake surrounding the pyramid at sunrise. Well, minus Surf Waves and all of our supplies. As soon as we went down, we panicked. Thankfully, Surf and Thalia could swim well and managed to pull out our tents to use as life rafts (temporarily, of course.) Then the mutts came.

First, some fox-like thing. It had golden fur and much sharper teeth. Being Careers, we killed ten of them easily. (Chloe says the original animal was called a jackal. Nobody cares, Chloe.)

Then, about twenty…snake things. I’d seen cobras before, but these could fly. And they breathed fire. And we beat the crap out of them. Years of knife-throwing paid off.

What eventually cost Surf his life were not normal mutts, but random balls of fire. We panicked at first. But we were able to make sure they always hit our supplies and not us. We really didn’t need those extra throwing discs anyway.

(Oh really, Chloe? If they were waffles, why did Wren throw one at the cobra things? I don’t care what the real name is.)

Anyway, Thalia and Surf, being from Four, just jumped into the water and watched the fireballs fly over their heads. Well, the Gamemakers weren’t too fond of that. Turns out they had fireball launchers underneath the surface of the water too. By the time Surf realized what had hit him, he was already gone.

So, the good news: The rest of us are alive. The bad news: We have next to nothing. Two waffles and a pack of dried fruit will last us about six hours. I have just two knives. I give one to Thalia because she has nothing. After giving her knife to Aurum, neither does Chloe, although she’s received the title of ‘intelligence operations manager’, which I interpret as ‘I’m smarter than you so I won’t do anything when it actually comes time to fight’. Wren has a sword. Aurum has one knife, and he’s never trained with it in his life.

Could we be in trouble against an actual alliance? Possibly. But Careers don’t fool around. We go down fighting. Meaning we have to get away from this pyramid. Who knows how many traps it has.

Meanwhile...President David Earl Reginald Palmer's POV

"Good morning, Mr. President. I have some information on the trial of Alexander Lemonstrevich."

"Come in, please. Who has all testified so far?"

"See, that's the thing...nobody."


"We can't start the trial yet."

I'm raging. "AND WHY EVER NOT?"

"Sir, we need a fair, unbiased jury, as I'm sure you know. Everyone in the Capitol has already heard about the alleged incident. They have an opinion. So we don't have any jurors."

"And do you have a plan to, oh, I don't know, GET SOME JURORS?"

"That's kind of why I'm here, actually. I have this plan set up, but I need your permission to go through with it." He hands me a slip of paper.

"Orville...Orville, that's excellent! Call up Angie and Billiam for me, will you? Tell them...they're needed at Park Avenue Station." I grin. This plan will work, all right. With this plan in place and our worst lawyer, Joseph Bobert Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, running the show for the defense, Xander will stand no chance.

Micaiah's POV

I sit near the edge of the jungle, contemplating the missed chances I had yesterday. I could have had a couple of easy kills, but I went for food instead. I even could have killed one of the Careers. Now I see the food I picked up was useless. There are a lot fruit trees in this jungle.

Slowly, I gather myself and pick up my sword. There's nothing to do except eat here. I suppose that doesn't hurt, but the food is sure to draw people in here at some point. I may have missed my chance at the bloodbath yesterday, but when some random tribute wanders into the forest near my camp seeking food, I won't miss it again.

Aria's POV

After walking on towards the rising sun, I've come to a large body of water, even bigger than the lake around the Cornucopia. I stop to take a drink. Sure enough, it's fresh water.

Well, this is interesting. I could normally swim across this, but now I have a bow and ten arrows. Not the brightest idea. I make a left turn and follow the shore. Might as well give it a try. There's probably not a whole lot around the lake, but any food could help right now, because in the desert...well, let's just say I'm not very fond of eating scorpions.

Ezra's POV

I've made it into the forest west of the Cornucopia. There's food in here. A decent amount, too. I'm assuming there's mosquitoes in here at night, but with the scorpions in the desert that are no doubt highly poisonous, I think I'll take my chances in here.

I hear a rustle behind me. I turn around, and Drake from 12 is standing by me. He looks as surprised as I am. "Allies?" he asks.

It would be pretty easy to kill him now, to be honest. His sword is sheathed and I have an axe in my hand. But I shake it off. If there's anybody here I can trust, it's him. Well, I suppose I can trust Jimothy to be annoying, too. "Deal."

Chloe's POV

Due to the, um, problems with the pyramid, we've set up a new camp on a small triangular island at the north edge of the arena, surrounded by three streams. We can still see most of the desert area. If anybody is trying to steal supplies from the Cornucopia, we should be able to pick them off. This arena isn't really all that big, and we have a good view.

Like now, for example. We have a good view of the boy from 9 making his way across the desert. "Hey, look, it's nine boy," says Wren. "Chloe, what's the plan?"

Of course. I have to make all the decisions now because I'm 'intelligent'. Do they not do tests for that at Career Academy in One and Four? Seems not. "This'll be easy. Attack plan Argo."

Wren, Katelynn and Aurum make burst out of the forest and run after the boy. Thalia darts off through the trees. I stay on the island to protect the supplies, but move over to get a better view. The boy is unaware he's being followed. Aurum shoots and misses by an inch. That wakes him up. He turns around and runs. Straight into Thalia.

Thalia, having received a few knives from sponsors this morning, picks one out and prepares to throw it. "Nice try, dude. Don't mess with the Careers."


Brann's POV

This jungle is nice. I don't ever remember a Games where food has been this easy to get. They're being generous. Of course, they start giving as soon as my sister's dead.

Looks like nothing much happened today. Only two faces in the sky: Surf from 4 and Patrick from 9. The anthem plays and they disappear.

Come to think of it, I'm glad I went for the tent instead of the swords. A knife will do for now. Shelter is huge in the desert, and even in the jungle, there are a TON of bugs out at night. As soon as the anthem ends, I dive back into the tent to get away from them. I've covered it in a little bit of mud and some leaves to help conceal it. And I hope it works. Because my sister forgot to use camoflauge in her Games, and let's just say that it didn't exactly help her out. If you want to know why I hate the Capitol, well, that's why.

End of Day Two


Olly's POV

I throw my sword in the air. Woohoo. I'm gonna win. I can just feel it.

Today I ate live scorpions for breakfast. I had dried fruit, too, but it tasted too normal, so I threw it on the ground to attract scorpions. I like crunchy food. Today I actually remembered to cut off the stinger and eat it after the rest of the scorpion. I'm pretty sure my swelling has gone down. Enough to kill more scorpions, anyway. And eventually Careers.

I don't like careers, in case you haven't noticed. They grow up better. I bet their scorpions are crunchier than mine. WAAAAAAAH! Oh well. I really need to stop worrying about the quality of scorpions. I'm sure they all would taste the same if I could just find some way to deep-fry them.

Miya's POV

I. Hate. Deserts.

There's no food, no water, and no place to hide. Oh, yeah. And the Career pack. Not a good combination. There's enough food here in the forest to survive a long time. Although that might draw a lot of tributes into the forest, I can hide pretty well.

I'm currently trying to make a trap should anybody come and steal my food. Given how dull my knife is, I take a long time sharpening these branches, but they should do. This will take all day, but it's not like I have anything better to do. I shouldn't have any problem keeping this trap out of view. There's enough leaves and mud here to last a lifetime. The real problem is reshaping the forest floor for the trap. I've never seen anybody in District Nine dig a hole with a scythe. Not very efficient. But this is the Hunger Games. And if this actually works, that won't matter.

Keagan's POV

Guess what I got today? Guess! I GOT BARBECUE SAUCE!

So what? Well, scorpions, if they're cooked right, taste like chicken. We all know chicken goes better with some Sweet Baby Ray's. "DIP THE MASHED POTATO COVERED CHICKEN NUGGET BISCUIT IN THE BARBECUE SAUCE! YUM YUM GIMME!"

Ok. Yeah. I should really do something productive now...

Wang's POV

I hope that barbecue sauce dude realizes I can hear him from halfway across the arena. And so can the Careers.

Whatever. They have a history of taking care of annoying tributes. This isn't too hard yet; there's fruit up here, and everyone from Eleven can climb well. I suppose if anyone attacks I'll drop a fruit on their head. For now, I'll just sit it out from out here. It doesn't even feel like I'm in the Hunger Games. Except for the fact that sponsors can't send me tequila.

Wren's POV

"Let's go, let's go!" I yawn and roll over, and Chloe is standing over me with a dagger. "It's 2:00, Wren. Get up." She then rushes off to wake Aurum and Thalia. Guess I wasn't alone.

Chloe tells us the plan. "Guys, we just lost six hours of hunting time today. That means GET UP AT A NORMAL TIME. Let's do a loop off to the west. We need to get something done. Aurum, you stay guard. You can pick people off from a distance if they come close to us."

We head off to hunt tributes, following the creek to the north. I don't think anybody's stupid enough to make camp here, but it's the quickest way to the forest. That's where everyone is. We would be there, too, but we got some food from sponsors. That never hurts.

Drake's POV

I climb back down from the tree with two pieces of fruit and hand one to Ezra. I've never seen these before in District 12, but they're very sour. Delicious. "Thanks." says Ezra. "You know, we should probably get ready to move pretty soon."

"Why? What's wrong with here?"

"Nothing, which is exactly why. Nobody's actually doing anything right now. The Capitol must be getting bored, don't you think?"

I hear a voice behind me. "I wouldn't be too worried about that."


Ezra's POV

Unprepared for battle, I take the only thing in my hand- the fruit- and throw it at Thalia. She swats it aside and advances on me. I duck to avoid her knife, and Drake advances upon Wren with a sword. He won't be able to hold him long, but it should give me enough time to make an attack.

Well, maybe not. I see Drake crumple to the ground with a sword in his chest. Enraged, I throw my first axe and it clips Katelynn's knee. She falls, and my other axe finds her neck.

Well, it's still three on one. Not liking my chances. I take the only thing I can find, Thalia's knife, and throw it. I miss.

Thalia retrieves her knife and advances on me. "Nice try, Eight. But it's over." Her knife hits me in the chest, and my eyes close.

Rosemelrose's POV

Three cannons. Right in a row.

Well, that should hold the audience for now. I'll have another day here by the stream south of the Cornucopia. I'm surprised nobody else is here, but I'm not complaining. I'm decent with a bow, but when you receive a celebratory plaque from the Gamemakers with "Shortest Tribute In Hunger Games History" on it, you know you don't have much chance otherwise in a fight.

Eventually, the anthem plays. The girl from One is dead. The girl from Eight. And...Drake. I had hoped to ally with him, but I guess that's not an option anymore.

Well, this is the Hunger Games. Alliances are temporary. Food runs out. And lives are cut short. But from the arena, I get a different perspective on it all. Back home, you go to school, come home, work, whatever. It's boring, but it's life. You at least feel like a part of something. But knowing your face could very well be in the sky tomorrow, you realize that here, you aren't important. Not to the Capitol. To them, you're just dust in the wind...

End of Day Three


Glade's POV

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING TRIBUTES!!!!!!!" I roll over. Woken up by an announcement. Of course, that's just my same old rotten luck.


"Now, I know what you're thinking. What is the point of this? Well, I'm not exactly sure. But I should tell you, we have exactly TWO rules for the PARTAAAAAAAY. Number one, DON'T KILL ANYONE UNTIL YOU HEAR THE SONG 'EYE OF THE TIGER. IF YOU DO, WELL, WE HID TAIPAN VENOM IN YOUR TRACKER FOR A REASON. After that, you are encouraged to kill and basically do whatever. We'll keep the music pumping for quite some time."

"Oh, and number two. If you don't show up, we'll bomb you. SO GET READY TO PAAAAAAAAAARTAAAYYY!"

I hate my life. Then again, haven't I since my oldest sibling died in the Games?

Well, I doubt I have much of it left. I sigh. Might as well make the most of it.

Let's just say nothing really happens until the paartaaayy, so...

12 Hours Later- Miya's POV

Just after sunset, all the tributes begin to file in to the pyramid. It looks like everyone's here. Well, nobody wants to be bombed. Many tributes look anxious, and some carry weapons, but nobody is stupid enough to use them until 'Eye of the Tiger'. When you've made it this far, you have to go down trying.


The first song comes on. It's 'Any Way You Want It'. Pretty typical Jimothy choice. Some of the tributes start dancing. Some-Wait, is that a punch bowl? I love punch! I run over and get some. The only thing that strikes me is how much this much cost. If you ask me, this money could be better spent in the districts where people will actually live...

Chloe's POV

What is the point of this? Why can't we just kill people and leave?

Oh, yeah. Then it wouldn't be this fun.

'Hold the Line' starts playing and I see Wren start to dance. I go over to join him. He tells me, "Chloe, at least put the dagger in your pocket or something. You're ruining the mood." Of course. Blah blah blah, typical Chloe.

Well, I guess he's right. A new song plays. I don't recognize it, but the guitars are epic. This can only be the work of Eddie Van Halen. Then again, do I care? No. I'm livin' it up while I have the chance.

Aria's POV

Well, this is fun. For the Games, at least. At least the Capitol has a little decency.

I set down my bow and arrows. Aurum saunters over to me. "Hey, Aria."

Whaaa..."Hey, Aurum. Want to dance?"

He shrugs and sets his bow down next to mine. He runs up to the top of the pyramid. "Come on!"

Really, Aurum? Of course, he has no idea how much I hate heights. Almost as much as scorpions. I shiver. But his golden eyes are enough to pull me up to the arena's peak.

'Keep On Loving You' plays and we start dancing slower. And even though I know it could all end any second, I don't want to let go.

Jimothy's POV

The song ends and I press the button to start 'Eye of the Tiger'. This'll be fun.

Aurum and Aria immediately stop dancing, grab their bows and run off into the desert before anyone else reacts. Keagan and Wang are still dancing, clearly drunk from the champagne we cleverly placed underneath the table with cookies. Keagan starts singing, "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT...FIRE AWAY!" Gosh, I love that song.

"Okay," says Rosemelrose. She picks up her bow and fires an arrow into Keagan's chest. He crumples. Wang doesn't even realize what's happened before her second arrow hits him. He falls next to Keagan.

Wren charges on her. "THOSE WERE MY KILLS!" She turns and nocks an arrow, but he dives to the side, and before she can shoot again he throws a knife into her stomach. THAT WAS TOTALLY EPIC. Three down. Wait...four. Olly pulls his sword out of Wren's back. "NUH UH! THEY WERE MINE! DURR!" He clears out.

At this point, everybody else has left except the two remaining Careers, Thalia and Chloe (since Aurum ditched them for Aria). They are battling Micaiah. Micaiah appears to be decent with a blowgun, but she can't seem to find either of their hearts, and her darts aren't poisoned. With every miss, she takes a step back. And soon, she has nowhere to go. Standing at the top of the pyramid, she realizes she's out of darts. Chloe and Thalia see this and laugh. Chloe walks up and calmly stabs her with her dagger. She falls, and the Careers walk back to their camp to nurse their minor injuries. The cannons begin. We're down to eight.


Still Jimothy's POV

I slap myself in da face. I am stupid.

Olly's POV

"HEY GUYS!" OH ITS THAT AWESOME DUDE JIMOTHY. "So, I'm stupid. I just realized I went all of last night without playing a Scorpions song. Kind of necessary, 'cause we're in the desert and all. So, I'll play one now! ROCK ON!"

YAY I LOVE SCORPIONS! I go find a scorpion and cut off its stinger. Then I go sting another scorpion with it. I do that for about an hour. It's fun.

Miya's POV

It's done. We'll have to see what I can trap here. Large game? The largest I've seen is a rodent. Another tribute? A little more likely, but they could probably spot it. President Derp? I wouldn't mind trapping him. I smile at the thought.

I didn't think I would make it anywhere near the final eight, but I certainly can't give up now. Not when an entire district is rooting for me. It's been five years since anyone from 9 has made it this far. But I'm the smallest one left. How much farther can I make it? I throw the thought aside. No negative thoughts, Miya. They'll just get between you and the people you long to see again.

Thalia's POV

I scowl again. Aurum, that traitor. Oh, well. We'll kill him when we get the chance. Today, we're taking a day off, making sure we're back to 100%. None of that girl's darts were poisoned, but she skewered us pretty good. We're lucky she didn't find a major artery. Chloe's shoulder looked awfully bad, but the swelling has gone down a little and she can start to move it again. At least it's not her throwing shoulder.

My leg, on the other hand, needs another day at least. I took three darts right to the thigh. Somehow, the blood vessels were OK, but my muscles have completely abandoned me. I don't think it will be easy for me when we go out hunting again tomorrow.

Oh, yeah. It's the Hunger Games. It's not supposed to be easy.

Aria's POV

Aurum and I hiked back around the lake to the east after the "party". I don't think anyone's been over here the whole games, so we're pretty safe.

Aurum hands me a piece of fruit and sits down. "Okay, Aria, I have three questions for you. Number one: Why haven't you killed me yet?"

"You're saying you want me to kill you now?"

"Of course not. But I'm a Career. We're supposed to hate each other."

True. Very true. Umm..."But you're not like the others. You actually care about something other than fame and fortune. You care about me."

He smiles briefly, but moves on. "Two: How long before the Gamemakers burn down the forest and force everyone back into the desert?"

I hadn't thought of that. "We're in the final eight. Two, three days, maybe? Depends on what else happens."

"Which brings me to my last question. How are we getting out of here?"

"They'll be taking us by surprise, for sure. We'll have to swim." He glances nervously. "What?"

"I know this may be weird, because I'm a Career and all...but, I don't know how to swim."

"Haha. Very funny." He looks at me, a serious gaze in his amber eyes. "You were serious?" He nods.

"Well then get in the water so I can teach you, you little filoplume." Laughing, I drag him away to the lake.

Brann's POV

Well, this was a boring day. The most exciting thing that happened was discovering a new species of fruit tree in the arena. Talk about uneventful...

The anthem plays, but no faces are shown. Nobody died today. I don't think anyone really went out hunting today, and I don't blame them. If you can tell the poisonous frogs apart from the normal ones, this forest is a pretty nice place to be. And compared to Six, there's quite a bit of food.

I wonder where Glade is. I'm ready to get my revenge on the Capitol after losing one sibling to these sick games. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose four...

I smile. If I can somehow find her, well, one spark can be dangerous, but two can do a whole lot more damage. I think I learned my lesson about that when I almost burned down my house in the summer of '62.

End of Day Five


Chloe's POV

Back in the woods hunting today. We're still a little sore from the darts, but we're alive. That's always good.

We walk deeper into the north-eastern forest. Thalia has her bow ready, and I have a knife in my hand, prepared for a fight. Of course, anyone with any sense at all wouldn't even stand and fight. They'd just run.

I turn into a small clearing and notice leaves. Lots of them. All over the forest floor. "Thalia, stop. This is a trap."

"How can you be sure?"

"How many other times have you seen this many leaves in one place?" I look at her.

Instead of walking back around, she surprises me and pulls out an arrow. "If this is a trap...someone...must be around here...somewhAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Thalia screams as two of her fingers fall to the ground with a knife landing nearby. I look up and see a flash of blond hair. Well, you won't get far going through the trees. I rush out until I'm standing below and in front of the girl from 9.

"So...beautiful day, isn't it?"

I scowl. "It could have been." My knife hits her in the chest. She falls backward and hits the ground hard, and I run back to Thalia to tend her injury.

Thalia's POV

Seriously? Who aims for your hand when they're trying to kill you?

Well, I suppose this injury will render my bow useless. Thankfully, I'm still good with a knife. And there are still six more tributes out there who I need to kill to get out of here.

I turn to Chloe as soon as we get back to our camp. "How long do you think we should stay here?"

She examines my wound. "Well, you can't really do anything right now. I had to cut off the circulation to your hand to keep you from bleeding to death. So let's take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow we'll go kill Aurum."

Olly's POV


I get my sword and go to the river that goes by their camp. They don't notice me. I swim the last twenty-five underwater. Then, when I'm right next to their island, I jump out, yell "SCORPIONS!!!!" and charge them with my sword. I'm awesome LOL :D

They turn around like :O. ONE OF THEM HAS THREE FINGERS ON ONE HAND. I TACKLE HER. She yells. I cut off her arm. The other girl, the one from 2 turns and throws a knife. I pick up the girl from 4's arm and block the knife with it. MORE BLOOD YAY!

While the 2 girl goes to get more knifes, I hit the 4 girl in the head with her arm. A LOT. Her cannon sounds. HOORAY!

The 2 girl throws another knife at me. I let it hit the 4 girl's arm and throw a scorpion at her. She jumps out of the way and throws a knife. This one hits me. In the stomach. Ow.

Well, I guess I'm going to die in 15 seconds. So I throw the arm at her face. She falls to the ground, probably fine but covered in the first girl's blood. She stares at me. AWESOME. She probably won't die yet, but the look on her face was priceless.

I close my eyes to die.

P.S. Mr. Scorpion that I threw, now would be a good time to sting her.

Aurum's POV

Three cannons already today. Home is close. Real close.

Since Aria basically just splashed me for two hours without actually teaching me anything, we decided to ditch the swimming lessons. Hopefully, we won't need them. We're both good runners.

I see a flash of dark something-or-other dash across the forest. Instantly I jump up and shoot. It falls, but no cannon sounds yet. "Aria, you want to go finish him off? I'll get some food."

She nods and starts walking over, then freezes in her tracks. "Aurum?"


"I think we have all the food we need right here." I walk over, expecting to see hundreds of berry bushes surrounding a dead tribute. Instead, I see just Aria. She smiles at me. I look into her beautiful bright blue eyes...

"Hello? Earth to Aurum?"

"Sorry, what?"

"You wanna take a look at this?"

My mouth opens in shock. "My goodness, Aria, is that a leopard?"

"You should know, you're the one who shot at it!" She giggles. Even her laugh is cute...

Home is close, all right. But right now, I care about Aria. And she's even closer.

Glade's POV

Three more cannons today. These games are flying by.

The anthem plays, and I check out the faces. I do a little fist-pump when Olly and Thalia appear in the sky. The third death is Miya. Too bad, she was real nice during training.

For the first time, the thought that I could actually win these games occurs. Go back home to District 6, to newfound food, wealth, stress disorder, Capitol orders, and a whole lot of time spent with the Khone family. Ouch. Those guys seriously creep me out.

Ah, well. I'll deal with that if I can get there. I lay down and close my eyes, awaiting the nightmares that have come pretty much every night for three years. No reason to think they'll stop tonight.

End of Day Six


Chloe's POV

It ends today. Every last one of them goes down. And I don't plan on going down with them.

Aurum, that traitor, will die at my hands, I'll assure you of that. The girl he's with is a threat, but I can take her, too. And I haven't seen those twerps from 6 do anything special. They aren't even allied. They don't stand a chance.

I can't help but smile. This'll be fun.

BOOM! What was that? Not a cannon...

Aria's POV

"RUN!" Another tree erupts in flames as Aurum and I dash away from the fire. They aren't trying to kill us, I remind myself. They just want things to be more horrificly violent, that's all. What is their-Oh, crap.

The beach. We're barely ahead of the fire, and we can see the lake now. We'll have to cross it. And Aurum still can't swim.

"Go, Aria. Swim."

"I'm not leaving you, you idiot!"


"Because I love you, okay?" I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. Probably not the best thing to do before being burned alive, but whatever. "Of course, we come to the ONE lake in the arena without a bridge."

"Well, when you have a boat, you don't need one." I follow his gaze and see a small canoe about a hundred yards down. I kiss him again and dash for the canoe. Somehow, we get it out into the water before we burn to death. We're alive. But we're not done yet. Not even close.

Aurum's POV

Eventually, we make it across the lake. Somehow, we're still alive. How long will that last? We're about to find out. Because sitting on the top step of the pyramid is my old ally, Chloe Piperholt.

I whisper to Aria, "Is she polishing her knives?"

"Yes. And-"


Chloe turns and sees us. Thank you, Jimothy, for blowing our cover. She stays on the pyramid, waiting for us to attack her. Not very Career-like of her, but she's intelligent. She knows she'll have an advantage being up high. But she smiles. I'll be her first target. And she will be mine.

I advance, ready to fire my arrow the first chance I get. I begin to wonder why I became a Career in the first place. They're all so...arrogant, you know? Angered, I aim and fire. The arrow lands two steps below Chloe, and she picks it up and pulls out a bow of her own. Where the heck did she get that? Not that it matters. She can't shoot anyway.

She aims it back at us, and it sails far over our heads. We launch arrows back and forth for a couple minutes, but it's clear none of us have learned to shoot on slanted ground. Finally, Aria, frustrated, starts climbing. I jump out in front of her.

"Aria! What are you doing?"

Chloe laughs. "Don't be silly, Aurum. She realizes she doesn't stand a chance. And neither do you." She throws a knife straight at me. Stay still, and I'm dead. But move, and Aria stands no chance. I close my eyes as I execute my decision.

The knife hits me square in the chest, and I fall backward. Aria catches me, but it's no use. She leans down over me, and the last thing I feel is her lips on mine.

Chloe's POV

What is this girl doing? Since when are they in love? She must be heartbroken...

Ah, well. I can spare her the pain. I raise my knife to throw as she yells, "Chloe, no! Please!" I lower it. "Just one more minute!"

"Fine." I throw the knife. She gasps in terror before realizing where the knife was aimed. It clips her bowstring just like I intended, and she's without a weapon.

"Chloe, do you realize what you have just done?"

"Yes," I reply. "I've gotten myself one step closer to leaving this place."

"I loved that guy, Chloe. At one point, you must have, too. He has family. Friends. And a bunch of hopeless idiots in the Capitol who put money on him. Do you really want to spent your life causing pain and misery?"

Well, nobody ever had me think of it that way. "I...I guess not."

"How about doing something good while you can?"

"I'll...I'll try. I'm sorry, Aria."

"Good. Minute's up." But I can't find the courage to raise my knife. I have, what, five kills now? Do I really need six?

All of a sudden a sword pokes through my back and out my stomach. I turn around to see Brann holding it. Glade is running over the bridge to the pyramid. The whole forest is burning.

"Brann, I-"

"I'm sorry, Chloe. Just know that you died a better person." Has he been listening in on us this whole time?

I close my eyes for the last time. Even though I can no longer show it, Brann is right.

Brann's POV

Did I just...

I tried not to play the Capitol's game. They sucked me in. They will pay. "Attention tributes. Get off the pyramid."

Aria yells, "Why?"

"Because I said."

"You're not Jimothy!" yells Glade.

"No, I'm Mike. Jimothy is on a lunch break." Lucky. "Now get off the pyramid before we cue the acid rain, please."

"Um...okay." We walk onto the bridge connecting the desert and the pyramid.

"You know you're supposed to be killing each other, right?"

I glance over at Glade. She nods, and I lock eyes with Aria. She understands. We speak in unison:


Glade's POV

Silence. The first thing that registers.

The temporary announcer is in shock. "What?"

"We're done with killing," I tell him. "It's below us, and we've moved on. We refuse to play your game any longer, you got that?"

"Say waaaaat?"

"You heard me."

"Very funny, Glade. This is the Hunger Games. Now get back to killing, because here, there is no peace, no happiness, no bunnies dancing-"

"NO SERENADE, NO FIRE BRIGADE, JUST PYROMANIA!" We all stare up at the sky like doofuses and envision Jimothy beating up this 'Mike' with his guitar. I think this is the first time I've actually been glad to hear Jimothy.

And then, on cue, the entire pyramid explodes in a giant ball of flame.

Aria's POV

Pyromania is an understatement. These guys are nuts. Nuts, I tell you.

So, we all just walk away from the fire, trololo, while not really paying attention to anything other than making sure we don't walk into the burning forest. No biggie, right?


Obviously, we just stand there in shock for 5 seconds until something falls out of the sky. They wouldn't blow us all up, would they?

Clearly not, because the thing lands 10 feet from us and doesn't explode. This isn't a real bomb. What the- No.

It's not a bomb. It's Aurum. A robotic Aurum.

Cautiously, I approach him. Will he still have feelings for me? "Aurum?"

Metallicly, it beeps, "I LOVE YOU ARIA." And it leans in to kiss me. I pull away, slightly confused. And a bunch of acid comes streaming out of its mouth. Straight toward my chest.

Brann's POV

That must be some strong acid. Aria's cannon sounds before she even hits the ground. Quickly, I jump on the Aurum-bot and slice it to pieces, essentially destroying my sword in the process.

Just me and my district partner. I can't give up now. Which means not giving in. To the Capitol, of course. And I know neither will Glade. She hates them as much as I do. Maybe even more.

A hovercraft comes down, but not to collect Aria. A Peacekeeper steps out. "You do not want to kill. So we will make you. You duel. Winner gets the sword."

"Wait, winner gets the sword?" I ask. "How can we duel without weapons?"

He returns to the hovercraft and pulls out a box. "This is how you shall duel."

President DERP's POV

I open the door to Gamemaker Central. "CHUTES AND LADDERS!" I yell. "HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR FRICKIN MINDS?"

Head Gamemaker Smith turns to me. "Sir, they don't want to kill. It's understandable; they're from the same district. So we figured this would be a better way for them to settle it."

"And just how many IDIOTS want to watch two teenagers play freaking CHUTES AND LADDERS on TV?"

He turns to me. "We've got that covered."

Glade's POV

How do you make a board game interesting? You play it while flying.

I admit, I never expected to see my chariot costume again. But here it is, on my body. Brann and I are hovering six feet off the ground as the Peacekeeper holds the game board above his head.

We spin. And spin and spin and spin and spin and spin.

I'm on space 94, Brann on 97. It's my turn. A 6 will win it. I spin...4. A chute, and I'm back down to 78. I'm screwed.

Brann spins a 2. He's 1 away. Wait a minute...There's a ladder from 80 to the finish. I can win. With a 2. Otherwise, I'm still screwed.

I take a deep breath, rub my necklace, and count down from six again. Only this time, I know what the three stands for. The number of tributes, me, Brann and Aria, that maybe, just maybe, can spark the fire that leads to the change we need.

I spin the spinner. A 2. I move to 80 and climb up the ladder. Woohoo, I win Chutes and Ladders. The Peacekeeper hands me the sword.

I'm one swing of a sword away from winning the Hunger Games. Breaking the curse. Restoring honor to my broken family. But I think of the price. Half my district will hate me for killing my partner. There will be endless Capitol demands. The nightmares, sure to come. All the other stuff the Khones have told me about. And they're not exactly normal, either. I don't want to end up alcoholics like some of the victors. The oldes Khone will probably die of liver failure by age thirty.

I close my eyes, knowing that I have made the right decision. I swing the sword.

But not at Brann.

Brann's POV

I gasp in shock as Glade cuts right through the Peacekeeper's neck with the sword he has given her. Serves them right. I don't want to be an advocate of violence or anything, but the Capitol kinda deserves a taste of their own medicine.

I look at Glade. She holds the sword. I'm weaponless. "Um, what was that, Glade?"

"I don't know. Although...I'll pay the price. I have to." What is she talking about?

Slowly, she takes off her necklace, then whispers in my ear:

"Brann, they'll kill me anyway for what I just did. You have a chance still. We can't let this stand any longer. Let 'em know what they're up against. And since I won't get the chance, give this back to my brother, will you?"

She slips her necklace into my hand. I grasp it and nod before I fully realize what is about to happen. "Glade, you can't just kill yourself!"

She looks at me. "Either one of us or neither of us will be alive to witness justice finally come to this land. That's my choice, Brann. And I pick one." She smiles at me for the last time and stabs herself in the heart.

I rub my eyes. What the heck just happened?

"Um, congratulations to Brann, uh, Clatch! Yeah! Brann Clatch, the victor of the 20th Hunger Games!" Well, that even shook Jimothy up. At least that means no 'Don't Stop Believin' for the first time since Jimothy became the announcer. I'm really more of a Queen fan, anyway.


9:45 PM, Thanksgiving- Brann's POV

I walk around aimlessly in my house in the Victor's Village. Seemingly alone. My parents are dead. Killed by the Capitol. Apparently the end-Games 'spark' wasn't enough for me to die. But this...this is just as bad.

However, I'm not alone. After that incident, I invited Grim Frost and his mother to live with me. They're struggling, and I am forever in Glade's debt. It's really the least I could do. Plus, Grim wants me to start training him. He turns 12 this year, and it's pretty safe to say he'll be reaped come June.

In other news, a retrial has been called for in the case of the D12 stylist. The mayor told me apparently 'fair jury' means 'let's go kidnap a bunch a teenagers from District 9 and force them to be the jury'. And now it has to happen again. Seriously, people.

I turn around from my second-floor window. Six is an urban mess. No need to stare at it. Then I see, laying next to each other on a desk, my family's necklace and the Frost's necklace. Seven arena appearances between the two. I'm surprised they aren't in the Hunger Games Hall of Fame yet.

I hold one in each hand. Both necklaces still give me nightmares. The arena never leaves you, after all. But they also provide the flicker of hope we so badly need. To change something in this oppressed land, we needed that spark at the end of the Games. And these are a constant reminder of the hope that moment brought.

The phone rings all of a sudden. I pick up. It's Loomus, last year's victor. Well, I suppose overthrowing a tyrannical national government never takes a holiday.

The End

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