Hey y'all! Since my second games are winding down, I'm starting reapings for my third games now!. So...yeah. I'm not really good with introductions...


REAPINGS ARE CLOSED! {C}You can submit up to four tributes. Please add: Name, age, gender, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, and personality. Backstories are optional.


I really don't need 12 couples in these games, so...yeah. Try to refrain from this (as well as brother/sister pairs).

I won't be making a slideshow or anything, but if you have a lunaii or other tribute picture, feel free to post it in the comments or on my talk page.

Also, tributes do not have to be brand new, but please don't use them if they have been in either of my previous games.

So, that's pretty much it. Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes of the 21st Hunger Games
District Name Age Score Kills Place User
1M Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 9 Blythe 16th Katelyn.danita
1F Shimmer Cashmere 17 9 Amy 10th Katelyn.danita
2M Rennac Mardis 16 9 Harmony 14th Deaphalia911
2F Jamelle Peterson 17 11* Fios, Gerrit, Peace-keepers 6th^ FinnickForever
3M Artur Soleil 16 7 Peace-keepers VICTOR Deaphalia911
3F Kelsea Lush 18 8 none 11th MR.Clove14
4M Clarence Larson 18 10 Jessica, Lion 8th Jo34546564
4F Stella Bass 14 8 none 19th MR.Clove14
5M Andrew Wattz 16 7 Peace-keepers 7th^ MR.Clove14
5F Brianna Hunt 13 9 Peace-keepers VICTOR HeavyRotation
6M Gerrit Khone 14 14.5* Shimmer 9th Nate777
6F Jessica Shoio 13 5 none 24th FinnickForever
7M Chrom Acovin 16 7 none 13th Deaphalia911
7F Holly Shiftwell 12 5 none 12th HeavyRotation
8M Jayce Finbarr 16 6 none 20th Deaphalia911
8F Tarelia Anderson 17 8 Jayce 15th Robin040197
9M Fios Metica 15 5 none 22nd HeavyRotation
9F Evelyn Makenna Rae 16 7 Peace-keepers VICTOR Katelyn.danita
10M Blythe Honours 13 6 Stella, Bentley 18th HeavyRotation
10F Amy Cowan 17 6 none 23rd MR.Clove14
11M Lion Scrapes 18 8 none 17th Robin040197
11F Harmony Pettigrew 12 6 none 21st MR.Clove14
12M Paul Parmesan 15 11* Holly, Peace-keepers, DERP 4th^ Srish3211
12F Ardis Blaze 15 7* Peace-keepers 5th^ Nate777

^-died during rebellion

Arena (Click to enlarge)

21st Hunger Games Arena
The arena this year is part of an old city that the Capitol has restored for the Games. The northern half of the city is made up of a large park with some water. The Cornucopia is in the middle of the light green circle, the rest is forest. The buildings in the southern half are as follows:

Blue: Four Seasons Hotel (if more than 5 tributes are in the hotel at the same time, it sets itself on fire)

Purple: Building That Plays Random Rock Songs (per announcer request)

Orange: Joe's Pizza

Yellow: Happyland Aquarium and Aviary

Pink: Stupid Mascot Hall of Fame

Red: Bob's Bacon Shop

Green: Football Stadium



District 6 (the only one President DERP cares about, therefore the only one I'm writing):

President DERP's POV:

"Jessica Shoio!"

A young girl walks up to the stage, clearly frightened but trying to hide it. I could care less about the girl, however. I gave the escort special orders to reap Grim Frost. His sister Glade tried to rebel last year. She paid the price for it, and now he will, too. In 3, 2, 1...

"Grim Frost!"

Perfect. "I VOLUNTEER!" What?!?

"Gerrit Khone." No. No, no, no. We need Grim in the arena. He has to suffer! Gerrit not only protected Grim, but he may actually have a chance at winning, with his siblings and all. And it dawns on me that very silently, Gerrit has began to rebel, too.

Nice try, Khone. But we're out to get you now.

Tribute Parade

The Tribute Parade was cancelled due to rain; however, tributes did sign autographs in the lobby of the Training Center for potential sponsors.

List of random stuff that happened during training

Paul singed his hair to look cool.

Gerrit joined the Careers, no questions asked.

An alliance was formed between Kelsea (3), Chrom (7), Tarelia (8), and Lion (11). They call themselves the 'Anti-Career Careers'. The Careers call them the 'Lame Wannabes'.

Most of the other tributes stayed under the radar and trained solo.

If your tribute's training score is starred, the explanation is here.

Jamelle: Received 11 for killing Peacekeeper prior to being reaped.

Gerrit: Received 14.5 just for volunteering for Grim Frost and screwing up DERP's plan.

Paul: Decided to demonstrate his ability to set stuff on fire by setting a stick on fire and then climbing up to the Gamemakers' seats and setting fire to the vast selection of alcoholic beverages consumed by the Gamemakers each day. Two Gamemakers were treated for minor burns, so he received an 11 so others would target him.

Ardis: The Gamemakers were concerned about the health of their colleagues, therefore Ardis's private training session was skipped and she was randomly given a 7.


Kelsea Lush's POV

I. Freaking. Hate. Careers. And in sixty seconds I plan on killing some of them.

They think they're all cool and whatnot. And that they'll win for sure. But they WON'T. Our training scores (Chrom, Tarelia, Lion and I) were barely lower then theirs. We can pull through. We will.

I take a look at the arena. A city? Huh. It must have been redone for the Games. Makes sense, because there's a handwritten sign that reads:


Of course, Phoenix. This city was reborn from ashes, just like the phoenix. Just like all of Panem. And hopefully, my alliance can rise from the ashes as well to actually do something in these games.


Tarelia Anderson's POV

The tributes sprint for the Cornucopia, except a few, who dive in the water to wait it out. The Careers, being the biggest and fastest, get there first. Clarence from 4 gets the first kill by spearing Jessica from 6.

I'm one of the next ones there, and on the outskirts, I grab a dagger and toss it to Chrom. Our team can't beat the Careers without weapons, but we're not about to pick a big fight now. Amy and Fios make that mistake while trying to get backpacks. Amy gets knifed by Shimmer and Fios falls with Jamelle's trident in his chest. Gerrit does appear to be working with the Careers, but he hasn't made an attempt at a kill yet.

I grab a small pack and meet up with Kelsea. We don't need to stand here watching the Careers do all the work.

Stella Bass's POV

The Careers' good start continues as Rennac's sword finds the girl from 11. I feel a little sorry for her; she was young. But not sorry enough to sit down and cry about it. I have work to do.

Then, things get interesting. Jayce and Tarelia from 8 are battling each other. Rarely do district partners fight, but here they are. Almost everyone stops and watches. Tarelia is gaining the upper hand. Eventually, her knife manages to hit his shoulder, and he falls. "YOWW!" Uh-oh. That wasn't Jayce...

Bentley. That idiot from 10 took his token- a pencil- and stabbed Bentley in the eye. Ouch. He can't see, and his eye has...yuck...

Enraged, I charge him. But just before I get there, he pulls out a knife. I'm at point-blank range. And he doesn't miss.

Bentley Emerson-Odair's POV


Anyway, I can kinda see in one eye now. Not good.

Rennac hands me a spear. "He's yours if you want him." And I do. Blythe will die. Lion from 11 comes running at me, but I shove him to the ground with the blunt end of my spear to let my teammates finish him off. I see Blythe. I keep running, and when I'm finally in range, I throw the spear. And I don't miss.

The problem was, he had another knife that I didn't see. And he didn't miss either.

Clarence Larson's POV

Blythe falls with a spear in his chest, but not before hitting Bentley in the stomach with a knife. Bentley crumples. I run over to Lion, who is just getting off the ground, and spear him through the back. One more out of the way. Now...Bentley... "Bentley, are you okay?"

"I'm bleeding to death. Do I look okay?"

"I guess not. What would help you?"

"Take out the knife."

"WHAT? You'll bleed to death if I do that!"

"I'll bleed to death anyway. Just do it." I weigh over the options. Not best for our team, but he's right. He'll probably die, and if he lives he won't be in shape to fight. I take a deep breath, and reluctantly follow his directions. "Thanks..."

It takes about ten minutes before his eyes finally close. "Win for me, guys..." And the cannons marking the end of the bloodbath sound. Nine of them.

Bloodbath Deaths (9):

24th: Jessica Shoio (6)- Spear to chest by Clarence Larson

23rd: Amy Cowan (10)- Knife to neck by Shimmer Cashmere

22nd: Fios Metica (9)- Trident to chest by Jamelle Peterson

21st: Harmony Pettigrew (11)- Sword to chest by Rennac Mardis

20th: Jayce Finbarr (8)- Knife to shoulder by Tarelia Anderson

19th: Stella Bass (4)- Knife to chest by Blythe Honours

18th: Blythe Honours (10)- Spear to chest by Bentley Emerson-Odair

17th: Lion Scrapes (11)- Spear to back by Clarence Larson

16th: Bentley Emerson-Odair (1)- Knife to stomach by Blythe Honours

Brianna Hunt's POV (West 4th)

And that was...surprisingly easy. Hey, I don't need any weapons. Or do I? I suppose they would help, but martial arts is more my thing.

My concern now is water. No way am I going back to that park. I'll have to find a- OMG. Is that a pizza shop? Never mind, I'm good. I start heading in before realizing that someone is already there. I back out, but he hears me and turns around.

Andrew. No need to worry. "Hey, Brianna! Want some pizza?"


"WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!" Oh, come on. Not again.

Chrom Acovin's POV (2nd and Bacon)

Whoa. That building looks super fancy. And awesome. And the doors are open. "Hey, guys! Let's check out this place!"

The sign says 'Four Seasons Phoenix'. I have no idea what that means, but whatever. There's water here. That's all we care about. Tarelia asks, "Wanna spent the night here?"

"Might as well. There's- A POOL. THERE'S AN INDOOR POOL, GUYS. AND AN OUTDOOR POOL. Which we shouldn't use. BUT STILL. This place is freaking AWESOME!"

Paul Parmesan's POV (NE Corner of Park)

Trees, trees. Trees burn easily. Pretty soon I'll set them all on fire. Yay.

I'm in the park. Because that's where the trees are. Yeah.

Nine faces appear in the sky as the anthem is played. Ardis isn't one of them. Two Careers, surprisingly. And one of those other dudes. I take my bacon out of the fire and begin to eat it. Tomorrow I will make the fire bigger. And get more bacon. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like bacon?

Whatever. I'll put the fire out :( so the Careers don't see me. I'm not stupid. I just like burning stuff. If Jimothy wants pyromania, all the better. For me, it's euphoria.


Holly Shiftwell's POV (E. 2nd and Bacon)

Oh. My. Goodness. Is this a football stadium? I've only heard about these...

Anyway, the sign says FOR JACOB SOLD BACON FIELD, HOME OF YOUR CINCIN BALTIM HOUST PHOENIX MUST WARRI GENER BACON NUGGETS. Well, that's quite a name. I head inside, where the Bacon Nugget Hall of Fame displays two PFL championship trophies. Last I checked, Phoenix was not a city in Panem and certainly did not have a football team. But these trophies seem legit.

Then again, does it really matter? I walk onto the field to join the mustangs, warriors and generals that are sitting and eating bacon nuggets. Great choice by the Capitol. Everyone loves bacon.

Rennac Mardis's POV (W. 4th)

"Well, are you going to go in or not?"

"Shimmer, shut up! I don't think there are traps in here, but I don't think we'll find much to bring back. Let me just think and-"

"I'll go." Gerrit pulls the door open, and for a brief moment, we hear a person screaming. Then, it changes. Not a torture house. Some building that randomly chose to play 'Renegade' by Styx.

"Jimothy, don't you think this is a little much?" asks Jamelle.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Of course. Even a normal 'no' won't suffice. He has to go pull out the no from the end of 'Separate Ways'. This dude is quite insane, if you ask me.

Then again, this is the Hunger Games. He's not the only one.

Evie Makenna Rae's POV (W. 1st and Pizza)

'Stupid Mascot Hall of Fame'. Well, that sounds promising. Not.

Whatever. I walk in and am instantly surrounded by stupid-named things like the 'Fighting Artichokes' and the 'Geoducks'. I don't even know what these things are. Then, something taps my shoulder. I turn around and stifle a scream.

It's a funny-looking cartoonish thing with SLU on its shirt. The only thing I can think to ask is "What are you?"

It shrugs and turns around. The back of its shirt reads BILLIKEN. Well, that helps NONE.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Again, it shrugs.

"Want some food?"

It shrugs for the third time and takes a bag of dried fruit. "I don't need all this, there's a pizza place due north of here. If I stay here awhile, will you go get me some tonight?"

I swear, that thing stared daggers at me. But it nodded, and popped the entire bag of dried fruit in its mouth at once. W-O-W.

Paul Parmesan's POV (NE Corner of Park)

I set a small fire and run away towards the city.

What, you seriously expected a longer POV than that? It's pretty simple, people. Move on. Nothing to see here. Until later, when half the city is in flames.

Ardis Blaze's POV (Bacon Shop)

I love bacon. Guys love bacon, too. That's why I'm hanging out here, hoping to find someone to ally with. Okay, so I can be a little lazy. But I'm not a quitter. I need to stay alive. For Alliy's sake.

I hear the door open and whip around, braced to fight or charm, whichever is necessary. Turns out, it's neither. Paul.

"Hey Ardis, guess what?"

"You're about to go get bacon? And hopefully leave?"

"Yes and no. I just set a fire in the park!"

Greeaatt... "So why do I care?"

"Because I'm not supposed to kill my own district partner. Just stay out of the park, okay?"

"I will if you don't come back to this bacon shop."

"Okay." He stuffs a backpack full of bacon and runs off.

Clarence Larson's POV (Outside Hotel)

"Hey guys, check this out!" yells Rennac. "A hotel! Wanna spend the night?"

I shrug. "Could someone be here already?" asks Shimmer.

I reply, "If they are, we can take them." She smiles.

"Well, let's head in, then." We get in and find a fancy glass elevator like the one in the Training Center. We ride it up to the 12th floor and dump our stuff in room 1246 (for our district numbers). "Hey, who wants bacon?"

Tarelia Anderson's POV (Hotel, Room 837)

Today was so awesome.

We got back from the pool around 10:00 PM. In our hotel room, we found a wrapped gift. Turns out Jimothy was kind (I think) enough to give us a copy of every single Foreigner album ever released. Sure, he's a little weird, but he can really spice up, for example, an epic dance party at 10:00 PM in the middle of the Hunger Games. For example.

The three of us cheer as the clock hits midnight. That was a long, awesome day, and we prepare for another one tomorrow. We are just climbing into bed when Chrom sits straight up.

"Do you guys smell...smoke?"

I sniff the air to see if I sense anything. And I do.

Oh, no. No, no, no...

End of Day Two (Since it's midnight, I'll pick this up when Day 3 begins. The hotel is burning automatically because too many tributes are in it. Paul's fire has not spread very far yet.)


Shimmer Cashmere's POV (1:00 AM, W. 2nd and Pizza)

An automatic fire. Of course. None of us can ever get too comfy.

After we set the building on fire, we made kind of a mad scramble to get out. Not a good idea. See, we were on the 12th floor. We were smart enough to take the stairs; but the fire was rising. The last four flights were completely encased in smoke. Rennac died of smoke inhalation, and the rest of us pretty much collapsed at the end due to not breathing. I'm pretty much the only one whose burns don't need to be treated. It's bad.

And, to top it all off, Gerrit ditched us as soon as we got out of the burning hotel. We were so focused on our injuries that we didn't even see him go. I don't think he'll make it too far, but with his family history...he's dangerous.

If there's anything not totally suckish about this, it's that the other alliance also lost a member. The girl from 8 didn't make it out. But now, we have nowhere to go. And no supplies...

Gerrit Khone's POV (4th and Graham)

Jeez. Those Careers are such idiots. "Oh, no! I have exactly 147 burns! We need medicine!" Seriously.

Well, I'm away from them now. I managed to sneak off with a few of their supplies. And I'm right back where I know they won't come. The purple building. Where Jimothy plays songs all day long. I can tolerate these songs. Especially when death is the other option. Wait, is that- Oh, God.

Jamming out to 'Juke Box Hero' are a bunch of fuzzy animatronic robot things. Why do I get the feeling I heard this song earlier?

Paul Parmesan's POV (2nd and Bacon)


Nonononononononono. I'm the fire boss around here. I have to beat this, this fire is lame! I run off to the park to restock my fire. Hopefully I can burn down this whole arena.

Fire Deaths:

15th: Tarelia Anderson (8)- Fire

14th: Rennac Mardis (2)- Fire

Holly Shiftwell's POV (Football Stadium)

Well, hooray for me. I managed not to destroy the football stadium!

So today, after everybody finished eating their bacon nuggets for breakfast, one of the warriors took me into the locker room. Just sitting there are a bunch of neon blue 2473 Ford Mustangs. Talk about awesome. Anyway, the guy tells me to take one. Have I driven a car before? No. Have I ridden in a car before? No. Did I hop right in to this thing? You bet.

Well, it took me about a minute to shift into reverse, at which point I couldn't go anywhere. The guy told me that I had to release the parking brake. As soon as I did, I sped right back and crashed into the locker room wall. It took me about 10 minutes of going back and forth, but somehow, I got the car into the tunnel without destroying it. That's when I decided to gun it. For fun.

Unfortunately, the tunnel is lined up perfectly with the goalpost in the east end zone. I swerved, and managed to avoid most of it, but my right mirror got torn off. Do I care? Say it with me: NO!

So, after somehow driving out where the ambulance goes, I managed to get the car onto 3rd St. Does this help me stay inconspicuous in the middle of an abandoned city? No. But can a car make one heck of a weapon against a sword?

Heck yeah.

Kelsea Lush's POV (W. 1st)

"Happyland Aquarium and Aviary?"

"Yes, Chrom. What's wrong with it?"

"You seriously think something called 'Happyland' isn't a total trap?"

"It could be. But it might not be. And I've had enough of bacon. I'm in the mood for seafood." Chrom groans but follows me in.

He picks up an egg. "Can't we at least do eggs and bacon?"

"I've never seen that kind of egg before. What is it?"

"This says the egg belongs to a pig. See, everyone loves eggs and bacon."

"Um...not everyone. What are those?"

"Those appear to be HOLY CRAP RUN!" A flock of angry birds begins to launch themselves at Chrom. They hit him with such force, he falls to the ground, giving up the egg. Blue, red, yellow. All cool colors, but none can finish him off.

Until a black one appears and blows up his jaw. He's done for. I don't want to feel the wrath of these birds, too. I turn and run.

13th: Chrom Acovin (7)- Attacked by angry birds

Andrew Wattz's POV (Pizza Shop)

"Andrew, can we eat something other than pizza?"

"No! Pizza is good. Plus, that would mean leaving. Which kind of screws up our whole 'wait it out' strategy."

"Oh. Yeah." Brianna sighs and takes another slice. We've stuffed ourselves the last few days, but everyone else has been feasting on bacon. We haven't seen anyone, so we've decided to stay. Even though we're both very good fighters, Brianna still doesn't think we can take the Careers.

Just then, a car pulls up in front of the shop. How did anyone get a car? I pull out a spear and brace myself for a fight.

Instead, the 12 year old from 7 motions for us to come over. "You want a ride?"

Ardis Blaze's POV (E. 4th and Bacon)

After two days in the bacon shop, I've headed out. Nobody seems to want to come back and find an ally, so I've set out after Paul. I know somewhere, he's out there tending to his fire.

I do not think Paul is a great fighter. I do not think he's very...mentally stable. Overall, I don't think he would be the best ally. But as his district partner, I feel it's my job to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid like burn himself to death. I've kept Alliy out of trouble for years, I can do this.

Then again, Alliy was not a teenage pyromaniac who happened to be reaped into the Hunger Games. Forgot about that.

Paul Parmesan's POV (Pizza Shop)

I headed into the pizza shop after restocking the fire and watching the other people drive off. This is good pizza. And if my calculations are right, about 40% of the park should be on fire now. That's probably the second-biggest fire I've ever set! The biggest would be that one super-dry summer where I snuck into the woods and set a fire, and the wind pushed it back towards me. Hey, I wasn't trying to burn the coal cars. They just got in the way.

One Career and two Wannabes died today. We're down to...12? Huh. I'm getting closer. If I win, I can get a bunch of alcohol for practically free! Then setting fire to stuff will be easy!

Proud of what I've done so far, I say, "What do you think, Jimothy?" and get the exact answer I expect.

"Burn out the day, burn out the night!"

End of Day Three


Brianna Hunt's POV (Graham and 6th)

When we woke up, most of the area was covered in flames. Stupid Paul, I'm assuming. So, we did the sensible thing.

"RUNNNNNN!" Andrew yells back to us as he bursst off toward the south. I dash after him, expecting to see Holly behind me. But I don't. Where...The car.

Holly's Mustang bursts out from the forest. I can assure you, driving a car painted with flames is much safer than driving a flaming car. She skids to a stop and turns to us. "Get in!"

"Holly, that car isn't safe anymore," I tell her. "You know we have to- Holly! Did you forget to release the parking brake again?"

"Probably. I have troubles with that."

"Holly, just- DUCK! DUCK!"

"A duck? Where?"

BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! The car's gas tank explodes, and Andrew and I are thrown back. Holly's cannon soon sounds. Andrew and I waste no time. Holly's life was not unimportant, as the Capitol thinks. But neither are ours.

12th: Holly Shiftwell (7)- Explosion caused by fire set by Paul Parmesan

Kelsea Lush's POV (W. 1st)

The Stupid Mascot Hall of Fame? Well, this'll be interesting.

I walk in and find myself face-to-face with something I can't even recognize. Apparently it's called Wu-Shock. It waves at me. I wander farther in, hoping to find the mascots' food stash.

"Going somewhere?"

I whip around. It's the girl from 9. Oh, dear.


"Don't. Call. Me. That."

"Ok, Evie. My alliance is dead. You wanna ally?"


"Are you planning on killing me?"


"Then why are you talking to me?"

"I said I won't kill you. But they will. Sammy Slug, D'Artagnan, get her!"

Naturally, my only response is "GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" before I am tackled by a giant orange and a...what the heck is that, even? Evie hands a knife to her friend the Billiken, and he throws it into my chest.

11th: Kelsea Lush- Knife to chest by SLU Billiken

Jamelle Peterson's POV (Pizza Shop)

"Mm, that was good pizza." says Clarence.


"That's because you put mushrooms on yours."


Ah, yes, the traitor is still on the loose. I ask them, "Think about it, guys. Where would you go if you were him?"

"Somewhere we wouldn't find him?"

"And where would that be?"

"Somewhere we wouldn't want to look? I don't know!"

"But where would we not- Oh. That's perfect." I smile. "Let's head down the street, fellas. We've got some serious questions for this guy." Not to mention a few deadly weapons.

Gerrit Khone's POV (Purple Building)

Jimothy Radio is still blaring. "It's 12:00, Gerrit! And you know what that means! We're playing the same song 12 times in a row!" It's starting to get on my nerves a little, but I can still stand it.

Suddenly, the music shuts off. The door opens. And three very angry Careers are looking at me like I'm their next meal.

"Well, look who we have here. The renegade has been retrieved."

"Guys, just hear me out for a minute or two before you kill me, will you?"

They look surprised. "Umm...okay."

"There's a reason I decided to-"


"Jimothy, keep the music off! Anyway, I volunteered for Grim Frost. After last year's games, do you think him being reaped was random? Heck no. The Capitol wanted him dead. I took his place. And now they want me dead. They don't give out 14.5s to just anybody, you know.

"So I was never going to survive in the first place. I got in with you because my siblings would kill me if I didn't. But think of it my way. The Capitol wants you dead. Wouldn't you have something against the Capitol?"

They stare at me. Shimmer starts, "Well, they have fancy stuff and-"

I cut her off with a knife to the chest. "Wait 'till I'm done, guys." They stare at me again. Jeez.

"So I'm not a huge fan of the Capitol right now. But you're Careers. The Capitol loves you. Would you want to ally with a bunch of people who your enemies love?" I look at them, daring them to answer.

"Everyone is our enemy at this point," says Jamelle.

"Exactly. We're in the Hunger Games. My point is, my main enemy now isn't a tribute in these Games. It's the Capitol. I want to do something about that, and I can't if I'm stuck with a bunch of people like Shimmer who ramble on about all the nice stuff there. Comprende?" They nod.

"Okay, that's it. I'm probably about five seconds from getting us all blown up by the President, so you should kill me now and leave."

"And how do you know this?"

"You'd be surprised how much you can learn from a victor." I smile. "Seriously, just do it already."

Jamelle takes a sword from me. "I don't really want to do this now, but since you asked..." And she stabs me in the stomach.

"Thanks," I mutter. "And don't let them forget me..."

10th: Shimmer Cashmere (1)- Knife to chest by Gerrit Khone

9th: Gerrit Khone (6)- Sword to stomach by Jamelle Peterson

Artur Soleil's POV (Bacon Shop)

Apparently Paul set fire to the park. So I've decided to move into the bacon shop. It's...well, not on fire.

The anthem begins, and four faces are shown. One of them is Kelsea, my district partner. Looks like her alliance is all gone now. And they actually did stuff. I've just sat around, and here I am in the final eight. Whaddaya know.

Well, I don't plan on changing my strategy. Not with all this bacon. Although...I do kind of wonder where Ardis was headed off to. I saw her leave, but she didn't return. Maybe she was hunting somebody down? I don't know. Well, I'll happily take over this shop for her. Shelter is the only thing I needed, and now I have it. I have a chance to come out.

Not much of a chance. But a chance nonetheless.

End of Day Four (Congrats to the final eight!)


Ardis Blaze's POV (3rd and Pizza)

"ATTENTION TRIBUTES! THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!" Which means nothing. "IF YOU DON'T LISTEN TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT, YOU WILL DIE!" Okay, maybe it does. For once, something worthwhile from Jimothy.


You have got to be kidding me. "OH YEAH AND NO KILLING. UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER, THEN YOU HAVE TO KILL." Did he forget how terribly this went last year? Please, please, do not provide alcoholic beverages for Paul here like you did last year...

Andrew Wattz's POV (Football Stadium)

Wow. Everyone actually showed up.

The music starts to play, but nobody really cares. Brianna and I are eating. So are the Careers. Evie is just talking to a...that thing looks like an alien! Um, okay. Artur and Ardis are trying to sleep, and Paul is trying to find stuff to set on fire. This could get interesting, really fast.

Loomus Graham's POV (Victor, 19th Hunger Games) (District 10)

Brann walks in. "You ready?" I ask.

"Yeah. We better get going, the Capitol thinks I'm here on official business." I snort. Like we ever have any 'official business' outside of the crap the Capitol makes us do.

"Where's your army?"

"You mean Grim Frost and two random kids? Outside. Anything more would be a little suspicious."

"Shucks. Well, I have about twenty. How many hovercrafts do you think we'll need?"

"Four, if we can somehow steal them. Just get past a few Peacekeepers and we'll be good. Nobody here wants us to fail, right?"

"Of course not. Tell your guys the plan, mine already know. I'll dial up Jimothy and we can get this show on the road." Will we actually be able to make a dent in the Capitol's military? Possibly not. But surely the Capitol citizens will understand us. Get rid of President DERP, and we might be able to rid the nation of these stupid games forever.


Jamelle Peterson's POV (Football Stadium)


Not really, Jimothy. Not really.

Three hovercrafts are zooming over the arena right now. That can only mean that the music is almost over, and they want to pick up our bodies at the end. I hand a sword to Clarence and nod. We're ready. I take a knife. Not nearly as good as a trident, but it's something. The hovercrafts edge closer, and it seems as if they're right over the top of the football field now. Huh. Could this be the last song?

The song finishes and no sound can be heard, although no announcement is made. A hovercraft slowly begins to sink. "NOW!" yells Jimothy. Clarence raises his sword, ready to fight.

And the hovercraft drops, shorting out the force field and sending the full charge into Clarence's sword. His cannon sounds immediately, and the hovercraft crash-lands on the field.

The two remaining hovercrafts swoop down and start spraying stuff. Knockout gas. Great. Could we all be dead in five minutes?

I pass out, but not before I see a handsome young man step out of the hovercrafts. I catch a glimpse of his face just before he slips his gas mask on.

Brann Clatch.

8th: Clarence Larson (4)- Electric shock

Brann Clatch's POV (Victor, 20th Hunger Games) (Football Field)

All seven living tributes are passed out. "Quick, guys! We've got two hovercrafts left, load these guys on before something bad happens!" Because it usually does. Grim and I wheel out one of those wheel-bed thingies and put Artur on it. We load him into the first hovercraft. The girls take care of Jamelle and Andrew. We grab Ardis, and the others are just getting to Evie when another hovercraft appears in the sky. Quickly, we dash up into the stands to grab Paul.

The hovercraft comes straight over the field. It hovers. Nobody gets out. We get to Paul and breathe a sigh of relief. Loomus stares at me.

Then the hovercraft turns on its suction beam. Brianna. We completely forgot about her. Gently, she is lifted off the ground into a hovercraft. It has no markings, but it's probably manned by the Capitol. And if they have her...well, the Khones told me that there are things worse than death.

But we can't dwell on the possible loss of one just yet. The rebellion has begun. And it's much bigger, much more important than the life of Brianna Hunt.

In fact, it's more important than mine.


Artur, Paul and Ardis are on Hovercraft #1, led by Brann. This hovercraft also has Grim Frost and about 10 other rebels.

Jamelle, Andrew and Evie are on Hovercraft #2, led by Loomus. This hovercraft also has about 10 other rebels.

Brianna was picked up by the extra hovercraft and disappeared.

Jimothy has been taken into custody for rebelling.

President DERP is awaiting the outcome of the Alexander Lemonstrevich retrial (see my 20th Hunger Games, as this has had no influence on these until this point.)


Paul Parmesan's POV

"Where am I?"

Brann Clatch, last year's victor, smiles at me. "Great. The others are already up. You're in a rebellion hovercraft owned by District 13."

"Didn't they all die?"

"Nah. I won't bore you with the details. Anyway, they're helping us overthrow the Capitol. We figured you'd be interested. And so would your friends Ardis and Artur."

Wow. Am I still dreaming? "So, do we get to blow them up? Or set them on fire? I'm good with those."

Brann chuckles. "Probably. But I'm not in charge. I'll radio Thirteen later."

"And the other tributes?"

"Clarence is dead, if you didn't already know. Jamelle, Evie and Andrew are on another hovercraft with Loomus."

"And Brianna?"

His expression drops. "We don't know, Paul. We really don't know."

Andrew Wattz's POV

We land our hovercrafts in an empty field on the outskirts of the Capitol. Some rebels from 10 lead the way and we exit. I hate cramped spaces. I rush over to the other tributes to meet Brianna again.

She isn't there.

I turn around to Loomus. "Where's Brianna?"

"She, um, got...picked up. By the Capitol."

"WHAT? How in the world could you let a-"

"Andrew, calm down," says Artur. "We'll find her."

I shut up, but I'm not happy about it. Oh, the Capitol will pay now.

"So, these are the standard guns issued by Thirteen. You'll each be provided with one," Brann tells us. "Now, we don't exactly want you to randomly fire on unarmed citizens, but this is an uprising. Use it if you feel threatened. If you need to create a diversion, you know, get random people off the street, use it. And by all means, use it on the Peacekeepers. I'm going to go check the status of our next hovercrafts."

Loomus starts handing out the guns, and Paul looks at his like it's gold. I make a mental note not to let him near any tanks of gasoline. At least...not yet...

Ardis Blaze's POV

When the next hovercrafts arrive, we've assembled a small army of about 100 rebels. Not a lot, but we have weapons. Our goal is simple: Find DERP and kill him. There's the whole thing after, eliminating the president's power, establishing a more democratic system, yadda yadda yadda, but we aren't concerned about that right now. Maybe we can take down a few Peacekeepers along the way.

Brann gets a call from Thirteen, and away we go, marching straight for the President's mansion. For some reason, the tributes are mostly protected in the middle. Our job is to pick out any Peacekeepers sniping on rooftops and whatnot.

And apparently there are some. Because a soldier in the back of the pack screams and falls to the ground, clutching his hand. He urges us to go forward. We do, and another gunshot is soon heard. We can only assume that it's the same guy finishing off our fallen rebel.

We can also assume that it's only a matter of time before each one of us is the next one fallen.


I pull one member of the jury aside. "NOT GUILTY? How is that possible?"

"Mr. President, we were unable to ascertain that the defendant committed the crime he was accused of."

"Well, duh! I know how a 'not guilty' decision works! But how? Why?"

"We feel that the prosecution did not present enough valuable evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime."

I restrain myself from slapping him. "Whatever. I'm going home. You have twenty-four hours to rethink your decision."

Jamelle Peterson's POV

Gosh, the Capitol sure has a lot of Peacekeepers. We've burned through quite a few, though. One guy went a little...crazy and ran out of ammo. But other than that, not too many losses yet. But we've only just begun, of course.

Suddenly, Peacekeepers slide down on ropes from the tops of buildings all around us, shooting. The downside of a huge cluster army is that someone's gonna get hit. At least ten rebels fall. Artur yells as the hand of another soldier slaps him in the face after taking a bullet.

Another hovercraft comes in. This one isn't ours. Crud. Something streaks down, and a bomb lands just behind us, jarring my skull. Do these idiots realize they're killing Capitol citizens, too? Clearly not.

Another bomb follows in front, so we quickly redirect onto another street, a little beat up but still in fighting shape. And turning back, we finally see our target.

President DERP's mansion.

Artur Soleil's POV

We march on, heading for the mansion. I fire at another row of Peacekeepers and they go down. The adrenaline seems to be helping our rebel squad. We have so much more to fight for than these guys. Not just us. For the whole country. For the hundreds of tributes killed in previous Games. Even those who aren't born yet. We have a chance to make a difference. A large difference. The future of Panem rests on our shoulders.

You know. No pressure.

As we continue to fend off Peacekeepers, the building to our right explodes. I hit the ground to avoid the flames, and others follow my lead. Many, however, are not in time. Andrew tries to get out of the way, but is quickly engulfed. His last act is to push us on towards the mansion.

A loss is a loss. But it's also one more to fight for.

Another hovercraft appears overhead, and we all scramble to find safety as the projectile drops out of the sky. I shove some rebels behind me and run into Ardis. At the end, most of just duck.

For an awful long time. Shouldn't the bomb have landed by now? Cautiously, I look up.

Why is the projectile attached to a parachute?

Come to think of it, why is it smiling? And holding a rocket launcher?

Ardis and I can't help but crack a smile as Brianna lands amidst the rubble. Peacekeepers are no match for that one.

Brianna Hunt's POV

Yes, I escaped. Why are you so surprised?

So, they took me to some place where they asked me if I knew anything about the rebellion. I said no. Then they put me in freezing water and asked me the same thing. Then boiling water. They are not very bright.

So they moved me to a prison. Like, come on. I got assigned to kitchen duty, where they serve...mush stuff. So I snuck some of it into the freezer. The next day, I took it back out and made a mold for the key to my cell. And broke out.

That was the easy part. Of course, I went about five yards before alarms went off. I could easily take out Peacekeepers. That's not a problem. I had neglected, however, to bring a fog machine. (Dur.) So I couldn't really see the laser setup thingy.

The good news was, neither could the stupid Peacekeepers. I basically got out of the place by stepping on them, with a few lucky hops. And, of course, we all know I can climb a fence.

Unfortunately, I had no idea where the rebellion was. I needed to find them. Hovercraft? HECK YEAH. Luckily, it was equipped with a GPS, a parachute, a rocket launcher for me to use later, and an ejection seat. It didn't take me long to find them. There's a pretty specific part of the city that is completely destroyed. According to the GPS, the hovercraft will run out of gas over the Pacific Ocean.

So that's what happened. And here I am, ready to take down the Capitol.

Jamelle Peterson's POV

With Brianna back, the group seems to have a little more hop in their step. Energy is always good. And the Capitol seems to be running low on Peacekeepers.

Unfortunately, we're running low, too. We have six tributes, about fifteen rebels, and four Capitol citizens who wanted to help us out. Where are the rest of them, by the way? Apparently hiding in their fancy apartments. Seriously.

We're just a couple of blocks away when another hovercraft appears. I figure this one won't be bringing any good news. Sure enough, missiles fire. The group splits, and I duck into a building with a couple of rebels.

Unfortunately, we chose the wrong building. The missile finds it. My final thought is simple: please, let the rebellion live on.

Evie Makenna Rae's POV

I dash back outside after the bomb. So do most of the others, but it appears we lost a few, including Jamelle, in the corner building. More lives to hold against the Capitol.

Finally, we reach the front steps of the mansion. Of course, the door's locked. I tug at it. I try looking for open windows.

Brianna, thankfully, remembers she has a rocket launcher and tries blowing up the door. Not exactly inconspicuous, but it'll do. We're in.

We find our way to a rose garden. Odd. We are about to continue on when Paul stops. "Guys, stay here. If you here anything, get out."

He sees the confused look on my face and pulls out matches and a small can of lighter fluid. "I mean it."

"Paul," Ardis argues, "you can't just go take on DERP by yourself. I'll go with you."

He thinks about it briefly. "Fine. But only you."

"Paul? What are you doing?" I ask.

"Evie, I just want to take down the Capitol."

"Don't we all?"

"Yes, but we don't care what it takes, we do it. Except me. I care about you guys. So you are going to stay here. And leave. And live. Sounds good?"

"Why, Paul? Why are you giving up your own life for this?"

He gestures to the flowers behind me.

"I want to lay you down on a bed of roses,

"For tonight I sleep on a bed of-"


"Okay, okay. Good luck! Leave without getting blown up!"

"Goodbye, Paul, Ardis." They walk out the door without looking back.

Paul Parmesan's POV

This house is just one huge maze. I have no idea where I'm going. There are a few guards, which we unfortunately have to shoot. I'm sick of lives being lost. Except maybe the life at fault for all those.

Apparently the guards get confused, too. Because there is a large sign saying PRESIDENT'S QUARTERS with an arrow pointing left.

Right before we get there, I pause. "Ardis?"


"Sorry to pause our mission, but-"

"What is it, Paul?"

"Okay. I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time-"

"Paul, we're probably both going to die. I have nothing else left. Of course I'll go out with you for five minutes."

"Actually, I was just going to ask you to switch backpacks. Mine reeks of spilt lighter fluid. But sure, I'll go out with you!"

Ardis sighs and does a facepalm before opening the door to a large ambush of guards. Guards, luckily, with their guns unloaded in their holsters. We easily take them out, and eventually, sitting at a desk, the only one left is President David Earl Reginald Palmer.

"So, I suppose you're here to kill me, huh?"

Ardis snarls. "What do you think?"

"I think you won't get the chance." He pulls out a gun and shoots Ardis in the chest.

No. I've had enough.

Just as he turns to me, I jump up and knock the gun out of his hand, quickly picking it up and rushing over to Ardis. He scrambles through drawers, hopefully not for another gun.

Ardis manages to speak one last time. "Tell Alliy..I love her..."

I kneel down next to her. "Sorry, Ardis. But I don't think I'll get the chance." I wait for a cannon before realizing I left the arena days ago. You never truly leave, do you?

Eventually, DERP turns to me with a flamethrower. "You'll be the one to die, son. I'll stay president and your puny little rebellion will be crushed. Got that? You will NOT survive."

As he turns up the flamethrower, I turn around, exposing my lighter fluid-soaked backpack in a final act of defiance. I don't know if he hears my final words, but I hope so. It will be the final thing he ever hears.

"You and me both, pal. You and me both."


Artur Soleil's POV

The rebellion has been successful. Only, however, because Paul and Ardis gave their own lives for it. We are regarded back in the districts as national heroes, absolutely wonderful people, for giving them their long-deserved freedom. But Paul and Ardis are the real heroes. We have them to thank for the freedoms we will now have. They died for us. For everyone. And DERP died with them. Someone told me he blew himself up with a flamethrower? I don't know how Paul pulled that off, but whatever. We weren't there to see it.

Evie, Brianna and I left the building before that. We survived. And today, we get crowned as the victors of the 21st Hunger Games. But we need a new president to crown us.

"Would Jimothy Rockstah please step forward to take the oath of office?"

Jimothy hands the lady the oath that he wrote. I don't know why he needs it administered to him, but whatever.

"I, Jimothy Enrique Rockstah do solemnly swear,"

"I, Jimothy Enrique Rockstah do solemnly swear,"

"To not fail like Presidents Smith, Johnson and Palmer did."

"To not fail like Presidents Smith, Johnson and Palmer did."

"And Def Leppard will be forever awesome."

​"And Def Leppard will be forever awesome."

"So help me God."

"So help me God."

The crowd goes nuts and Rocket starts playing. Jimothy comes up and crowns us, one by one.

Hopefully, there will finally be some peace in this crazy land for a change. No more Hunger Games. No more useless deaths. No more tears. Just peace, love, and apparently, Def Leppard.

Jimothy crowns Evie and Brianna before finally getting to me. As he places the elegant crown on my head, he whispers in my ear,

"Well done, Artur. You want concert tickets, you know where to go. Now I have to head out. I have the 'bless the rains' ceremony in Zimbabwe tomorrow."

I softly chuckle, but nobody can hear me over the roar of the crowd. Ah, Jimothy. Revolution can be a great thing. We know that for sure. But it's nice to know that some things never change.

The End

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