YO! As my third games are finishing, I'm reaping for these! It's a Quarter Quell! Hooray! (or not)

So, I will tell you the quell twist after all the tributes are reaped because:

1. I'll be on vacation August 1-8 and I won't be able to update. That's why I'm reaping now. And,

2. I haven't actually decided on a quell twist yet. But I'll be doing that on vacation :P

So, SUBMIT TRIBUTES NOW! All spots are taken! Thanks to everyone who submitted tributes.



You can submit up to four tributes. Please add: Name, age, gender, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, and personality. Backstories are optional.


I really don't need 12 couples in these games, so...yeah. Try to refrain from this (as well as brother/sister pairs).

I won't be making a slideshow or anything, but if you have a lunaii or other tribute picture, feel free to post it in the comments or on my talk page.

Also, tributes do not have to be brand new, but please don't use them if they have been in any of my previous games.

So, that's pretty much it. Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes of the 375th Hunger Games
Dist. Name Age Weapon Score Kills Place User
1M Blake Scarr 18 Sword 10 Tiffany, Thomas, Spirit 16th Angry birds12
1F Serenity Free 18 Bow/arrow 9 - 10th Thena.airice14
2M Cholo Werdair 18 Mace 9 Blake 9th FinnickForever
2F Tiffany Case 18 Knives 10 - 21st Angry birds12
3M Cedrick Volt 14 Wire 5 - 22nd HeavyRotation
3F Harlow Moon 16 Throwing axes 9 Andy, Serenity, Cholo, Amber, Everest VICTOR Maxoconnelll
4M Nicholas Davenport 17 Trident 10 Rocco 19th FinnickForever
4F Karen Moriharu 18 Bow/arrow 10 Cedrick 20th FinnickForever
5M Adron Phelan 17 Throwing knives 9 Clarity, Mahima 12th HeavyRotation
5F Cabria Autumn 13 Bow/arrow 6 - 6th HeavyRotation
6M Thomas Quince 15 Spear 8 Nicholas 18th Robin040197
6F Spirit Anderson 18 Sickle 8 - 17th Maxoconnelll
7M Luke Searer 17 Axe 7 Alita VICTOR Thena.airice14
7F Alita Oakley 12 Axe 7 - 13th HeavyRotation
8M Rocco Cassius 16 Spear 8 - 24th Maxoconnelll
8F Clarity Rose 18 Machete 9 - 14th Maxoconnelll
9M Andy Pillars 18 Machete 8 - 23rd FinnickForever
9F Amber Pike 12 Bow/arrow 6 - 8th Nate777
10M Everest Strong 18 Spear 7 Karen 4th Angry birds12
10F Indigo Cartwright 14 Throwing knives 7 Katrose 3rd RedTurtle433
11M Danny Auburn 12 Spear 2 - 15th HeavyRotation
11F Mahima Matz 12 Spear 5 - 11th Thena.airice14
12M Maxwell Mellark 18 Sword 9 - 5th MR.Clove14
12F Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne 18 Crossbow 9 Adron 7th MR.Clove14

The Quell Twist (dun dun dun!)

There are THREE separate...twists to this quell.

1. Each tribute will be allowed to bring ONE weapon of their choice into the arena. If a tribute wishes to bring anything small that can be kept inside a jacket (knives, throwing axes, etc.) they receive THREE. Bows are equipped with a quiver containing three arrows. Any additional weapons will need to be found at the Cornucopia.

2. Although there is a Cornucopia containing additional weapons for the tributes, the tributes will NOT enter the arena there. There will be no initial bloodbath like in many previous games. Instead, tributes will be put in the arena half a mile from the Cornucopia.

3. The Cornucopia will NOT contain any food, and the berries in the arena have all been made slightly poisonous: not enough to kill a tribute, but bad stomach cramps will result a few hours after consumption. The only way for tributes to receive normal food is to kill. One kill, one large meal provided courtesy of the Capitol. Sponsors are only allowed to send tributes packages of 5 crackers, which will be very expensive. No wild animals will appear in the arena. Yet...

Stuff that I should really put in a comment but my computer won't let me do that right now so I'm doing it here just 'cause

For the weapons column, I just took whatever you told me your tribute's best weapon was. If you wish for me to change it, notify me and I can do so.

I suppose I should also mention that the meals can be shared between alliances. An alliance may have a better chance at getting a kill, and the meals are large. If you peoples can agree on an alliance for your tributes, they may have a better chance of getting fed. Just please nothing along the lines of 'I have 47 tributes and I want them all to ally with each other.'

Arena (Click to enlarge)

375th Hunger Games Arena
Dark green is forest.

Light green is grassland.

The red things are the stomach-cramp berries previously mentioned.

Blue is drinkable water.

The things that look like mountains are mountains :p

The black semi-circles are caves.

The golden thing in the middle is the 'cornucopia'.

The purple dots are where the tributes enter the arena.

Alliances (subject to change)

Everest Strong (10), Indigo Cartwright (10)

All other living tributes are currently solo.

Anything that I feel the need to explain

Danny Auburn's 2 in training was the result of him running around screaming "I'm from the future!" and trying to annoy the heck out of the Gamemakers during his private session, taking the so-called Johanna Mason strategy to another level.


Danny Auburn (11)

Suckers. These guys have NO idea what I am capable of.

The plates begin to rise into our new non-bloodbath scenario and I raise my spear for dramatic effect. So, yes, I blew off training. Whatever. I think it helped. Plus, it will be SO freaking hilarious when I win, invent a time machine, and travel back in time to my private session.

The plates have reached a meadow. I see forest in front of and behind me. To my left, I can just make out my classmate Mahima, who has decided to join a different alliance. About the same distance off to my right, I see who I think is Alita from 7. She’s pretty………


Oh, crap! I miss my chance as Alita runs off, likely to find her ally. I turn around and run. I can flirt later. Right now, it’s time to show our viewers at home what I can do with a spear.

Luke Searer (7)

I cautiously take a step off my plate. Then I remember there’s no need to be cautious yet, I’m at least two hundred yards from the nearest tribute. Plus I have an axe. I scout out the area around me, trying to figure out where to go.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between the forests. Might as well just take my pick. I turn around and start to head backwards before Alita runs up to me.

“What are you doing? I thought you were going to ally with Cabria.”

“I am. I’m looking for her. But I figured I might as well stop by. Good luck, Luke.”

“You too.” She dashes back off, looking for her friend. I watch her until she disappears. Checking to make sure the Careers haven’t shown up, I walk alone into the forest behind me.

Blake Scarr (1)

Serenity and I saw each other and decided to split up. I go forward, she goes back, we meet again in thirty minutes. I head into the forest with my sword, ready to fight.

After about five minutes, I hear a peculiar sound. Metal on metal. Ha. Do I have the first two kills of the Games? I dash forward, anxious to find out. And come upon a clearing.

Sitting right there is the Cornucopia, with all its extra weapons and no food. To my left, Nicholas from 4 is battling Rocco from 8. And, being a Career like me, he's clearly winning. He works carefully with his trident, keeping himself protected while still managing an attack. Eventually, he delivers a hit to the chest. Rocco falls, and his cannon sounds. I rush up to Nicholas and shake his hand. "Nice work, sir." He chuckles.

"Guard this. I'm going off to find the rest of the group." He nods, and I rush back to meet Serenity and find the others.

Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne (12)

Maxwell and I have teamed up, no surprise there. But we really have no idea where to go from here. Well, we need to find Mahima, our littlest alliance member, but after that, nothing. One of us will have to kill for food, and chances are that'll be me. I do have this strange craving for bacon...

Anyway. Mahima. She's so sweet. I took her in because I have this strange feeling that I've met her before, although I know that's impossible. She's small, obviously. I wouldn't call her weak, but she'd stand no chance against a Career. Not like Maxwell or I. A normal games, she could probably get along just fine, but with this quell, she needs to rely on someone for food. And that someone would be moi.

"There she is!" Maxwell points, and sure enough, Mahima is off in the distance. We run over to her, and I see her look over at us and smile.

Indigo Cartwright (10)

I'm standing now at the base of a mountain, knives in my jacket. I pick out a cave, up maybe a hundred feet. I can get there, but should I?

I don't know about killing from there. There won't be a ton of nearby tributes, but I can snipe with my knives; I'll have the element of surprise on my side. And anyway, I wasn't planning on killing a ton. Living off the land would have been ideal, but this is a quell. Sponsors can send very small stuff. That could carry me over, because, well, I know how to be hungry. I begin to climb. And just like that, I have a gameplan.

Harlow Moon (3)

I burst through the forest to where the Cornucopia sits and look around, hoping to see Clarity. No such luck. I hear a twig snap behind me. I whirl around while pulling out an axe and throw it off into the forest. Andy from 9 hits the ground and rolls back up with a machete, but my second axe is already flying. He won't dodge this one. He falls, and I run towards the Cornucopia to grab survival supplies. A cannon sounds.

I grab some stuff to set up a shelter and head toward the mountains in what I've determined is the north. I have no idea where Clarity is, but if I don't find her...she'll be fine. I think.

Spirit Anderson (6)

I've decided to hang out with my district partner Thomas for now. He's clearly not very happy with it, but he doesn't have an alliance. Am I 'looking out for him'? Yeah, you could say so. But is that really a bad thing?

Anyway, we've determined directions by the sun and are heading east for the night. Maybe we can find a pond or something to sleep by. If we can sleep, that is.

"Spirit, where are we going?"

"Do I look like I know what the heck I'm doing?"

"I'm just wondering. Do you know where the Careers went?"


"Umm...okay then. Carry on."

Karen Moriharu (4)

Guess what? We found a sweet little cave tucked inside by the poisonous berries. Nobody would think of looking here. This should be a great base for our tribute hunting.

Better yet, we all actually managed to find each other. Nicholas ran into Blake and I ran into Tiffany, so we all met back up at the Cornucopia. Unfortunately, nobody else was there. Although I did hear one more cannon go off. We'll find out soon who that was for.

Good news is, we got one. We're eating dinner. It's a big feast, with chicken and fish and lots of fruit. I pass on the fish. I've had plenty of that in my life. But still, it's better than those berries. Giving your self a stomach ache just to quell your appetite does not sound like fun at all. (No pun intended.)

Anyway, as a team of six, we finish off the entire basket. No problem. With any luck at all, we'll be bringing at least one more back tomorrow.

Adron Phelan (5)

Darn. I didn't get to cut off anyone's head today. Well, there's always tomorrow.

"Hello, tributes! It's Jimmy X, your epic arena announcer. So, only two deaths today. Well, about what we expected, right? Well, you'll be glad to know that I have a little surprise for you!"

"Normally, when tributes die, we just show their picture during the anthem. Well, I think that's boring. So this year, each tribute will have a full montage of pictures in the sky while a song is playing. The song will attempt to represent the tribute while also remembering the musical views of Jimothy Rockstah the Whatever-the-dead-tribute's-district-number-is. If a tribute from 11 or 12 dies, then I'll just make up a song."

"We do, however, still have to play the anthem. However, you'll be happy to know that the anthem has been temporarily changed to 'Call Me Maybe'. So, yeah. Goodnight, everyone!"

What the heck just happened? Rocco from 8's picture appears. Well, a lot of pictures. And "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Got to appreciate Jimmah VIII. That's followed by Andy from 9. Gosh, why does he look so evil? Almost as evil as me. That's accompanied by...Pantera? I can't tell. I never really liked Jimmy IX either.

So, yeah. Ever since the original Jimothy's son became the announcer after the Third Rebellion, the arena announcers have sucked. I never should have expected normalness. At least now he's being quiet. I can get some rest and prepare for some serious killing tomorrow.

End of Day One


Cholo Werdair (2)

“So it’s settled,” says Blake. “Tiffany and I will go around to the north. Cholo, Nicholas and Karen will go south. Serenity, you’re guard.”

Serenity tentatively raises her hand. “I’m not always guard, am I?”

“Probably not.”

“Good. I want some action.”

“Don’t worry. Your time will come.” Blake and Tiffany jog off towards the mountains to hunt for tributes. I turn to Nicholas and Karen before turning around to do the same.

Amber Pike (9)

Wow. My stomach hurts.

I found a cave, far off to the west and next to a stream so that I have a source of water. Since I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I won’t get a kill right away, I took some of those berries. Once I got here, I ate them. And boy, am I glad I have this shelter. I’m pretty much physically incapable of anything right now. Maybe I can try to sleep it off?

Whatever. What I really should be doing right now is trying to find an alliance. I don’t know how that will work, because honestly, if I was an older tribute, I would not accept me into an alliance. I won’t kill. I won’t bring home food. I’ll just eat it. Then again, Mahima managed to get in with the pair from 12. Maybe I’ll have a chance if I bump up the cuteness factor a little bit. I smirk. I’m pretty good at that. Well, maybe I’ll give it a shot. Tomorrow.

Cedrick Volt (3)

I shovel some dirt over the sixth and final land mine I dug up yesterday. Now, if this tall tree were ever to get hit by lightning, it would create a ginormous spectacular explosion. I would love to see that. Well, maybe not, because it would blow me up. You know what I mean. I admire my work and get a pat on the back.

Wait a minute. Pat on the back?

I whip around to find three of the Careers staring at me like I’m their next meal. Which, with the Quell twist and all, I guess I am.

“Wow. Nice day, huh?”

The girl from 4, Karen, I think, scowls at me. “You’re dead, Cedrick. Don’t play games with us.”

“I know. Would you mind waiting to kill me until-“

“Nope.” She shoots me in the chest, and I fall, my eyes closing for the last time, smiling as I realize what Jimothy III would make of this scene:


Tiffany Case (2)

A cannon sounds in the distance, and I smile. “Looks like we have our next meal.”

Blake laughs. “It sure does, but we have to match them. If they get a kill and we don’t, we’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Of course. Don’t worry, one of us will get a kill.”

“I know, Tiffany.” He smiles. “And it’s gonna be me.” He unsheathes his sword.

I look off in the distance to spot the tribute he’s targeting, but I see nothing. And then I realize…he’s pointing the sword at me. “What are you doing?”

“I was meant to win, Tiffany. And you’re standing in my way.”

Blake Scarr (1)

Before Tiffany realizes what’s happening, I stab her in the chest. She falls and a cannon sounds. I look up to the sky. “No food here, please.” I’m positive the other group caused the first cannon. I’ll have enough to eat.

However, I’ll have to make up a story as to how Tiffany died. Should be no problem, though. The Careers are generally…easy to outsmart. Maybe I can even pull it off again tomorrow.

Nicholas Davenport (4)

“So you got attacked by the pair from Six?”

“Jumped,” Blake tells me. “They snuck up on us. They killed Tiffany before either of us could react.”

“And you didn’t catch them?”

“Tiffany asked me to stay with her for thirty seconds before she died. We were in the forest, so I lost them. Stupid me. I should have brought a spear instead of my sword.”

“It’s okay. Want some chicken?” He accepts and digs in. I can’t say I’m not skeptical at all, but the pair from 6 does seem pretty strong in comparison to some of the others. He seems fairly trustworthy. And we can work without Tiffany, anyway. That shouldn’t slow us down. I take a piece of chicken and get ready for tomorrow’s hunt.

Everest Strong (10)

Well. I didn’t really get much done today. No kills, no food. But I’m still alive.

I’ve determined (sorta) where the Careers’ camp is, and I’m hiding out in the berry bushes about a quarter-mile away. It’s a little close, but they’d never come in here. They don’t need any sort of food. Meanwhile, if I don’t get a kill tomorrow, I’ll probably have to eat these berries. That’s why my plan is to attack the Careers’ guard tomorrow. They’re arrogant; they won’t have more than one. With surprise on my side, I should be able to take out one.

The anthem (sorry, Call Me Maybe) begins playing, and I look to the stars. Two cannons sounded today. The first is for Tiffany, the girl from 2. That surprises me a little. I thought she would have a pretty good chance. I wonder how she died. I also wonder how ‘Drops of Jupiter’ relates to her life in any way, shape or form.

The second is Cedrick from 3. He seemed all right during training. I didn’t anticipate he’d be a threat, though. Judging by the Bon Jovi that’s playing which Jimothy III was so very fond of, I’m guessing Cedrick got shot. In the heart. I’m probably not supposed to know that, but it doesn’t really help me right now. I don’t think any of the Jimothys will be in trouble for that.

Well, I have a plan now. A good night’s sleep, and I can execute it.

End of Day Two


Karen Moriharu (4)

“Karen, you okay being guard today?” asks Blake.

“Sure.” Not like I have much of a choice.

“Okay. Nicholas and I will go straight around, back to the Cornucopia. Cholo, Serenity, you guys head south.” And I will sit here doing nothing for the entire day because I have to stay here and you’d have to be an idiot to attack me. Fun. Well, I guess I can sneak a little extra food. But that won’t take eight hours.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

Two days of hunting, and we still haven’t gotten anything. I wouldn’t have worried about it; one of us could have eaten those berries while the other two were guard. But Katrose seems to feel obligated to give Mahima some real food. I guess I don’t have a problem with that, and I doubt she does either. Things are kind of…awkward between us. This gives us an excuse not to talk about it.

Mahima, on the other hand, has been almost urging us to do the opposite. Other than that, she’s been great. I think her sweet face is the only reason Katrose hasn’t eaten a bunch of berries in a crazy fit of hunger. But seriously. This is a twelve-year-old girl that barely knows us. We’re trying to help feed you; the least you can do is be quiet when we tell you to.

I stop. “Katrose. I hear something.”


“Behind- Haha. Very funny. Now stop following us and go guard the stuff.” I snatch the crumpled leaf out of Mahima’s hand and fling it into the trees. As annoying as she can be, I guess I’m glad we allied with her after all. We need someone here to lighten the mood. And she’s done a great job at that.

Everest Strong (10)

Slowly and silently, I creep up on Karen from 4, who the Careers have assigned to be guard today. Spear in hand, I look up, about three yards deep in the berries. A decent shot from this range, I should be able to hear. But can I get it in? Then I look more closely at Karen.

She’s not paying attention. She’s eating.

There’s still about a third of a basket left, which could probably feed me for a full day. Add that to what I’ll get for a kill, and I’ll be set for a while. Cautiously, I take a step forward. Karen, sensing something, looks up briefly, but doesn’t turn around. I take one more step and throw the spear.


I rush forward as her cannon sounds. “Hold the new basket ‘till I find my new spot, please,” I whisper. Hopefully my mentor isn’t drunk. I grab the basket of food and am about to leave when I have a brilliant idea.

I roll Karen over on her back. This is kind of gross, but whatever. I pull her arms to her side and, one by one, lay all of the Careers’ weapons across her chest before wrapping her arms around them. The Gamemakers should then take them all out of the arena. The Careers could be in a little trouble. Smiling, I take one new spear for myself, grab the food and run.

Cabria Autumn (5)

Yesterday, Alita and I took turns eating the berries. We’ve both gotten decent with one weapon, so we guarded for each other. But it was very painful. Today, we’re committed to doing something. I figure that means killing off my district partner, Adron. He’s kind of a jerk.

Based on how all the guys were staring at Alita during training, I suggested she try to draw him out. She argued against it. But not because she thought Adron was dangerous (which he is.)

“What do you mean, how the guys look at me?”

“Seriously? They were completely fawning over you during training, Alita.”

“Huh. Well, I don’t really like any of them. I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

“So, do you want to try that or not?”

“It’s risky, but on the off chance we actually run into Adron…sure. Let’s give it a try.”

Thomas Quince (6)

“Spirit, I told you, I’m not mad at you. I just don’t see how this is helping me.”

“Uh duh. I’m keeping you alive.”

“Spirit, we haven’t actually DONE anything yet.” This alliance is getting kind of useless. Could I do better on my own? Maybe, maybe not. I’d kind of like to find out. But Spirit won’t let me split the alliance. Really, this isn’t much of an alliance. It wouldn’t take much to break us up. Heck, an argument over food. Or this argument. Or-


Blake Scarr (1)

I pull out my sword and charge the pair from 6. I know my best bet is to take on Spirit, hand to hand. Nicholas goes after Thomas. I charge Spirit as she readies a scythe. She looks ready for battle, but there is a slight hint of fear in her eyes. Good. There should be. All of a sudden, I hear a surprising scream.

It’s Nicholas. Thomas got him with his spear. Oh no he doesn’t. Right before Nicholas’s cannon sounds, I take the trident out of his hand and throw it at Thomas. His cannon will be next.

I probably would have killed Nicholas anyway. So I don’t really care that he’s dead. But I do care that Thomas killed him. That’s my job. Now, he will pay. And so will Spirit.

Enraged by this turn of events, I handle Spirit easily. She’s pretty good, actually, but no match for me. I manage to cut her in the neck, and her cannon sounds. I’m the only one left standing. Well, at least I don’t need an excuse for why my ally is dead today.

Danny Auburn (11)

I throw my spear into the ground. It’s time to show these guys what I can do. I start pole dancing.


“What’s Nyan Cat?” I keep on dancing.

Mahima Matz (11)

Today, we got crackers from a sponsor. It’s really not much. But we’re so hungry, we don’t care. We kind of failed at killing so far, and I’m sure Katrose’s triumphant scream after discovering the crackers drove off any tribute within a quarter-mile. So we’ll need to go back out there. These will last us maybe a day.

What really bugs me is how nice these guys are being. I mean, seriously. Maxwell, I don’t need all your food. Split it evenly and we’ll all be fine. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. But they can be a little…pushy. I’m just trying to get them to lighten up a little, which should be easier once we get some REAL food.

My mother said that long ago, people would wonder why it was called the Hunger Games instead of the You’ll Probably Die Games. Now you know, Mom. Now you know.

Cholo Werdair (2)

“Where’s Nicholas?”

“He…got killed,” Blake stammers. “By the pair from 6. I killed them both.”


“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing. It just seems a little weird considering-“ I pull out my mace “you ran into them yesterday.”

“What do you mean?”

“Blake, I see right through you. He wasn’t killed by the pair from 6. You killed all three.”

“What? That’s ridiculous?”

“Blake, don’t lie.”

“Fine! I lied yesterday! I killed Tiffany! But I promise today I’m telling the truth!”

I take one long look at him. “Well, you’ll die an honest man.” I head him in the head with the mace, and he crumples. I turn to Serenity, who stares at us in shock. “Looks like it’s just you and me.”

Indigo Cartwright (10)

I am freaking starving. I need to get back in the forest part of the arena now and get a kill. Tomorrow, I tell myself. You can wait one more day. Don’t give up your shelter just yet.

The new anthem comes on, which is a little weird. But it’s nothing compared to the death toll. I watch as pictures of the boy from 1 appear in the sky to the original Jimothy’s favorite song, ‘Photograph’. Then the boy from 4. And the girl. And both from 6.

Wow. The Careers have really put themselves in trouble this time. And the pair from 6 seemed strong, too. What happened to these guys? Is Everest okay? Where can I get food?

All questions that will have to be answered tomorrow. I head back into my mountain cave and quickly fall asleep.

End of Day Three


Danny Auburn (11)

I got a cracker yesterday, which gives me enough energy to keep pole dancing! YAYYYYY!

I pick up my spear and run ten yards. I can't be in the same spot as yesterday; someone could find me. This looks better. I throw my spear in the ground and start singing:


"Danny!" She smiles and rushes up to greet me. "I haven't seen you in a while!"

"Yeah! Want to dance with me?"

" You see, Danny, here's the thing. You're being an idiot right now. Pole dancing will get you nowhere. At least you haven't gotten that Nyan Cat robot yet."


Mahima Matz (11)

I blush. "Danny, I'm sneaky. You know that."

"Oh yeah."

I don't hate Danny, but...he can be really stupid. Which is what I'm about to tell him. "Danny, the dancing has to stop. You're putting yourself in danger. By doing that, you also put me in danger. Which is why I have to stop you." I pull the spear out of the ground.

"Haha. Mahima, we both know you won't hurt anybody." True. It's just a threat, but I need him to stop. Before he threatens my alliance.

All of a sudden, a parachute comes down from the sky. "YAYYYYYYYYYY FOOOOOOOOOD!" yells Danny. He rips it open.

"Nyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyan," sings the robot as it begins to strangle Danny. I smile and start dancing to the music (without a spear, thank you very much.)

The robot pulls out an injection needle. "Danny, your mentor wanted you to have this." It injects the stuff into Danny.


BOOM! Danny falls to the ground, dead. Whatever was in that needle must have been awfully lethal. I shiver.

The robot pulls out a package. In a surprisingly human voice, it speaks to me. "Mahima, I don't need the food for Danny's death. Do you want it?"

A grin breaks out on my face. "Thank you." I take the basket of food- two to three days' worth- and run back to our campsite.

Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne (12)

Maxwell sits down next to me. "Katrose, where's Mahima?"

"I thought you were out hunting with her."

"No. I thought she was with you." We stare at each other for about five minutes.

Finally, I break the silence. "Well. Crap."

"She'll be fine, Katrose. She's smart, she'll find her way back."

"There are killers out there, Maxwell! You ever wonder why things are awkward between us? This is why! Because clearly neither of us are responsible enough to make sure a twelve-year-old doesn't run away!"

"Katrose, that's not why. Our past is...complicated."

"To say the least. Max, I know you're a good person, but Katniss and Peeta were..."

"Pretty awesome, I'll say."

I whip around, and Mahima is holding a huge basket of food. I resist the urge to tackle her in celebration and give her a huge hug instead. "How did you get that? A kill? A stupid tribute?"

She puts on her cute, innocent smile and shrugs. "I owe it all to Nyan Cat." She tosses me some bread and I stuff down the first real food in days without a second thought.

Well, Mahima's safe, and that's what matters. Hopefully I can actually talk to Maxwell again. Maybe he knows what the heck this Nyan Cat thing is...

Indigo Cartwright (10)

I trudge on through the forest, looking for more food. None, obviously. I might be stuck with berries. I come to a small stream and stop to take a drink when I hear a soft groan behind me. I whip around.

Nothing. Was I imagining it?

Then I see it. A small cave, tucked away just inside the forest, before the berries. I use all the energy I still have to walk toward it. Could I finally have a kill? Real food?

Quietly, I slip into the cave. I take two steps before a pebble slides out from under my feet and bounces. I hear a high-pitched scream. Not quietly enough. I draw my knife before realizing my opponent.

Amber from 9 is curled up in a ball on the floor of the cave, a small pile of berries sitting on her jacket. I can't kill her. I don't see how anybody could. She's normally cute and upbeat, and it distresses me that she has been knocked down to the state she is in right now. I have to fix this. I put my knife away.

"It's okay, Amber. I'm not going to hurt you."

Adron Phelan (5)

I need food. And kills. And more kills. And more food.

"GAAAH!" I kill a leaf with my knife. That felt good. Now for some real work. I squint to make sure I'm correct. I am, of course. I'd recognize that hair anywhere. The girl from 8. And her ally from 3 isn't with her. They must have split up while hunting.

Well, this is my chance. I sneak up to about twenty yards before I throw the knife. It catches her in the side of her arm, and she whips around toward me. She charges me with a machete, but I grab two more knives. The first hits her in the leg, and she stumbles. The second finds her stomach. Distance weapons can be so useful sometimes, you know?

I run up closer to her, just in time to see her take a final breath and drop the machete to her side. She looks so...peaceful like this. It's kind of wrong. But, hey, if wrongness gets me food, I'm all for it.

I sprint away as the cannon booms. The 3 girl will show up pretty soon. And I don't want to still be there.

Luke Searer (7)

I've spent the last three days hanging out at the lake surrounded by berry bushes. Nobody has showed up yet. It gives me a pretty good chance to chill during the day. I have plenty of water, obviously. And later, I can eat some berries. I've had some every day now, and while it isn't pleasant, it's giving me the caloric energy I need. And my stomach doesn't hurt nearly as bad now as it did on Day One.

I could use an ally right now, but due to the nature of the Quell, any sensible person would just kill me and move on. I clearly haven't impressed any sponsors yet. I've eaten enough berries so far that I could probably go a day or two without food. But I'll still need a place to rest, and these bushes seem fairly safe.

I suppose I'll stay here tonight and head out tomorrow. I'm starting to get sick of this.

Serenity Free (1)

"Okay, Serenity." Cholo sits down next to me. "We need a plan to get food. Now."

"And you just automatically assume I have one?"

"Good point. But should we stay together or split up? Where should we go?"

I think about this for a minute. "I have no idea where to go. Except not around here, because it seems like everyone already knows where our camp is. But I think we should stay together."

"Go on..."

Did I actually sound smart? Wow. "Well, at this point, I have a feeling a few tributes have made alliances just for the sake of getting food. If we get attacked, it'll probably be by an alliance. We're both good enough to handle anybody one-on-one, but if we're up against two tributes, things could get tricky. Alone, we could each handle one, but together, we can handle two, probably three. So it makes sense to stick together."

Cholo smiles for the first time...well, ever, that I've seen, and I know I made myself sound like a genius. This should work out nicely. We can both sleep well tonight.

Alita Oakley (7)

Cabria and I still haven't gotten any real food. We went back to the berries again today, but thankfully nobody attacked us. Yesterday's hunting found nothing, and I have a feeling we will get the same result tomorrow.

Two faces appear in the sky tonight. The first is Clarity from 8. I'm kind of glad she's out of the way; she was always a little...interesting, to say the least. Not always quite in control of her emotions. Therefore, 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' is about the worst possible song choice for her. But creepy old Jimmy X doesn't care, now, does he?

The second is Danny from 11. He was even more weird. He told everyone what he did to get his 2 in training, but I don't really want to know what went on during the Games. In this instance, it appears Jimmy wrote his own song:

"My name's Danny, I am awesome, my name's Danny, now I'm dead." Catchy, huh?

I decide from this point on to just ignore all this stupid stuff. I climb into the sleeping bag with Cabria. I whisper in her ear, "Tomorrow we get Adron, okay?"

In the dying light, I can just make out the smile that appears on her face. "Good night, Alita." I fall asleep looking up to the stars, wishing nothing more than to be out of these horrible games.

End of Day Four


Amber Pike (9)

I have decided to fully trust Indigo. I can already tell she cares about me. She actually offered last night to go out hunting alone today to try and bring back food, but I told her not to. She's a decent fighter from what I've seen, but it's still too dangerous. So here we are, sitting in the cave together once again.

"Amber, I know you think it's dangerous. But I have to try, even if I don't run into anybody." I raise my eyebrows. "Amber, I care about you, okay? I don't want you to have to eat those berries anymore."

I turn to her. "Yeah? Well, maybe I care about you and I don't want you dead. How about that?"

"Yeah? Well maybe I don't mind dying for you!"

I stare at her for a couple of seconds before wrapping her in a big hug. She is startled for a few seconds, but soon hugs back. "Please stay, Indigo."

She smiles at me. "Fine. Be quiet and eat your berries." I give her a big grin before crawling back into my sleeping bag to prepare for the painful day ahead of me.

Luke Searer (7)

I've gone out hunting today for the first time. I have two axes and a bottle of water with me, along with a sleeping bag in the berries. Probably not a great idea to leave it there, but nobody's come yet. And hopefully, I'll make it back.

I enter into the forest, hiding in the shadows like I have done so many times before. Now I wonder why I didn't come here earlier. This feels almost like home. Ignoring the whole people trying to kill you thing. All of a sudden, I hear a whisper behind me. I dive behind a tree, ready to pounce and finally get food. When the voice is near, I jump out and throw the axe.

And stare in horror as it impales my district partner, cute, innocent, twelve-year-old Alita, right in the center of her stomach.

Cabria Autumn (5)

"Alita!" I rush over to her aid as soon as I see the axe hit. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Luke come over as well. I know he's not coming to finish her off. His heart is in the right place; this was just an accident. I'm afraid, though, that this might be beyond our capacity to heal.

"Alita, I'm so sorry..." Luke's voice trails off as he reaches her side and begins to cry. He never would have killed his district partner on purpose. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Luke...Cabria...I"m going to die, okay? Accept it."

"Alita!" I almost scream. "Say something meaningful!"

"Fine. Luke, when you get the food, I want you to give half of it to Cabria. Cabria...I want hold my hand..."

I try to stay strong. Stay strong for the cameras. But it doesn't happen. Two minutes later, when Alita takes her final breath and the cannon sounds, my face is covered in tears. Luke looks almost the same way.

We sit silently together, mourning Alita until the basket of food finally arrives. Instead of splitting it, Luke speaks up.

"Cabria, I think...we should ally. It's what Alita would have wanted. For her?"

I look into his eyes and know that he is serious. And this is what Alita would have wanted. I nod. "For her." We march off into the forest together, not knowing when the tears will flow again.

Cholo Werdair (2)

Well. Serenity is an idiot. She has pranced off to solve the mystery of who killed Karen with the great mind that she doesn't have, leaving me to solve the problem of, oh, I don't know, FOOD. What a moron. Oh, great she has an answer.

"So, I've spent some time thinking about this, and according to my-"


She backs off a few steps after that. "Okay. I think it's either the girl from 3, her dead ally from 8, or the boy from 10."

"That's not very definitive."


"Let's just say it was the 8 girl so we can shut up about this, okay? We need food, Serenity. And you're helping this time." I essentially drag her off into the forest, waiting for a tribute to make their way over here.

Harlow Moon (3)

Working on my own has been...a lot different. It's been nice, in some ways. I don't have to argue with anybody, and I can make what little food remains from my kill last a little bit longer. But being alone makes it a lot harder to get that next basket of food that I'll eventually need. And, considering my kill was on Day One, I might need it pretty soon.

I think I have enough food left to last through dinner tomorrow. So I'll have to hunt then. I don't really feel like it today, but tomorrow, I'll be well-fed, well-rested, and dangerous. Unstoppable. I can do this, I tell myself. I can go out there, be brave, kill, get food.

I can win.

Adron Phelan (5)

Gosh, this real food tastes a lot better than stomach-ache berries and tree bark. Yep. Really good. Wait, what was I thinking about?

Oh, yeah. I need to kill Cabria.

See, I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me, which is unacceptable. Plus, I'd get more food. Plus, she'd shut up. Plus, even more people would hate me. Well, HATERS GONNA HATE.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

After the three of us sit down to eat dinner, I pull Katrose aside. "What's up with you?"

She glances back at me, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you keep going back and forth between not wanting to talk to me and trying to solve all our problems and being overprotective of Mahima. What's on your mind?"

"Well, the Mahima thing is probably just her reminding me of my aunt that I never met. But otherwise...I don't know, Max. It's you, I guess."

"Me how?"

" remind me of your father, that's all."

"In a bad way or a good way?"

"Good, I think. You look so much like him, and...I can tell that you care. About all of us. Especially me."

"Well, my dad cares about your mom. At least, he used to."

"Max, things lately have been...troublesome. But think of when they were eighteen. How they felt. You know what I mean."

And I do. I know exactly what she means.

I just wonder if she feels the same way.

Cabria Autumn (5)

Luke and I have found a pretty good campsite on the forest floor. We had dinner there together, and are ready to go to sleep already. But we know there's no avoiding it.

The trumpets. Call Me Maybe. And the pictures of Alita. It brings tears to my eyes once again. I hardly knew her. But for four days in this arena, she was like a sister to me. And that's something you just can't replace.

"Okay, guys. great-grandfather was a moron. So, little Jimmy, I know you're watching. This song's for you!" Erm...okay.

Of course. I've heard about Jimmy XI. He's a huge fan of Guns n' Roses. And the instrumental opening to 'November Rain' is enough to make me break down and cry for...well, honestly, I'm starting to lose count. I listen closely and can't help but notice how well this love song can fit my situation:

"Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change." Alita was, unfortunately, doomed to die at some point. It's up to me to get over it. Not an easy task, but...

"And it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain." It makes sense. I am the candle-bearer, clinging on to the flame that is my life. Rain, aka the Capitol, is trying to extinguish my flame. And they very well might. But I must be determined. I can't grieve for Alita too long. I can't accept my death. I have to fight until my last breath. And just like that, I have a plan. Next time, fight I will. With this in mind, I curl up in my sleeping bag, the lyrics summarizing my whole life right now stuck in my head:

"I know it's hard to keep an open heart when even friends seem out to harm you,"

"But if you could heal the broken heart, wouldn't time be out to charm you?"

End of Day Five


Everest Strong (10)

I've taken my stash of food and gone back up into the mountains. What I have should last at least a few days. No need to put myself at risk yet.

What I would really like to do, obviously, is get it over with. But I'm guessing I won't be able to get eleven kills. So my first priority is to keep myself safe while letting the others without food get food. Most specifically, Indigo, if she needs food. If I ever run out, my first priority will be to find her. We have our differences, but district partners don't give up on each other. If I really ran out of food, I'd try to spare her. Unless we're the only tributes left, in which case I don't really have a choice because she's probably trying to kill me. Oh well. You know what I mean.

I head into one of the mountain's caves to heat up a chicken leg. Today will be good.

Serenity Free (1)

I'm kind of getting sick of Cholo. He's making me actually do stuff. I don't like it.

I mean, seriously. Come on. Isn't the pretty girl supposed to be the one who sits around and does nothing? Who has her needs fulfilled? That's the way I'm used to, and that's the way I want it to be. But oh, no. I have to help. I have to hunt. And stand guard. And, when we had food, I had to cook. This is ridiculous.

Cholo comes running back now. I yell to him, "Any kills?" before realizing I haven't heard a cannon.

"No, but man, these leaves taste actually not that bad!" I roll my eyes. Boys.

Luke Searer (7)

So, I woke up this morning pretty much leaving off right where I was last night. Too busy grieving Alita's death to actually do anything other than eat. And I wouldn't have even accomplished that if it hadn't been four days since I had last seen food. I was completely lost.

Cabria? My new ally was found.

She woke up with a newfound dedication and a thoughtful mindset, not to mention a whole lot of courage. She seemed...I wouldn't say excited is the best word, but it's really not too far off. She got to thinking about Alita, and decided to carry out her wish. And she thinks what Alita would have wanted is for one of us to win. So we have to go out there and kick some butt.

And that got me thinking. Like it or not, I am District Seven's only shot at a victor. District Seven is not exactly a great place to live. The whole 'staying alive' part of victory is one thing. The chance to repay your district is quite another. I've never met Alita's family, but after the loss of their daughter, they would probably appreciate a little extra food. And now, thanks to Cabria, I would go to quite extreme lengths to get it to them. And come out of here alive.

Indigo Cartwright (10)

You know, I'm really starting to get sick of this.

On the bright side, my stomach cramps aren't nearly as bad as they were before. I can actually stand up now. But fighting would still be extremely difficult. An archery competition, sure. I could handle that. But a big, strong, well-fed person who wants to kill me? My chances really dwindle.

Anyway, I officially hate this now. I feel like I should at least do something to help Amber. She doesn't deserve to go through this. Well, neither do I, but you know. I don't really want to kill, but if it helps both of us, I'm willing to.

Speaking of Amber, she has clearly been eating these berries since Day One, because she is feeling just a very slight pain. I doubt the Capitol counted on anybody building up immunity to whatever they put in the berries. Well, haha to them. For once, they're not so perfect after all. But trust me, Amber can fight. As well as she could before, anyway. She was never an exceptional fighter, but she isn't weak. She has a chance to go home.

And if I could give her that opportunity...I think I would.

Adron Phelan (5)

Me wants more food. Me needs to kill more people. Me likes improper grammar.

I go out hunting for a few hours and come to the edge of a very small clearing. Hiding behind trees, I can see the pair from 12 and their little ally. So cute. But still about to die. I take a deep breath in and slowly adjust my position so that I can see the littlest one. Unfortunately, the 12 girl sees me. Her eyes widen and she grabs her bow. I throw the knife. She shoots.

Both weapons find their targets. My eyes close for the last time, realizing I will never get to eat the food for that kill. Too bad.

Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne (12)

My arrow finds the 5 boy’s heart and he falls to the ground. “Mahima!” A cannon sounds.

“Mahima, no!” I see the knife wound in her chest and know that I won’t be able to heal it. She’s already fading. Why, why, why? Take me. Take Max. But don’t take this sweet little girl. I deserve it. I’ve been breaking the rules my entire life. I’m probably breaking the rules just by being alive. But Mahima shares none of this blame. She is innocent. But she is the one that I watch carefully now, tears beginning to stream down my cheeks, as her life slips away.

Mahima looks up at me one last time. “Katrose…Max…one of you…should…win...” Her voice trails off as her chest stops moving. When her cannon sounds, I kiss her on the forehead before burying my face in Maxwell’s shoulder and crying. And very soon, he is crying as well.

I never fully understood why my family has always hated the Capitol so much. That is no longer the case. I now truly despise them for doing this. For killing Mahima, putting her family through all that they will have to go through.

For haunting my dreams until the day I die. Which, clearly, could be any day.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

I’m still in shock. One of the only people I actually cared about. Gone. In the blink of an eye.

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but still. She didn’t deserve this. If we were the last three, then I would sacrifice myself for Katrose, she would sacrifice herself for Mahima, and Mahima would go home. We never actually talked about it, but we all knew it would happen. Or could. Until now.

Mahima and Adron are the only two faces in the sky tonight. I close my eyes and try not to look at the pictures of Adron or listen to whatever ridiculous song is playing. Somehow I open my eyes just as the pictures of Mahima start to appear. Where do they get all these pictures, anyway?

Both Katrose and I start to cry again, and I wipe Katrose in a big hug. Stupid tears. Of course, save for a random bomb in the middle of the night, this won’t be the last time we see them. Eventually, Katrose turns away and weeps, unable to bear the pcitures anymore. I look up higher, so that all I can see is the stars. Where Mahima is surely watching over us.

“Tears stream down on your face…when you lose something you cannot replace…” Well. That just about sums today up perfectly. And probably every day until either these stupid Games end or I die.

End of Day Six


Cholo Werdair (2)

"So, we head north today?" asks Serenity.

I think for a minute before realizing I don't really have any idea whatsoever. "Sure, whatever." I could care less, honestly. We just need to go somewhere. Get some food. One more day and we'll be down to the berries. And that is not happening. We head out.

"Actually, maybe we should go south. I think-"

"What is it now, Serenity?"

"I'm not sure, I just feel like, well..."



"THERE'S NOTHING TO THE WEST, STUPID! WE'RE AT THE EDGE! CAN WE JUST GET GOING ALREADY!" BOOM! "Look, now somebody stole our kill. So can we...Serenity? Serenity, no!"

The cannon.

It was hers.

"Going somewhere?"

Harlow Moon (3)

My axe found the girl from 1 in the back. She lies dead on the ground, while her ally from 2 stands thirty feet from me with...a mace. Wow.

He takes a cautionary step back, realizing my weapon will now give me an advantage. "Two, make one move and you are dead, you got that?" He quickly nods.

"Now listen to me, okay. You are going to take me back to your camp and give me all your stuff. You do that, maybe I won't kill you. Comprende?"

He sits there for a minute. "Walk toward me." Instead, he does about the stupidest thing possible. He throws his mace at me. I dodge it easily. When he turns to run, I put an axe in his neck. That'll teach you to mess with Harlow Moon. I retrieve my weapons and head back to my campsite, knowing that I'm in great shape. Plenty of food. And with the Careers out of the way, I have a decent shot to win. I smile. This could turn out pretty well. I turn around to try and find their camp on my own.

Cabria Autumn (5)

Two cannons. "Eight?" I ask Luke.

"I think so." Great. Maybe one of our biggest threats was eliminated. If so, Luke and I will have a much higher rate for potential success, should we encounter an enemy. In turn, this will mean a greater chance for food, and a greater rate that we will be well-fed and prepared for a fight as we currently are, again increasing our strength in a fight as the Games progress.

This is how I've been thinking ever since Alita died. Someone, please help me.

It's great to know what the heck's going on and all, and obviously motivation doesn't hurt, but seriously? I'm kind of overanalyzing this. Since when do I overanalyze stuff? Since when do I even use the word overanalyze? Is that even a word? Should it be hyphenated, like over-analyze? See? This is a serious problem. HELP. PLEASE.

"Okay, Cabria. Maybe this will help."


"Hey, what fun would it be if the tracker didn't have mind-reading capabilities? Anyway, this should help you not care. I think. Well, maybe not. I'm not sure. But I'm playing it anyway."

Luke stares at me. "Cabria, what are you-"


Everest Strong (10)

What the heck is going on with Cabria?

Oh, well. Not gonna lie, this is getting boring. I've been sitting at my camp eating for a couple of days, just waiting for somebody to show up so I can use my spear again. But nobody has a good reason to come up to the mountains. So it'll eventually be up to me to come down. Right now, I have three reasons why I might come down:

1. Food, obviously. If I were to somehow run out, it would be my only choice.

2. A feast. I could really get an edge there.

3. If I somehow found out Indigo was in trouble. Knowing her, though, she's probably fine.

So, yeah. Another day, another chicken leg in the mountains. Yum.

Amber Pike (9)

Indigo moans. "I hate this. It's so boring!"

"That's great. Now sleep, you need to keep those calories. I'll stay guard."

"Why are we doing this again? Hiding in this cave?"


"Exactly. We should be doing something! Come on! We can do this! I thought you said the berries don't even affect your stomach anymore!"

That's right. Over the past week, I've developed an immunity to the berries in the arena. I can fight now. Haha to you, Gamemakers. Indigo isn't where I am, but her stomach is getting better.

"Well, yeah. What's the point of going out hunting for normal food if this food is normal now?"

Indigo shakes her head but smiles. "Darn it, Amber, you're too smart. I'll sleep."

Katrose Everdeen-Hawthorne (12)

Well, you might be wondering if the emotional trauma of Mahima's death has worn off yet.

No. Not even close.

We got some more food for Adron's death, so we basically just sat around sulking all day. It was boring. But...what else were we to do?

Max tried to comfort me. He broke down. I tried to comfort him. I broke down. It was overall not a good day.

I think it would be selfish to say that anything good came out of Mahima's death. But Max and I do seem to have bonded a little deeper through this. Our goal is to make it through this. And we have to do it together. Again, I never wanted Mahima to die. But maybe we finally have something to fight for.

'Call Me Maybe' plays again. Two cannons went off today. The first appears to be Serenity from 1. Inside, I'm happy that an enemy is gone, but I don't show it. I'm not happy today. "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold,"

....7 1/2 minutes later....

"And she's buyyyying a staaaaairwaaaay to heaven." Wow. This song has all the things Jimmy seems to hate about Jimothy I's music. Abnormally high length. Lyrics that acually mean something. Lyrics that you can't really understand what they mean even though they clearly have a very deep meaning that probably relates to something you've never heard of. I wonder sometimes why he does all this crazy stuff...

Then the second face appears. Cholo, from 2. Not a single Career reached the final eight. Max gives me a high-five. We can do this. We just might do this.

"Because're gonna be the one that saves me..."

End of Day Seven


Luke Searer (7)

We apparently received a parachute overnight. Inside was an iPod Touch. I've only heard about these. Who would be crazy enough to send us one?

That's right. Jimmy.

The iPod has a playlist entitled 'Mind-Clearing Songs for Cabria' on it. If you count Call Me Maybe only once instead of counting it each of the 846 times it appears on the playlist, then it has 11 songs. It was apparently a "gift from all of the Jimothys". Um...ya. By the way, did you know the arena has wi-fi? They disabled everything cool, but it appears the Dow Jones is up 32 points today.

Also, Cabria was pleased to hear that the Five East Shockers (I know, what a nickname) defeated Five North in their opening football game. Apparently they may have a chance to win a district title and maybe even square off in the national tournament against a perennial national title contender, the Alan Smith Memorial Trojans of District 2. Man, I can't stand those guys. It would be fun to watch them get beat on national television. Then again...if I live, I could probably go to the game.

Well, this turned out to be a pretty good gift after all. Our minds are cleared. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but we'll take it.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

Wow, we are lazy. Good thing we have food. If we had nothing else to do, we could be in big trouble. Big, big trouble. So now, we're just sitting around, waiting for someone to come near, so we can kill them. Or any other exciting event, like...oh, jeez, I don't even know.


Jimmy startles me and I almost drop my apple. "Since when can you read minds?"


"And why should we come?" asks Katrose.


"Well, now that you've told us this, couldn't we just not open the YouTube app?"


What the heck just happened?

Mkay, nothing really happens until the feast, sooo...

Indigo Cartwright (10)

"All right, Amber. You got the plan?"

"Yes. The plan. Umm..."


"What if the plan doesn't work?"

"Then run."

She looks at me questionably, but eventually nods. "Hey, Indigo!"

I whip around and pull out a knife without even bothering to recognize the voice. "Oh. Hey Everest. What brings you here?"

"I'm not really sure. Want some bread?" He pulls out a small roll.

"Oh my god, Everest, are you serious? Thanks!" I break it in half and hand part to Amber, and we shove it down our throats as quickly as we can. We haven't had real food in a week. What would you do?


Cabria Autumn (5)

Okay, so now Jimmy is, like, my official idiotic sponsor dude. He sent me a payphone this afternoon. Yeah. Seriously. I don't have any quarters...

Anyway. Luke and I burst into the Cornucopia clearing immediately, determined to be the first to get to our buttons. We are, and we grab some cheese before turning around. As we are about to leave, Everest Strong comes into view. He looks at us carefully, spear in hand. We use that time to head back just into the forest. Everest shrugs and ushers his allies forward. I crouch down at the edge to watch the rest of the battle unfold. A little dangerous, but...whatever.

Everest heads toward the Cornucopia and hits his button. Amber and Indigo come up behind him. Just as the last of them hits the button, an axe goes flying.

And impales Amber straight in the back.

Everest Strong (10)

I hear Indigo cry out. "AMBER!" I whip around.

Harlow! She was hiding in the Cornucopia! How could I have missed her? She pops out, hits her button and dashes off towards the bright red sunset.

And her axe. Her axe found Amber. She is now lying on the ground, struggling to move. No, no, no...

Indigo is holding her hand. "Amber, please don't die on me..."

"Indigo...only a matter...of time."

"What? No! You could have won!"

"No,' win..."

Indigo gives her one last smile as tears roll down her face. And I myself get a little misty-eyed. Because those will be Amber's last words. Her cannon sounds, and I scoop up her small head in my hands and look at her innocent face one last time. Indigo kisses her forehead.

"No! No, no, NOOOO!" Indigo runs to the Cornucopia, bawling her head off. I didn't know she and Amber were this close. Frustrated, she selects her best knife and throws it backwards over her head, toward the trees.

And towards Katrose's chest.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

Katrose is dead. And it's a matter of luck. Stupid, rotten luck.

It wasn't anybody's fault. The first thing Indigo did after she saw what happened was run over to try and help. And then sob her head off until I finally pressed my button and left. She was very upset about the death of her own ally. She wasn't trying to take revenge on anybody, especially us. That just isn't like her. Hopefully, though, she'll get over it. She's, well, trying to stay human. Not let the Games change her. I don't care that it never happens this way, but if anybody deserves to live, it's her.

The new anthem plays, and I can barely stand to look at the pictures. Amber. Katrose. The people I wanted to win. Haven't I already given up on me? I've accepted my death. But Katrose didn't. Neither did Amber. Or Mahima, for that matter. But they're all gone. And here I am.

Indigo, while sobbing her head off, tried to console me by offering me the food she received for accidentally killing Katrose. I told her that I only wanted one piece of fruit. She looked unusually skinny. She could probably use it. I munch on that fruit now, not sure what my next step will be. Not sure if it matters.

Not sure if I can do this anymore.

End of Day Eight


Luke Searer (7)

What the heck, Jimmy. STOP SENDING US RANDOM CRAP!!!

Ya, um, I got this letter today:

Dear Luke,

Please murder Cabria for me because I like pie and I'm sexy and I know it.


Lady Gaga's meat dress (YOUR MOM)


"Girl look at that body, I-I-I work out!"

No, I send him in a thought. I meant you're not exactly supposed to tell me to kill my ally. You're supposed to be impartial. And, okay, maybe I'm not a big fan of payphones.

"Ya, I don't care. But the phone works! I can send you money if you want!"

Nobody I know has a phone, Jimmy.

"Oh. Ok then. Carry on." Now this is just great. Hopefully I don't have to explain all of this to Cabria...

Indigo Cartwright (10)

Amber is dead.

Harlow killed her. With an axe.

I still don't believe it. Amber is dead. I've allied with Everest now, who has amassed a whole bunch of food by killing a Career. He's starting to run out, but we should be okay for a little while. He's paced himself well.

But Amber. She was so sweet. I would have let her win, I know I would. I could never kill her. But Harlow could. Clearly, she never got to know Amber. I miss her...


Oh, no....




As crazy as this sounds, Jimothy I (?) has a point. Even with Amber, I always was on my own. We wouldn't have both been able to win. Even with Everest, such is still the case. But as I go down this road one more time, one thing has changed.

I have something to fight for.

Harlow Moon (3)

I got a note from my mentor. I'm supposed to hide out and stay quiet until the final showdown, apparently. This really isn't a bad idea. Obviously, I'm doing quite fine on food. I've gone back into the mountains. All I have to do now is wait. It's boring, but I have no choice, really.



"OKAY. LENNY KRAVITZ IT IS." Why do I get the feeling this will be a song about waiting for love...

Oh, yeah. That's, like, every song ever written.

I don't like you, Jimmy. Be careful.

Everest Strong (10)

It hurts me to see Indigo in this state of mind. She still hasn't fully accepted Amber's death. I wonder how much longer she'll hold up. Hopefully, long enough for me to win.

I can't have her completely breaking down in the middle of a fight; that would be a disaster. But at the same time, I can't actually kill her. You just don't do that. Hopefully, I won't have to. But something will have to happen. She knows as well as I that we can't both win. "Indigo, you hungry?"

"Nah." Yeah, she's in trouble right now. No songs, Jimmy. It won't help. For the first time, well, ever, he listens. If he's actually taking Indigo's mental health into consideration, it must be really bad. How long does she have to live?

Well, that's the thing in here. Nobody ever really knows.

Cabria Autumn (5)

Well. Today was one eventless day. Woohoo, more time to reflect on the deaths and how they have changed us. Yeah. To be honest, that's really all we can do right now. Besides eat.

Oh, by the way, Luke is supposed to kill me. No pressure or anything. He says he won't. I think I trust him. I'm not going to leave. Not yet, anyway. And I'm certaintly not to the point where I have to kill him to stay alive.

Obviously, there are no faces in the sky tonight. Just Call Me Maybe and, well, the sky. "Okay, tributes! No deaths today! So, um, kill someone tomorrow!" Pft. Yeah.

"Oh, Cabria, did you figure out Luke was supposed to kill you?" I nod while Luke looks on in astonishment. I glance at him and he quickly closes his mouth.

"Whoops. Sorry. That was supposed to be a thought. Um..."

Luke speaks up. "Jimmy, if there's anyone I should kill, it's not Cabria. It's you."

"I'm not sending you food if you kill me!"

"You wouldn't be able to. You'd be dead."

"Oh yeah. Well, CLEARLY, none of you are appreciating my musical genius today! Do you want me to be fired?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Well, if I can't please you, I can't please anybody, can I?" Luke shakes his head. "Fine. My son will take over starting now. He's more awesome than me anyway, except he listens to the wrong kind of music. But I have one more thing to say before I toss my announcer badge in a fire and get dragged out of here by Peacekeepers."

"Please, no more quotes from One Dir-"


End of a Completely Uneventful Day Nine (don't worry, something will happen on Day Ten)


Head Gamemaker Jones's POV

THESE STUPID TRIBUTES AREN'T DOING ANYTHING. The ratings for these games started off AWESOME. The last two days, though, they've been normal. Unacceptable for a quell. We need to do something now. Without doing too much harm, because there are apparently two victors now. I won't challenge it.

"Wilson? Give me some of those muttation files."

Harlow Moon (3)

"YO, PEOPLES. IT'S JIMMY XI." Oh, great.



Ah. How wonderful.

I waste no time, gathering my axes and stuffing food into my backpack. I'll have to likely sleep in a tree down in the forest, but that shouldn't be a problem. I head down the mountain as quickly as possible. I am maybe a quarter-mile from the mountains when I see flames break out along the base of them. I keep right on going. If I'm going to do something today, it won't be done here.

Cabria Autumn (5)

"That should do it." I set the final snare and look around to admire my work.

"Cabria, you do realize there are no animals in the arena, right?"

I groan at him. "I'm bored, Luke. Maybe now they'll send us something to catch."

"Whatever. You have a point. We have nothing else to do."

"Well, we could get water, or eat, or build a shelter that's better than this, or scout around, or hunt tributes, or-"

"You get my point, Cabria."

"But we can do something, Luke," I add in. "You just don't want us to."


"Let's give it a try," says Alita.


After being momentarily frozen, I look up into the trees. The metallic glint is unmistakable.


Luke Searer (7)

Cabria screams and jumps back before grabbing her bow and trying to pick off some of the stabberjays. I remember that they are hardwired to go for your chest, so constant motion is probably not a bad idea. There's probably about ten birds. Cabria notches an arrow and takes out one bird, while I throw a heavy backpack at another. Hey, it works.

Slowly but surely, we (mostly Cabria) begin to pick apart the field of birds. We are good fighters. One of the last two birds dive-bombs me. I roll over to the side and Cabria notches an arrow. The bird falls to the ground. The final bird sets its sights on Cabria's chest. I run toward her. She reaches for her quiver and lets go of the string.

But Cabria is out of arrows. The bird speeds up. It anticipates Cabria's dive perfectly. As an attempt of desperation, I throw an axe at the bird. I miss badly. I'm not used to prey moving this fast.

The bird's beak buries itself in Cabria's chest. She cries out in pain, and we both know that she won't make it. I stab the bird with an axe so it won't hurt anybody again. "Cabria?"

"Don't go, Luke..."

And I don't. Her cannon sounds a minute later, and I pick up my stuff and silently leave. "Don't go, Luke..." Cabria? What?

I hear it again and whip around. Caught in one of Cabria's expertly made snares is a stabberjay. I throw another axe at it. This time, I don't miss. But this time, it doesn't make a difference.

Maxwell Mellark (12)

After the mountains blew up, I moved in nearer the Cornucopia, in the ring between it and where we first rose into the arena. I have a feeling they'll try to draw the tributes in here for the last fight. I'll have the advantage of being able to defend my territory. Maybe I can even pull off hiding in the Cornucopia if it comes to that. It sure worked well for Harlow.

A cannon went off about half an hour ago. I wonder what happened. Well, actually, I really don't. It doesn't matter to me now. I'm in the final five, and I have a pretty good chance now. The advantage of being able to stay put, plus the food, plus being one of the stronger tributes left. I could do this. I reassure myself that I can do this. After all, didn't my dad? I have to show his strength, because what he showed was...well, I've heard it was very moving.

"To say the least, Max," says Katrose.

I nod. "He could really...wait, Katrose?"

I whip around. "Oh. Well. Crap."

I pull out my sword, the only weapon I have against a dozen stabberjays. My chances now? Not real good.

I whip around again, and of course, the birds have surrounded me. Two of them begin to fly at me from either side. I swing my sword and kill the bird in front. I let go with one hand and let the sword fly around to my backside. The bird stabs me in the back, and I know I've missed. I crouch over without seeing the other bird approaching from my left. It gets my chest, and I fall to the ground.

Well, at least I'm done now. Fighting, I can put up with. But this? This is just cruel. Goodbye, Capitol. I won't miss you.

Harlow Moon (3)

Stabberjays? Really, Capitol? That's weak.

I think they were using the voice of my district partner, Cedrick. But I don't even remember him dying; it seems like so long ago. And we were never really close anyway. The voice didn't hold me back at all. So, obviously, I made quick work of the birds.

I polish my axes and think about what might happen tomorrow. Surely they will call for a final battle. They'll use mutts or fire or stuff to push us all to one spot. The Cornucopia, maybe? The lake by the berry bushes? I'm not sure. Regardless. Two cannons, so we're down to four. Only two more need to die for me to go home. With any luck, I'll only need to kill one of them.

I begin eating and prepare to get a good night's rest. The downside of the final four is that you're going up against some very good fighters. So I'll need it. But I'm not worried. I still can- and will- come out on top.

Everest Strong (10)

Another cannon sounded a few hours ago. Down to four now. Indigo and I could do this still.

The sun is starting to set off to the west. I hand Indigo some more bread and offer to take first watch. "You sure?"

"You could use some sleep, Indigo. They'll want to end it soon."

"I'll stay guard."


"Everest...stabberjays." Indigo instantly picks out a couple of knives and tosses them as soon as she sees the dying sunlight first glint off their metallic beaks. She doesn't miss. Dead on. Four, five, six birds down. I watch her in awe. She must have really loved Amber, because although I've always known she was a good fighter, I've never before seen anything like this.

"Hello? Earth to Everest?"

Oh, yeah. This is my fight too. I am able to hold off the three remaining birds while Indigo recollects her knives. I take another look at her as she kills the final birds. She looks fierce, which I know has always been inside her, but fighting for someone she cares about, she just looks so...graceful. Her lack of emotion makes me think she could do this for hours. And if it's just rage over Amber's death that's giving her this fighting edge?

Well, then it's rage that could send her home.

End of Day Ten


Harlow Moon (3)

I woke up with some armor and a note from my mentor waiting by my side:


Tomorrow,you will be facing Luke,Indigo and Everest.Very skilled fighters.Your biggest competition would be Everest.But he doesn't want to kill you as much as Indigo does.You could probably kill Indigo.And you might be able to kill Luke,as for Everest,that's a bit tough.

Good luck,

Sexy Mentor.

Ok. First of all, my mentors are in their fifties. I wouldn't call either of them sexy. And I can so totally take them down! Even Everest! But that's not the part of the letter that troubles me.

But he doesn't want to kill you as much as Indigo does.

Indigo wants to kill me?

Yes. Yes, she probably does. I run through my kills. Andy was a distinct threat before I killed him off right away. No problem. The Careers? Oh, come on, we all hate them. Indigo was probably considering sending me a thank-you card for that. But it's the most recent of those names that I just now begin to grasp. Amber Pike. I killed her, too. And why? To be honest, I really don't know. All I know is that she didn't deserve to die. And Indigo was her ally. Indigo must have been heartbroken. My fault. All my fault.

Now, today, Indigo will be out for revenge. But what will be my plan? Kill her off, too? To win? Or is there some way that I can make it up to her?

If there is, it probably won't be enough. But only time will tell.

Luke Searer (7)

Kaching! Stuff that wasn't sent by someone of the Rockstah family! I got a real sponsor gift!

This would theoretically set me for a while. Water is great. A few crackers never hurts, but they'll be out to end it today. Food doesn't matter anymore.

The brand-new axe I got? Yeah, this probably does. I have to imagine my sponsors are out of money now; the cost of weapons at this point is astronomical, and this axe isn't cheap to begin with. But now I have it. I have all the tools.

Something to fight with? Brand-new axe. Check

Something to create a diversion with? Jimmy's iPod. Check.

What might be able to be used as a grenade, assuming Jimmy wasn't lying? The YouTube app on it. Check.

And the last. The one that is often forgotten by those on the outside. But here, in the heart of the games, it's the one I care about most.

Alita and Cabria. I have something to fight for.

Everest Strong (10)

I think this is really starting to get to Indigo. After the stabberjay incident, she took off in the middle of the night. I haven't seen her since. I would really like to, because:

1. Our district kinda wants us to win, and

2. I have all three of her brand-spanking-new throwing knives. For that matter, I have her old ones, too.

Yes, we have sponsors. Indigo got the knives overnight. I got two spears as well. I could make some pretty good work with these if given the chance.

Oh, by the way, I'm gonna get the chance. Because the Gamemakers set fire to the outside of the forest half an hour ago, and it's slowly working its way in. I'm almost to the Cornucopia now. Hopefully, I'll be the first one there. Then I can pull a Harlow and maybe kill Harlow. Not for my sake, for Indigo's. I hope she shows up, too.

So my plan at this point appears to be as follows: Kill Harlow and wing it from there. Not great. But it's something. I check to make sure I still have Indigo's new knives with me, then ready my spear and get ready to burst through the trees into the light of the Cornucopia's clearing. After counting to three in my head, I do so.

And I'm not alone.

Luke Searer (7)

"Halt! Who goes there?" Seeing as this is the Hunger Games, dramatic effect is completely necessary.

"It's me."

"Me who?"

"Everest! Gosh, Luke, I won't kill you yet if you'll just come out and look me in the eye! Why are you hiding in the Cornucopia anyway?"

I shrug. "Figured someone else would try it. Wanted to beat them to it. Specifically, Harlow."

He raises his eyebrows and smirks. "Great minds think alike. So can we agree...Harlow goes down first?"

I smile. "I think we have a deal. Where's Indigo? I thought you were allied."

"No idea. She'll show up within five minutes, though. I mean, they're burning the place down. Plus I have all her weapons."

"Dude. Watcha' do that for?"

"SHE RAN AWAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I didn't have a choice."

Oh. Yeah, that would do it.

Suddenly, Indigo sprints in from the blazing forest, her hair slightly singed. She appears, in general, not in great physical shape for a final battle. But she's a fighter...that is, if she's in the right spot mentally. She fumbles around for a knife she doesn't have before seeing us. Her eyes widen. "Everest!" He passes her the new knives.

"Indigo, you're late! Are you okay? Have you seen Harlow?"

"Well, um, no, no, and no." I hear a loud noise off to my right that must be a tree falling. Where is Harlow? She wouldn't be in a burning forest, would she? Where could she be?

"Going somewhere?

Omniscient (Random Capitol Citizen) POV

After climbing the Cornucopia from the back side, Harlow hangs her head out over the opening to find three tributes staring in awe. "Oh, hey, guys."

She jerks her head back up as Luke fires an axe at her throat. It zings out of the Cornucopia and she goes to retrieve it. Harlow can use an axe just as well as Luke.

"On three," says Everest. On the count of three, the tributes in the Cornucopia charge Harlow.

Harlow responds by immediately throwing two axes. Her left hand is weak, and she misses badly. The other thrown with her right spins through the air and strikes Luke's left foot. He winces and falls to the ground. Harlow takes the axe Luke gave her and sends it into his wrist: not a deathblow, but it should keep him down while she fights the others.

Everest advances upon Harlow and prepares to throw his spear. Harlow ducks as a knife comes whizzing at her head. Indigo digs around in her jacket for a second knife. Harlow throws an axe at Indigo. Everest throws a spear at Harlow. Indigo throws her second knife.

And...did that really just happen? Harlow's axe and Indigo's knife collide in midair and spin off to the side. I have never seen that happen in a Hunger Games. Wow. Everest's spear, however, is unblocked. It finds its target in Harlow's side. Harlow falls to the ground...

And proceeds to stand right back up, now wielding a spear with a broken tip.

"Armor!" yells Everest. As he now sizes up Harlow, he aims for her face, the only exposed part. As he dodges an axe, he yells to Indigo, "Her face!"

"Nice armor, Harlow. You could wield a nuclear bomb or a ginormous aircraft carrier and not make a dent in that stuff."

All three tributes whip around. They appear to have forgotten that Luke is still alive. Indigo looks at Luke. "How do you wield those? Isn't that more of a manually-operate type of verb?"

"Um, it's called sarcasm."

Harlow throws an axe at Indigo's feet, but she jumps over it, leaving Harlow, Everest and Indigo each with just one weapon. "Shut up, Indigo! This isn't time for a grammar lesson!"

None of the tributes know what to make of the situation now.

Until Harlow fires her final axe right at Everest's chest.


Harlow clambers back to the top of the Cornucopia. Indigo rushes to his side. "EVEREST!" He is already fading.

"Indigo...kill...her...go...home." He nods at her one last time, as if to tell her, go for it. His chest stops moving and his cannon booms.

Indigo stands up and stares directly at Harlow. Mocking others, she says to her, "You can do this, Indigo. You're a fighter. You're smart. You can win." She shakes her head. "No. No, I can't."

"I'd love to say I could, but I can't. You, Harlow Moon, are a true terror. Does this seem like a game to you? A game of survival? News flash: People die. When that happens, you don't just hurt them. You hurt others, too. People who care. Friends. Family. And me. How does that kill feel now, Harlow? Both my allies. Gone. At your hands."

"Go on, Harlow. Win. Live your life. You deserve to. But that's only because no decent person ever wins the Hunger Games. But that's okay. Because I'd rather be dead then live in a world with an emotionless, savage killer like you. You will remember this, Harlow." Indigo pulls out her final knife, holds it out for Harlow to see, and jabs it into her own chest.

"You will not forget Indigo Cartwright."

The final cannon of the 375th Hunger Games sounds.



Harlow Moon (3)

You know, words can be very powerful.

Each and every night, Indigo Cartwright's final words echo through my head like thunder. I know her final speech by heart now, but it still gets to me. Those words could not have changed me more.

No decent person ever wins. The last six months, I've been committed to changing that. And that's my goal for the rest of my life. Not just to prove that I'm a good person after all. But for Indigo, too. Needless to say, I feel forever in her debt. Because of those words, I owe it to her to make this world a better place. And I'm doing all I can.

Maybe someday this will all become irrelevant. The Hunger Games will be abolished. Panem will live in peace. Words like victor or tribute will no longer take on their current meaning. Oh, how nice that would be.

Maybe that won't be the case. Certaintly not soon. But I must do more than hope. I must work. I still keep in touch with Luke quite a bit, and he seems to think the same. We can make a difference. We must. For all of us, and for the good of our future.

And in my mind, for one more. For the eternal final wish of the fourteen-year-old District Ten native called Indigo Cartwright, quite possibly the best friend I never had.

The End

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