Welcome to the 19th annual Hunger Games!

I have decided to write my first Hunger Games! Tribute spots are now open Reapings are closed! I'll try to update as much as possible, although I may get a little busy with baseball. Since this is my first games, it'll be pretty much normal.


You can submit up to four tributes. Please add: Name, age, gender, district, weapon, skills, weaknesses, and personality. Backstories are optional.


I really don't need 12 couples in these games, so...yeah. Try to refrain from this (as well as brother/sister pairs).

I won't be making a slideshow or anything, but if you have a lunaii or other tribute picture, feel free to post it in the comments or on my talk page.

So, that's pretty much it. Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes of the 19th Hunger Games
District Name Age


Kills Place User
1M Shamus Gartley 16 8 Kazuo 14th ArashiKagami

Gwynevire Teng

17 8 none 13th District3Tribute
2M David Pierce 17 10


Aellai, Samantha

5th ArashiKagami
2F Amy Sparks 16 9 Enzo 11th Srish3211
3M William Undersea 18 7 Ryan 21st Srish3211
3F Ren Devroe 14 5 none 8th District3Tribute
4M Ryan Barbell 14 8 none 22nd Mrweare121
4F Megan Bass 17


Feline, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Luna 3rd Mrweare121
5M Enzo Garcia 12 5 none 18th Mrweare121
5F Selen Garcia 15 8 none 19th Mrweare121
6M Benjamin Woodrew 17 6 none 9th KEWLBEN
6F Lilianna Maganachi 15 6 none 24th KEWLBEN
7M Gabriel Delek 17 8 none 23rd Cosmanaut
7F Aellai Bodil 15 7 none 17th Cosmanaut
8M Kazuo Kherson 16 6 none 16th Thena.airice14
8F Luna Snare 12 5 Jackson, David 4th Justafox
9M Tristan James 13 7 Selen 12th FHT
9F Feline Ster 13 5 none 20th Justafox
10M Jackson Jackson 17 9 Gabriel, Kayle, Amy, Ren 7th Srish3211
10F Loomus Graham 18 7 Iuv 1st District3Tribute
11M Iuv Turntub 15 6 none 2nd Rainbow Shifter
11F Samantha Donovan 15 6 none 6th Asfbn
12M Nathaniel Jones 18 8 none 10th Paigeelizabeth92
12F Kayle Escrow 17 6 none 15th Deaphalia911


24th: Lilianna- sword to chest by David

23rd: Gabriel- Decapitated (axe) by Jackson

22nd: Ryan- sword to stomach by William

21st: William- Decapitated (sword) by David

20th: Feline- Trident to chest by Megan

19th: Selen- Spear to chest by Tristan

18th: Enzo- Spear to chest by Amy

17th: Aellai- Sword to chest by David

16th: Kazuo- Drowned (pushed by Shamus)

15th: Kayle- Axe to chest by Jackson

14th: Shamus- Stabberjays

13th: Gwynevire- Stabberjays

12th: Tristan- Crushed by supples

11th: Amy- Axe to stomach by Jackson

10th: Nathaniel- Trident to chest by Megan

9th: Benjamin- Trident to chest by Megan

8th: Ren- Axe to chest by Jackson

7th: Jackson- Poison dart to back by Luna

6th: Samantha- Knife to chest by David

5th: David- poison dart to back by Luna

4th: Luna- Trident to chest by Megan

3rd: Megan- Eaten by sharks

2nd: Iuv- Axe to stomach by Loomus

1st: Loomus- Victor!

Arena (Click to enlarge)

19th Hunger Games Arena

The Arena

Light green=grassland

Dark green=forest

Light blue=fresh water

Dark blue=salt water

The Cornucopia is in the middle of a mockingjay pin-shaped piece of grassland. The gaps in the pin have been filled in with water to complicate escape from the bloodbath. Four paths branch out to further grassland and forest. Traveling east, a tribute will eventually reach a sandy beach. The ocean is filled with sharks and other dangers, but if you can build a boat, you can reach an island which has a TON of goodies on it. However, if tributes spent too much time on the island, the Gamemakers can trigger an earthquake to force them back to the mainland.


Sponsor money can be acquired in two ways. Each tribute starts with $400. Their 'sponsor fund' gains $100 for each day they survive and $300 for each kill. Also, every few days, I will post a completely random trivia question likely having nothing to do with the Hunger Games in the comments. The first person to correctly answer it can send one gift to a tribute of their choice (within reason).

If you wish to send a gift once the games start, tell me in the comments and I will inform you of the item's cost and the purchasing power you have for that tribute. If your tribute does not yet have adequate funds, I can send the gift when they do.


Tribute Parade

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the 19th annual Hunger Games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

District One: I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

The District One tributes roll out onto the City Circle in their diamond-studded chariot. Gwynevire’s dress is completely covered in emeralds, Shamus’s suit in rubies. They appear confident and ready to fight. The Capitol crowd loves them, as usual, and the party officially begins.

District Two: Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

Amy and David appear as marble statues. While this is not the most original design Two has had, the crowd applauds the stylists for their realistic design. David, not wanting applause, begins to stare down the Capitol citizens until they stop clapping. A murmur of excitement runs through the crowd; he will be one to watch.

District Three: Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz (sorry, couldn’t resist)

The crowd is confused by the music until the chariot rolls out. The crowd immediately bursts into applause. William and Ren are suspended a foot above their chariot by superconductive YBCO magnets. Ren smiles and waves to the crowd; William stares ahead in silence, uninterested. "District Three!" can be heard throughout the streets.

District Four: Come Sail Away-Styx

The tributes’ blue clothing ripples like water in the slight wind on the City Circle. The viewers like it, but it is nothing spectacular coming from Four. They are only watching the tributes, who are giving each other evil glares.

District Five: Jump Around- House of Pain

Enzo and Selen come out holding hands. The Capitol shakes it off as a gesture of district pride not usually seen in Five. Their power plant worker outfits are unimpressive, and the viewers soon get bored as well as confused with the song.

District Six: Detroit Rock City- Kiss

Lilliana is dressed as a train; Benjamin as a hovercraft. The crowd is unimpressed, but begins to murmur, as they have no idea what this “Detroit” is. The president, watching live, tells his advisors information about pre-apocalyptic society was supposed to be censored. He immediately orders for the execution of whoever picked the music for Six.

District Seven: Friday- Rebecca Black

The tributes are dressed as trees again. The crowd sighs and quickly becomes interested in other things, like finding earplugs. Then the president hears the terrible music and orders the execution of Seven’s musical selection person as well.

District Eight: Lose Yourself- Eminem

Kazuo and Luna are covered in pretty-colored cloth. The crowd likes this, but Eight has done the exact same thing every year since the Games began. The crowd is beginning to lose interest in the parade altogether. The tributes, however, are pumped because of the music.

District Nine: No music

The person from Nine revoked their music at the last second under fear of execution. The tributes, however, are covered in beautiful flowers. This is finally able to draw a slight bit of interest back to the parade.

District Ten: Wiper Blades- Heywood Banks (search it on youtube)

Jackson is evilly staring at Loomus, but she just ignores him. The crowd likes their outfits, but again, they are unoriginal. Many Capitol citizens have already left the parade with two chariots to go. The remaining crowd, however, laughs at the stupidity of the song.

District Eleven: Can’t Fight This Feeling- REO Speedwagon

The stylists and music people have some crazy idea that if people think Iuv and Samantha have been friends for years and are now madly in love, they will get more sponsors. They hold hands and try to play along, but don’t look very happy about it. While one can clearly tell it’s fake, the crowd, desperate for entertainment, goes nuts anyway. Chants of "District Eleven!" can be heard long after the parade is over.

District Twelve: Banjo- Rascal Flatts

Twelve’s tributes stand tall. For the first time in a while, Twelve’s tributes actually seem intimidating to the crowd. They like this, and begin to applaud. Nathaniel and Kayle just stare at each other, wondering how the crowd could like them when they haven’t done anything and their costumes haven’t changed in ten years.

Summary of stuff that happened in training

The Careers go out and intimidate people like they always do. Nathaniel requests to join the Careers. They turn him down. They do ask Jackson to join, but he rejects the offer. William is ridiculed for showing up to training drunk…twice. Iuv and Samantha are still pretending to talk sweet, although the other tributes have caught on. An alliance may be forming between the tributes of Six and Seven. Selen keeps chasing Enzo around the training center and telling him to do something productive. Most of the other tributes are keeping a low profile, trying not to be noticed by the Careers.

THE GAMES!!! Day One

Samantha's POV

I am lifted up through the tribute tube and get my first glance at the arena. The twenty-four of us are arranged in a U, with the golden Cornucopia in the center. Right where I won’t be going. The Careers caught on to the whole ‘fake romance for sponsors’ thing. Needless to say, they weren’t huge fans of it.

How much longer until the gong? Twenty seconds? Fifteen? I ready myself on my plate to leave the Cornucopia. I turn around and…Water. A bunch of lakes surrounding us. I am contemplating risking a swim when I spot a little runway into the main part of the arena far off to my left. The gong sounds, and I dash away from the horror that is to come.

Lilianna's POV

I sprint towards the Cornucopia. If Six and Seven want a big alliance…well, a big alliance needs supplies. I find a backpack and start stuffing water bottles inside it when something hanging on the mouth of the Cornucopia catches my eye. A magnificent double-bladed axe. Aellai could sure use one of those. I toss my backpack in Benjamin’s direction and make my way in to the mouth of the golden beast. I am about to grab the axe when I hear a chuckle behind me.

The boy from Two is running at me, full speed. He raises his sword. I try to jump out of the way, but I’m not quick enough. As I fall down next to the Cornucopia, I close my eyes, and try to conjure up one last image of Six. Anything to hold on to at the end of my life.

Jackson's POV

Yay! Killing time! I go steal an axe off the dead District 6 girl. Her ally from 7 comes at me. He’s angry. So he must die too. He picks up a knife, but, seeing it’s useless against my axe, throws it. It misses by three feet. I charge and slam the axe into his neck. Yay! Wait, why am I not killing Careers? Why are they not killing me?

The Careers sit in the Cornucopia, carefully choosing their best weapons to finish off the weaklings (or, as we call them in District Ten Ninja Academy, grasshoppers), but William from 3 comes at them. The 4 boy turns around, and William stabs him in the stomach. He laughs, but he is next. David gives him an evil glare. William starts backing up, but David walks out of the Cornucopia after him, and proceeds to calmly chop off his head. Ouch.

Megan's POV

The nerve of William. Now my district partner is dead! Someone will pay for this. He already has, obviously, but at my hands, someone else must as well. I glance to my left and see the girl from 9, Feline. She’s my next target. She realizes it, though, and starts running. I pick up my trident and run after her. She runs well, but so do I. Now, thanks to this water, I have her cornered. I get ready to throw the trident, but to my surprise, she jumps in the water and tries to swim away. Bad idea. Nobody swims better than Four. I jump in after her, and just as she’s about to reach safe land, I catch her and hold her head underwater. She spits water in my face, but it’s fresh water, so I shake it off and drive the trident into her chest. Five down, eighteen to go.

Enzo's POV









“SPEAR!” She turns around, and Tristan James sends his spear flying into my sister’s chest. “You’re right, Selen. You’re not going anywhere.” And he dashes off towards the forest.

Amy's POV

The only people left at the Cornucopia are us five remaining Careers and Enzo Garcia from 5, who is wildly jumping around on top of the Cornucopia. “HEY CAREERS! HEY CAREERS HEY!”

“WHAT!” yells David.

“AVALANCHE!” And he throws a pebble off the Cornucopia. David just sighs. “Amy, I’m tired of this guy. Kill him.”

“If you say so.” I line up, take aim (which is not easy when your target is jumping really high) and throw my spear. I miscalculated a little, but the spear still hits him just under his shoulder blades. I can already tell he won’t make it. He crumples, and I start to walk to the mouth of the Cornucopia. I grab what I want and head toward the forest. The rest of the Careers follow me, and the seven cannons marking the end of the initial bloodbath go off.

Kayle’s POV

The announcer’s voice rings out across the arena. “CONGRATULATIONS TRIBUTES! YOU HAVE SURVIVED THE INITIAL BLOODBATH! YOU ROCK! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *guitar opening to ‘Welcome to the Jungle’* “NOW GO KILL EACH OTHER!”

What the heck was that? I keep on walking through the forest. Uphill; that’s what I’ve been taught. I left the Cornucopia with just one knife, and my first priority is water. Nothing else matters now. I need water and supplies, plain and simple. Then I remember; stealing isn’t illegal here. I grin. That’s one thing I’m good at. Maybe I’ll turn out just fine.

Gwynevire’s POV

We made our way down to the lake after the bloodbath. The sun will set soon. I have my knives in my jacket, although I don’t really want to use them. I know deep down I’m not a jerk like most Careers, and I don’t really want to be in this alliance. But when you’re from One, you don’t have much of a choice. So I get to work starting a fire to cook dinner.

BOOM! My first thought is, A cannon? Nobody would be out hunting for tributes now. Then I realize that what I heard wasn’t a cannon. And a small wave surges out of the lake and extinguishes what little fire I have. Wonderful. Wait…

Bobbing up and down on the surface of the lake is a large container. Megan swims out and pulls it back. David opens up the case, and we gaze at it in awe. Food. Enough for all of us. Forget the fire and a small ration of dried meat. Tonight, we feast.

Luna’s POV

I sit up in my tree, watching as the sun finally sinks below the horizon. Well, I did it. I survived the first day. I got a bottle, and I came back to the Cornucopia after the bloodbath ended to fill it up with water. I found a knife there, and I’m trying to make a makeshift blowgun out of a tree branch I found. I’ll be fine for tonight, but I don’t have any food, so I’ll need to hunt tomorrow.

The anthem begins to play and the dead tributes’ faces are projected into the starry sky. The boys from 3 and 4, both from 5, the girl from 6, the boy from 7, and the girl from 9 are all dead. The anthem ends. Only one Career is dead, but that’s expected. Kazuo is still alive. Is that good or bad? He’s not a great ally for me to have, but he obviously has a better chance at winning than I do. At least then my family would be fed. Yeah, that’s good. I sigh. The Hunger Games? Just another day in the crazy life of yours truly. I lay my head upon my branch, and, surprisingly easily, drift off to sleep as the near-full moon shines down on me.

End of Day One


Nathaniel’s POV

I stumble along through the forest, looking for something to do; someone to kill. Who knew the Hunger Games could be so BORING? Da da da da da da da… And I stop dead in my tracks. What was that? I stand still. One second of silence.

And then the boy from District Ten charges at me with an axe.

He gets within about fifty feet and throws the axe. “DIE, STUPID CAREER!” It sails past me. “HAHAHA, YOU MISSED! NO WAY, JOSE! YOU DIE, CAREER!”




“SURE!” And I go off with Jackson Jackson to kill those stupid Careers.

Iuv’s POV

I sit on a tree stump, eating my blackberries. Now that I think of it, I was lucky just to make it out of the bloodbath with water. I haven't found any yet, but the sun's been shining the entire games so far. There must be water somewhere. And I should look for it, because I'm almost out.

But, at the same time, it isn’t wise to go walking through the forest without even a weapon. That’s what I really need. A weapon. Or maybe an ally with a weapon. And water. I’ll need a lot of stuff soon. And the realization dawns on me that I can’t get it all on my own. I’ll need sponsors. And how do I get the sponsors to like me? What do I really need right now?

I need Samantha.

I pack up what little I have and start out back toward the Cornucopia. I need to find her. It doesn’t matter how fake the act is if the sponsors think it’s real. And I think we’ve convinced them it is. At least, I hope so. Because a six in training alone won’t get you sponsors, and without them, I’ve got a long Games on my hands.

David’s POV

The other Careers apparently found the need to wake me up with lake water. Nobody’s threatening us, what’s wrong with sleeping in? Apparently everything, because Gwynevire already has a plan for the day.

“Alright, guys. Time to go hunting for tributes. We’re strong, so we’ll do best if we split up. I know from the moss that the Cornucopia is north of here. Shamus and I will head that way and loop around to the west. David, Amy, you guys head off to the east. You can go ahead and kill whoever you find unless Mad Jack wants to team up with us. Megan, you’ve got guard duty today. Catch us some fish, we’ll meet you back here an hour before sunset. Any questions?”


As Amy and I head off into the eastern forest, I realize something. I’m not in charge of this Career pack anymore. Gwynevire is. And how did she get there? By actually being somewhat nice to people. Just the thought of it disgusts me. That’s not a Career mentality.

And I begin to realize something about the girl from One. She’s a perfect model of how a normal tribute should be. Intelligent. Strong. Deceptive. Good with weapons. The only reason Careers ever don’t win a Games is when they lack someone-one person- to hold them together. Right now, Gwynevire Teng is the one holding us together.

And I hate her for it.

Aellai’s POV

I climb down my tree, axe in hand. Benjamin is waiting at the bottom. “Any luck?”

“No water for at least a mile. We better get going.”

We start walking and discuss what to do once we find water. Benjamin wants to bottle it up and get away from it; come back every day. I told him if we found moving water, we wouldn’t have to go very far, we could walk in it and nobody could track us. He argued that they could, and we didn’t come to a decision. We didn’t have time; we were a little too loud. I heard a twig snap, and the next thing I knew, the boy from Two was charging me with a sword.

I turn to Benjamin. “Get out of here, NOW. I’ll hold them.”

“Don’t be stupid.”

“GO! I’ll die anyway, save yourself!” And he does. I turn to the boy from Two and throw my axe. It misses by inches, and he comes at me with his sword. The last thing I see is a silver blade sticking out of my chest.

Kazuo’s POV

A cannon sounds in the distance. I wonder who died. Oh, well. They all have to die if I want to make it back home.

I came back to the Cornucopia today to see what was left. There’s not much, but I’ll make use of it. The knife I found wasn’t very sharp, but I can work with it. Maybe make something out of wood; there’s plenty of that in the arena.

“Hey,look!” I turn around, hoping to see Luna. It’s not her. The pair from One has arrived, weapons in hand. I run back, and they take off after me. But the boy is faster than me. I end up facing water. Half the tributes here can’t swim. What kind of a Cornucopia design was this? From a Gamemaker status, a brilliant one.

The boy from One looks over me curiously. Is he deciding how to kill me? Waiting for the girl to catch up? He pulls out a knife and stabs me in the thigh. I send mine into his foot, but it doesn’t even penetrate his shoe. I stand there, looking at him fearfully.

He sees the emotion in my eyes, and pushes me into the water. My leg is bleeding badly, and I can’t swim. I’m done, and he knows it. He walks off with the girl, leaving me alone to drown. At least this way, I have one minute underwater to think of happy things. Home. Food. And Luna. She has to win. She has to win…

Kayle’s POV

Nothing. Five snares, and not one caught anything. I guess I’ll settle for blackberries. Probably a good idea anyway, since I’d expose myself by starting a fire.

I hear a distant beeping. I look up, and a silver parachute drifts down to meet me. I open it up. SWEET! A KNIFE! And a…what the heck is this thing? I then see a note. It’s called a waffle, just try it. You’re doing great.-B

I take a bite out of it. This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted! This would go great with all the stuff the Capitol has for breakfast! “OMG THIS NEEDS A SONG!” I cover my mouth. Did anybody hear that?

The announcer comes on. “YEAH, KAYLE! THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!” A song comes on…”Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yeah we like pancakes!” “Seriously,” I say, “What kind of a song is this?”

All of a sudden, Nathaniel Jones steps out from behind a tree. “The last one you’ll ever hear.” And his ally from Ten throws his axe straight into my chest.

Loomus’s POV

A cannon goes off. That makes three today. Fourteen alive, ten dead. The sun will set soon, and I’ll find out who died. I hope one was for Jackson. HE IS CREEPY. Although, he can kill almost as well as the careers. His face will not be in the sky tonight; I’m sure of it. He’s a strong tribute, but he’s not the kind of ally I want right now.

Yes, I want an ally.

I know I’d probably end up killing them at the end, but I’m running out of plans, and I’m running out of food. Thankfully my asthma hasn’t flared up yet. Any tribute nearby would surely hear me. Although, what if that tribute has the food I need?

The anthem begins and three faces are projected over the arena. The girl from Seven, the boy from Eight, and the girl from Twelve are all dead. I run through a list of possible remaining allies. None are preferable, but I’ll have to settle. Because this is the Hunger Games, and when hunger shows up in your stomach, so does your face in the starry sky…

End of Day Two

Day Three!

Ren’s POV

I’ve been hidden away for two days now. I’m fourteen; how am I supposed to kill anybody? Whatever. The birds begin chirping, and I start climbing out of my tree before I hear the soft clashing of metal. Must be a big fight off in the distance. Unless…no, it can’t be. I turn around to look at the birds, and sure enough, my darkest fears are realized.


I need to get out of here. Without making any noise at all. The birds hear the slightest thing, and I’m dead. Quietly, I slip out of my tree. I pause on the ground, and start tiptoeing off towards the Cornucopia.

Then I realize something. I can be quiet. But who has a little trouble with that? Only the most powerful alliance in the arena. If the Careers come near the stabberjays, they’ll be instantly under attack. But how do I lure them in?

Luna’s POV

I watch silently as Ren, the girl from Three, begins gathering sticks, branches, whatever she can find. Is she trying to start a fire? Well, that’s a good way to get yourself killed. I can’t stand by and let her do this. So I call out her name as loud as I dare. She turns. I shrug, and she glares at me, putting a finger over her mouth and pointing at a row of birds about forty yards away.

I slide down my tree. “What are those? And why do you need a fire?”

“The birds are called stabberjays. They’re like normal jabberjays, except their beaks are replaced with sharp metal. After they repeat whatever you say, they fly in and stab you in the chest. They’re nasty birds, and I’m not proud to say my district helped create them.”

“Ouch. And the fire?”

She grins. “Careers can’t resist smoke. And they’re awfully loud.”

“That’s the best plan I’ve ever heard. Want to be allies? I’ll help you start the fire; you’re doing it wrong.”

“Allies,” she replies, and we shake on it.

Amy’s POV

“Come on, guys! Smoke! There’s someone over there!” Gwynevire gets us all up and informs us of the plan. “Shamus and I will go towards the fire, and if anyone’s still there, we’ll kill them.”

“What!” complains David. “Why can’t I kill them?”

“Your job is just as important. David, Amy, scout around to the north of the fire. If anybody left the area, which they should if they’re sane, hunt them down over there. Megan, you’re guard.”


“We can’t drag a sponsor gift up from the bottom of the lake. Or fish.”

“Fine.” She scowls, and I head off with David as the District One tributes disappear into the forest.

Shamus’s POV

We’re approaching the fire, and it’s beginning to die down. It’s clear that nobody’s tending it, but they had to have a reason for lighting it here.

“Nobody’s here. They ran away.”

“Don’t be so sure yet, Shamus. Check the trees.”

Check the trees.”

“Gwynevire, what was that?”

“Gwynevire, what was that?”

“Ok, stop, whoever you are!”

Ok, stop, whoever you are!”

“JUST SHUT UP!” And the voice disappears.

And a group of at least fifteen birds flies out of a nearby tree directly at us.

Gwynevire’s POV

The sun glints off the beaks of the attacking birds, and I scream. “STABBERJAYS!”

“Mutts! They’ll stab us to death!”

The first one flies at Shamus, and he deflects it with his trident. I throw a knife at one and clip its wing. But we’re completely outnumbered. Three birds attack Shamus at once. He swipes one away, but one stabs him just below the collarbone. He crumples to the ground. “SHAMUS!”

“Gwynevire…run.” His cannon goes off. I turn to run, but I find a stabberjay has made its way around the back. I reach for my knife, but I’m not quick enough. The bird flies at me and impales its beak in my heart.

Tristan’s POV

Two cannons go off within fifteen seconds. What just happened? Did dueling tributes both die? Did the Careers turn on each other? None of these are likely. Poison, maybe?

Whatever. Two fewer for me to deal with. We’re down to…twelve now. Halfway. The betting in the Capitol must be getting intense now. What about home? Nine doesn’t usually have anybody left at this point. It must be exciting there, too.

All goes quiet. The birds stop singing. And a hovercraft comes over the arena. I look for the bodies of tributes from the weaker districts-Ten, Eleven and Twelve-to be lifted up.

And I nearly faint when I see the punctured bodies of both of District One’s tributes.

Benjamin’s POV

Ten feet.

That’s how close I was to David and Amy today. All they had to do was look behind a tree, and I would be dead right now. But they didn’t, and here I am.

I really should be dead right now. I think the Careers are getting too arrogant. Maybe not One and Four, but certainly Two. They’re always the worst. They think they can win, each and every year, just because they’re better prepared. Usually one of them does, but they can’t all six win. And sometimes none of them do. Yet they volunteer anyway, year after year.

Yes. They are definitely getting a little arrogant after nineteen years. And if you can’t control it, your arrogance will lead to your demise...

Ren’s POV

Luna and I climb up into the trees to listen to the anthem. Two are dead. But who?

The anthem begins, and the seal is shown. The boy from District One appears. “It worked,” whispers Luna. I smile.

Then the girl from One. I look at Luna, and instinctively give her a high-five. “You’re a genius, you know,” she tells me.

“Thanks.” I tie myself up and settle in for the night. I have an ally. I’ve been credited with two kills. Pretty soon, the sponsors will come rolling in for Luna and me. There’s still quite a ways to go, but I can’t help thinking of District Three. Home. I’m far, far away, but I’m getting closer. And with that thought, I drift off to sleep.

End of Day Three

Day Four!

Megan’s POV

So, this morning the Careers woke up to find a huge bronze shield floating in the middle of the lake. Naturally, since we’re Careers and Gwynevire isn’t here to keep the peace, we’ve been fighting over who gets the shield for the past hour and a half.

“I swam out to get it, David! It’s mine!”

“I’m in charge, and I will do what I want with it!”

“Since when are you in charge, David?”

“Since I said so, Amy! Now everybody SHUT UP!”

And we don’t, of course. I could really go on forever about all the pointless stuff we’ve fought over in the last twenty-four hours, but I’ll have to deal with it. My mentor was right. Two is always the worst.

Mad Jack’s POV

“And so they all died. The end.”

“Jack, that story’s not really scary.”

“What do you mean? I said THEY ALL DIED!”

“They’re CATTLE. It’s not like they’re gonna fight back.”

“Nathaniel, I don’t think you understand that I have 500 kills now.”
“And I don’t think YOU understand that 498 of them don’t count.”

“And I don’t think YOU understand that cattle are living organisms.”



Samantha’s POV

I trudge on through the forest with barely enough strength to walk. I’m badly dehydrated and would stand no chance in a fight right now. The sponsors aren’t coming through for me without the fake romance thing, and I haven’t seen water in almost two days. Until I feel something on my left arm. Could it be?

YES! RAIN! WOOHOO! I open up my empty water bottle and stick out my tongue to catch as much water as I can. The Gamemakers picked a pretty good time for it to finally rain in the arena. I decide I no longer hate them. Wait a minute…the bow I just made has to stay dry! What’s wrong with making my own weapon? It’s not even good yet, give me some time!

I take all my energy to get up and lean the bow against the tree. It’s of no use to me until I can kill an animal and use the intestines for the bowstring. Hopefully the rusty knife I used to make it will still be sharp enough to make a couple arrows. I lean back against the tree but hear a faint noise underneath the rain.

The rustle of leaves. There’s no wind today. Meaning either these are fake trees, or I’m about to die. I stand up, and I can still barely move. A figure emerges from the forest, but I can’t make it out until the tribute wraps his arms around me and wrestles me to the ground. And weak as I am, the cameras are still watching me, and I don’t resist the urge to hug him back.


Iuv’s POV

“There you are! You look terrible, what happened?”

“Hey Iuv…got any water?”

“Take as much as you want. It looks like the rain will continue well into the night.” I pass her my water bottle and examine her campground. In the state she’s in, any tribute left could probably kill her easily. “What’s this?”

“A bow I made. Pretty bad, huh?”

“It’s not that bad. Well, except for, you know, not having a bowstring. You want a real knife? It’ll work a lot better than the one you have now.”

“Deal.” She gives me another hug. And out in the arena, even with all of Panem watching me, I feel as if I’m alone with Samantha. And I truly hope I am, because we’re in no shape to fight the Careers right now.

Loomus’s POV

I’ve been hunting all day, but haven’t come up with anything. Not that I should expect to. I’m terrible at making snares. I found some blueberries earlier today, but I left in pursuit of game and ate all I had. Once again, my food supply is gone. I have just an axe.

Scratch that. I also have the boy from District Nine charging me with a spear.

He throws it. I duck, and it misses my shoulder by a mere inch. I throw the axe, and it misses, too. He turns around to pick up the axe and attack me again, but I won’t give him the chance. “Wait! Allies?”

“If you can convince me.”

“Um…I need your food?”

“THAT’s your argument?"

I take a step back and pick up his spear, stuck in a tree. “I also won’t kill you right now.”

“Uh, sounds good. I’m Tristan James.”

“Loomus Graham.” And I finally get the first decent meal since I entered the arena.

Luna’s POV

Anthem and seal. The usual routine, only today, no faces. Nobody died today. The Capitol audience must be getting bored. And we all know exactly how they’ll fix it.


“Halfway?” says Ren. “The interviews are at eight, what does halfway have to do with anything?”


Oh, no. Not again.


“I think we need a new arena announcer, Luna.”

I chuckle. “I couldn’t agree more.” And I drift off to sleep once again.

End of Day Four


Benjamin’s POV


What is up with this announcer? Seriously, he makes it sound like he wants us to die. Then again, he’s from the Capitol. I’m sick of all them. Can they not see the horror in all this? “Why,” I mumble, “Why do we have to go to this feast?”





David’s POV

"So, yeah, that’s our plan. Can I have one of those waffle things?”

Amy looks at me quizzically. “Um, David, we kinda…ran out.”


“We ran out of waffles, David.”

“Fine. Let’s get out of here, the feast should start soon. Remember the plan.”

“David, I think you forgot about Mad Jack. He’s probably spent the last four days plotting how to kill you, so the whole ‘go in and decapitate everybody’ thing might not work on him.”

I shrug it off. “Yeah, and I’m President Palmer. Trust me, it’ll work.” Together, the three remaining Careers set off for the Cornucopia.

Tristan’s POV

“You really think this is a good idea, Loomus?”

“Trust me. We’ll get the supplies we need, maybe a kill or two, and then we’ll be out of here.”

I lean back against the inside of the Cornucopia, where we are hiding until the feast starts. Judging by the sun, it’s 11:59. Nobody will beat us to the supplies. We just have to get out alive. Past all the Careers and Mad Jack…

“Loomus, it’s noon. Let’s go.” I turn around and take a step out of the mouth of the Cornucopia. I see movement off in the distance, probably the Careers, but no supplies? Where are they? A shadow passes over. Right at noon? I look up.

My last sight is a hovercraft flying away, the huge bundle of food and weapons that it dropped about to squish me into the ground.

Nathaniel’s POV

The girl from Ten screams and dives into the Cornucopia as her ally is crushed under the supplies. Jackson and I charge out, ready to seize them. But the Careers showed up, too. And even more important is killing them.

Tristan’s cannon goes off, and the Careers run at us with their swords. Jack makes the first move, throwing his axe at David. He dives out of the way. Jack runs and picks up two more axes. He throws the first at his district partner, trying to escape. It lands at her feet, and she takes it and runs back around the lake. The second leaves his hand and sinks into the stomach of Amy Sparks. She falls to the ground.

Jack turns to me. “Well? Do something!” And I do.

I turn around, and the trident intended for Jack impales me in the chest.

I fall to the ground. A cannon sounds for Amy, and mine will surely be next. David and Megan are running away, but Jack stays. “Jack…kill the rest of those stupid Careers for me.” And I close my eyes for the last time.

Samantha’s POV

Iuv and I walk around the lake to the Cornucopia after the Careers leave. A few weapons remain. I pick up a shining new silver bow. And water. That might help, considering I still can’t actively fight.

“Samantha, did you hear that?”


“I thought I heard somebody in the-There!” I turn around and see only a flash of green hair. The Career girl, I think. They’re back. Well, now would be a good time to test out my bow. I pull an arrow out of my quiver and fire. It finds its mark on the side of the tribute’s left leg.

I hear a high-pitched scream. Too high-pitched…

I run over to the motionless body of Ren Devroe.

Ren’s POV

“What happened? You didn’t have green hair!”

“I put leaves in it to disguise myself. Pretty stupid, huh?” I hold my leg to help quell the bleeding.

“Sorry, I thought you were Megan. Here, let me help you with that. Iuv, is there any cloth in there? I need a tourniquet.”

“Samantha, why are you doing this?”

“To keep you alive! You’ll probably lose most function in this leg, but it’s better than bleeding to death, right?”

"I guess. Where’s Luna? She was out gathering stuff, but she was supposed to meet me back here by now.”

“Ren, I have no idea where-“BOOM. A cannon.

Megan’s POV

At the last second, I remember to pull my trident out of the lifeless body of Benjamin Woodrew. It’s just David and I now, so we have to make every kill we can. And when you show up two hours late for a feast, well, you’ll face the consequences.

“How many?”

“Eight, David. Pay attention.” I realize this means interviews and smile for the cameras. “Love you, Mom and Dad…wherever you are right now.”

Iuv’s POV

Samantha and I sit on the rocks near the stream. We’re trying to fish, but it’s obvious we’re both incompetent with a bucket. Doubt there’s anything even in here, this just gets us sponsors.

Ren was able to get back up and walk into the forest. She was limping badly, but if Luna met up with her at the right spot, she's probably doing fine. If not, though, she's an easy target.

The anthem plays as the sun sets. First Amy, who must have died at the feast. Then Benjamin, Tristan and Nathaniel. Eight left. Samantha, Ren and I are three. We’re doing pretty well with this plan. “Samantha, we only have eight left. We could do this, you know. One of us could go home.”

“So? What’s the use if we can’t both win?”

“I think it would at least be nice to feed our district, don’t you think?”

“Ha. Don’t be worried about that yet.”

“Well, you can leave the arena if you win, so…”
“Iuv, I don’t want to leave right now. I’m sitting on the rocks watching a sunset with you; what more could I ask for right now?”

“Uh…a fish? Good point.”
“There are plenty of fish out there, Iuv, but you’re the only one that matters to me right now.” And Samantha leans over and kisses me.

She. Kisses. Me.

Naturally, a parachute comes flying down with food. Our mentor is a genius. And as I lay down to sleep half an hour later, I wonder, Was that for the cameras? Or was it real?

I may never know.

End of Day Five

Day Six!

Luna’s POV

I was out picking berries yesterday, so I didn’t get to the feast. Ren must have been there. She wasn’t at the meeting place we set up, but she wasn’t in the sky, either. Hopefully she’s okay.

Unfortunately, I ran out of the water we got during the storm on day four. It is hot out today. If I leave the forest, I run the risk of dehydration, but leave I must. It’s the only option. Luckily, I’ve figured out the quickest way to get to the creek by now, so I shouldn’t be out in the open for too long.

Half an hour later, I’m about a hundred yards from the creek when I’m tackled. I try to pull out my blowgun but hear a “Where were you?”

“Ren! What happened to your leg?”

“Arrow. You better watch out now, Luna. I can beat you up a lot better with these crutches my mentor sent me than I could with a knife.” We share a laugh, and I know we’ll be just fine for now. That’s the Ren Devroe I know.

Mad Jack’s POV

Two girls are lying on the ground laughing. Well, this is awkward. It’s also a good time for me to start killing again! Yay! I throw my axe, and it hits the 3 girl in the chest. They turn around, shocked.

Her ally from 8 reacts while she rolls on the ground in pain. “Luna, it’s okay. Just win, win for me.” Luna dodges my other axe and holds her ally’s hand. A cannon goes off. She turns to me.

“All out of weapons, huh? Well, this is what you get for killing my friend.” I expect her to pull out a knife or something.

Instead she takes her ally’s crutch and whacks me across the face.

As I fall to the ground, I feel something pierce my back. I crane my head to see it. “Poison dart,” she says. “It’s called nightlock. You’ll be dead in about, oh, thirty seconds.” She turns her back and walks away silently, while I slip away without hearing my cannon go off.

Loomus’s POV

I watch silently as Luna Snare walks off after slaying my district partner. To be honest, he’s probably better off dead. He’d only be a threat, and he’s…well, not exactly the nicest person out there. Of course, it’s the Hunger Games. Not that I am right now, either. I just want to make it back home.

And I have a chance to now. Six left. Luna and I, of course. I consider allying with her, but shake it off. There’s something very…peculiar about her. Something that makes me feel I’d get a poison dart in my back while I’m asleep. Then there’s the pair from Eleven, who are too hopelessly in love to really do anything right now. Then, of course, the Careers. I scowl. But it quickly changes to a smile when I realize how close I am to District Ten. Satisfied, I head off to find some food.

Samantha’s POV

Iuv and I are relaxing in the meadow. Yes, relaxing. In the middle of the Hunger Games. It sounds stupid, I know. But people do some stupid, stupid things when they’re in love.

“What do you think our mentor makes of this?”

“Samantha, you know exactly what he thinks. Either he’s drunk and he’s bragging about us, or he’s sober and he’s yelling at us to get off our butts and do something. Probably the first, of course.”

I can’t help but laugh. “Hey, Randy? Remember, if one of us wins you get some more of that liquor from District Nine. I know it’s your favorite.”

Iuv chuckles. Then, unexpectedly, he leans in to kiss me.

And so do I, because I love him, too.








“You. Are. Annoying. PLEASE STOP.”


“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Just TAKE A LOOK AHEAD! That’s all I have to say, ‘cause IT’S TIME FOR ME TO FLY!”

Hesitantly, I look up.

David’s POV

The girl from 11 notices me just as my spear falls to the ground just short of her. Jumping up, she grabs her bow, but I don’t give her the chance to shoot. I aim my knife, and it hits her just underneath the shoulder. She crumples.

The boy from 11 then gives a loud roar and picks up her bow. He tries to shoot at me, but ends up almost hitting Megan instead. “Just leave us alone, okay? You can come back and kill me tomorrow.”

“Fine.” Megan and I run back into the woods.

Iuv’s POV


“Iuv…I won’t make it.”

“You’re fine, you’re fine!”

“You know I’m not, Iuv. Just…just try to win for me, okay?” Her chest is barely moving now.

“Samantha…” is all I can make out as the tears begin running down my face. She makes one last effort to open her eyes, and I kiss her one last time. Her cannon fires.

I break down. I’m just lying on the ground sobbing my head off. Any tribute that came by at this point could easily just stab me. And I wouldn’t care too much if they did. But I have to keep going. For her…

I run off into the forest as the sun sets, wishing nothing more than to be with Samantha Donovan.

End of Day Six


Luna’s POV

Wherever I ended up yesterday is TEEMING with nightlock berries. Perfect. I could use these for my darts. Unfortunately, there’s no real sign of any edible food around here, so I’ll have to go look for something.

The Final Five. I know it’s best not to get ahead of myself, but when I close my eyes I can already smell the run-down shacks making up my home. District Eight: So close, yet so far. I think of my family, surely watching me right now. Was it only five days ago that Kazuo died? It seems like it’s been a month. Well, time can be unkind to you here in the arena. Unfortunately, only time will tell if I make it out of here alive.

Head Gamemaker Jeremy Joseph Stewart’s POV

I watch intently as Luna Snare readies her darts. She’s prepared for a battle. A battle that will come today. The Capitol is ready for these games to come to a thrilling end. Lucky me for having to rise up to that task or face President Palmer’s wrath.

“Sir, two minutes to noon.”

“Great. Get ready to watch this thing burn. I want the final battle to be spectacular.”

“You got it, sir. Send them to the beach?”

“The beach it is.”

Loomus’s POV

A tree twenty yards behind me erupts in flames. Oh, great. Surely they want to get this thing over with and force us all together. Not how I would have done it, but I’ll have to comply. That or burn to death. I take off in the opposite direction, with the line of flames hot on my heels.

Half a mile in, I’m struggling to keep a consistent pace. Curse my stupid asthma! Why does fire have to produce smoke? But, for the sake of my family, I have to keep going. And I do. The fire appears to be slowing down a little, but I don’t remember the arena being this big. Where are they pushing us?

Well, I’m about to find out. The fire is advancing only slowly now, and the end of the forest is in sight. I raise my axe and burst out of the trees onto a sandy beach by what appears to be the ocean.

But I’m not alone.

Omniscient POV

Loomus ducks as David’s first knife whizzes over her head. She falls to the ground to avoid his second knife before realizing it wasn’t aimed at her. The knife hits Iuv in the leg, and he falls to the ground, bleeding badly. He leaves the knife in his wound to quell the bleeding.

David turns back to Loomus. “You ready to die?” He throws his spear straight at Loomus, but she jumps to the side. Not quite enough, however. The spear hits her wrist and she falls. David advances for the kill. He looks over her, smiling. His face goes blank as he raises his knife.

And he falls to the ground with Luna’s dart in his back.

Luna, being the last tribute to make it out of the burning forest, had gone completely unnoticed. The noise of David’s cannon, however, startles Megan, and she turns to Luna, disgusted. Luna gives her a wicked smile just as the trident leaves her hand. It pierces Luna’s chest. She looks up into the sky with a smile on her face, and a cannon sounds.

Loomus, grateful to Luna for saving her life, now turns to Megan. Her axe finds Megan’s foot. Megan pulls it out of her foot at throws it back at Loomus. It sails far over her head. Both tributes are now weaponless. Loomus advances on Megan, knowing she may have a physical advantage. Megan realizes this as well and retreats toward her only remaining friend-the sea. She swims out about fifty feet as Loomus yells at her from the shore. “How’s the weather WAY out there?”

“Better than it is where you are, loser.”

“You sure you should be in the ocean with an open cut? You might want to come back over here.” Loomus holds up her axe.

Oh, crud. Great whites can detect one drop of blood in two million liters of water… Megan frantically tries to swim back toward the shore, but she’s too late. A shark picks her up from underneath and carries her away, the red of blood still visible from the shore. A cannon sounds, and it’s down to two.

Loomus runs over to Iuv, prepared to win, but pauses. Iuv has just now found the strength to stand up and is still too weak to move, much less fight. She lowers her axe. “Just do it, Loomus. You can go home.”


“Listen to me! It’ll be better for the both of us.”

“Not for you, no.”

“Loomus, look at me. Do you think I can fight now? Just end it, okay? This way, we’ll both end up with the ones we love.”

Samantha, of course. And my family…they can’t bear to see me die. I need to do this.

Loomus raises the axe and closes her eyes as it sticks into Iuv’s stomach. “Thank you…” Iuv falls and reaches up to the sky, as if to grasp the hand of Samantha Donovan. He closes his eyes, and the final cannon of the 19th Hunger Games goes off.


Loomus climbs up the ladder to the hovercraft, and music begins to play. “SERIOUSLY, JIMOTHY?”


Six Months Later

Loomus’s POV

My mentor said that the games could really change you. Boy, was he right.

My family’s among the richest in District Ten now, and we can finally afford fresh produce. Ten is grateful for the extra food. We need it right now. I try not to let the fame get to me, and I don’t expect it to. Everyone I know is cool about it, and now that I’ve seen the Capitol, I know why nobody there ever takes a vacation to the districts.

But, of course, the horrors of the Games don’t come to an end. The nightmares are the worst. Constantly, they come. Every night, images of Tristan being crushed under the supplies, Luna dying with Megan’s trident in her chest, and, of course, Jimothy’s announcements. Yeah, they really need to find a new announcer for next year. It sinks in that I’ll soon be the mentor, that I’ll probably be watching two of my friends die in six months. Fun times. And I still haven’t regained full use of my wrist.

Yeah, my mentor was right. Other than the whole ‘having food’ thing, my life as a victor sucks.

But I guess that’s why they say every rose has its thorn.

The End

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