Wassup, yo? Well, the time has come for me to begin reaping tributes for my next games! I'm really excited for these, and I hope you guys will help me to make these my best games yet! So, without further ado, let's kick these off!


There will be 28 tributes in these games (I'm adding Zero and Thirteen). Each user can submit up to TWO tributes. I don't have a template for you, but please be as detailed as possible, as it will only improve the chances of your tribute doing well.

I really don't need 12 couples in these games, so...yeah. Try to refrain from this (as well as brother/sister pairs).

I would appreciate it if you would submit a lunaii with your tribute, but if you do not have one, feel free to submit a real-life pic or a physical description and I will make one for you.

Also, tributes do not have to be brand new, but please don't use them if they have been in any of my previous games.

So, that's pretty much it. Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes of the Cineris Games
Dist. Male Tribute User Female Tribute User
0 Zace Ciphra District1 Obsessed Maia Pithra Wesolini
1 Orion Nightlock Jabberjay78 Temepara Black AxedFox
2 Brass Sater Angry birds12 Renna Tsu Happy Meadows
3 Heice Gelomani ViniciusDeAssis1999 Aria Camelliston Katelyn.danita
4 Reed Crest Angry birds12 Marcie Coldren Katelyn.danita
5 Ali Swintnose HungryTeen Annie Swalop HungryTeen
6 Savage Wrench Hybrid Shadow Lia Mainwaring Annamisasa
7 Zorin Calpe Wesolini Davyn Moltaggio Happy Meadows
8 Thorn Darkwater EHKnight Soul Silverless Hybrid Shadow
9 Milo Amaranth The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Glitter Sparkle Jabberjay78
10 Halycon Theradras The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Cassidy Goldrain District1 Obsessed
11 John Poluse KNKHungerGames Maizie Hawthorne KNKHungerGames
12 Spark Pyrrhus Junior ii Vera Shadows AxedFox
13 Sylvester Velvet EHKnight Lira Roberts ViniciusDeAssis1999

Arena (click to enlarge)

Cineris Arena
The arena contains four sections centered around the Cornucopia, which is on a small piece of land radiating out to the other sections over fresh water. The NW section has a river valley with a few rugged hills and some fertile land, but is mostly filled with vast, snowy mountains. Rugged and mostly barren mountains cover much of the NE part, but if you search carefully, you can find abundant food and water in the center of the sector. The SE is simply a cluster of saltwater islands. In the SW, there is a peninsula sticking out into an 'ocean'. It has a few hills and is covered in mostly rainforest with a beach at the end. It also has a single freshwater stream. The purple dots represent the tribute plates, the yellow horn the Cornucopia. Am I missing anything? Gosh, this is a long arena description :P

Tribute Gallery

I'll finish the rest of this when I have time, most likely tomorrow.



Ryan (1)

Erlend (1)

Junior (1)

Josh (2)

Julia (1)

Kekai (1)

ARENA WEAR (because Bella asked for it)

The tributes will be wearing specially designed uniforms in order to react properly to the temperature differences between the different arena zones, keeping in the desired amount of heat and reflecting the sun if necessary. They will appear in the form of blue long-sleeved t-shirts. They will also wear, uh, pants and shoes.


Meeting Over Something Important Which Will Be Disclosed Later- President Fairchild

"This is...this is just spectacular. You, my good sir, are a genius."

"Well, it's not just me, Mr. President. My research team, the operations team, the office of-"

"It is no matter. You assure me that all of the technologies are in place?"

"Yes, Mr. President. Absolutely."

"And Gamemaker Rogers is aware of this, right? We wouldn't want to interfere with the Games, they'll be starting up very soon."

"He assured me that it would be no matter."

"Very good. Well, you should get those public operations rolling then. Good luck, sir."

"Thank you very much, Mr. President. Good day to you."

I take one more look at the file I hold in my left hand.

Slowly, a smile creeps onto my face.


Training Scores: The Cineris Games
Dist. New Tribute/Score Revived Tribute/Score
0M Zace Ciphra: 7 Comet Ash: 7
0F Maia Pithra: 5 Eclipse Icefall: 7
1M Orion Nightlock: 8 Blake Scarr: 10
1F Temepara Black: 9 Harmonia Felton: 10
2M Brass Sater: 10 Wren Hayes: 9
2F Renna Tsu: 9 Chloe Piperholt: 9
3M Heice Gelomani: 6 Olly Oompa: 10
3F Aria Camelliston: 8 Harlow Moon: 10
4M Reed Crest: 8 Surf Waves: 8
4F Marcie Coldren: 8 Thalia Summers: 9
5M Ali Swintnose: 4 North Baron: 8
5F Annie Swalop: 6 Cabria Autumn: 6
6M Savage Wrench: 10 Gerrit Khone: 14.5
6F Lia Mainwaring: 7 Glade Frost: 7
7M Zorin Calpe: 8 Luke Searer: 7
7F Davyn Moltaggio: 7 Alita Oakley: 5
8M Thorn Darkwater: 10 Down Smith: 5
8F Soul Silverless: 6 Luna Snare: 6
9M Milo Amaranth: 7 York Leabowl: 6
9F Glitter Sparkle: 10 Amber Pike: 4
10M Halycon Theradras: 9 Everest Strong: 9
10F Cassidy Goldrain: 6 Indigo Cartwright: 7
11M John Poluse: 7 Iuv Turntub: 5
11F Maizie Hawthorne: 6 Amazonia Fallow: 8
12M Spark Pyrrhus: 5 Hudson Rylie: 9
12F Vera Shadows: 6 Ardis Blaze: 7
13M Sylvester Velvet: 6 Aurum Livingstone: 8
13F Lira Roberts: 7 Killigan Isselli: 7

Arisen from the ashes...

Okay, so maybe I lied about just randomly picking the name Cineris. I knew I was going to do this when I was about halfway through my last games. You guys were really up to the task of submitting some awesome tributes for these games, and I'm excited to use them! However, there were also a chunk of very good tributes from my previous games that I got attached to. Some of them I loved writing for, some of them had a complex personality I'd like to have shown both sides of, and some were just plain awesome. So, the bottom line is...

28 tributes have arisen from the ashes to fight once more.

There! My evil plan is revealed! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Anyways, the revived tributes are shown below. Special thanks to AxedFox for helping me with the lunaiis. These tributes will have their own bloodbath on the beach in the SW corner at dusk.

Revived Tributes of the Cineris Games
Dist. Male Tribute User Female Tribute User
0 Comet Ash (5) Jabberjay78 Eclipse Icefall (5) Jabberjay78
1 Blake Scarr (4) Angry birds12 Harmonia Felton (5) Calopy
2 Wren Hayes (2) PeetaPancakes Chloe Piperholt (2) Happy Meadows
3 Olly Oompa (2) Srish3211 Harlow Moon (4) AxedFox
4 Surf Waves (2) Ms.finnickodair Thalia Summers (2) PeetaPancakes
5 North Baron (5) AxedFox Cabria Autumn (4) HeavyRotation
6 Gerrit Khone (3) Nate777 Glade Frost (2) Nate777
7 Luke Searer (4) Thena.airice14 Alita Oakley (4) HeavyRotation
8 Down Smith (5) Angry birds12 Luna Snare (1) Justafox
9 York Leabowl (5) ~PopTart~ Amber Pike (4) Nate777
10 Everest Strong (4) Angry birds12 Indigo Cartwright (4) RedTurtle433
11 Iuv Turntub (1) Rainbow Shifter Amazonia Fallow (5) Fluffeh Kitteh
12 Hudson Rylie (5) Moviepopcorn123 Ardis Blaze (3) Nate777
13 Aurum Livingstone (2) PurpleZombie Killigan Isselli (5) Moviepopcorn123
  • Comet Ash (0M)
  • Eclipse Icefall (0F)
  • Blake Scarr (1M)
  • Harmonia Felton (1F)
  • Wren Hayes (2M)
  • Chloe Piperholt (2F)
  • Olly Oompa (3M)
  • Harlow Moon (3F)
  • Surf Waves (4M)
  • Thalia Summers (4F)
  • North Baron (5M)
  • Cabria Autumn (5F)
  • Gerrit Khone (6M)
  • Glade Frost (6F)
  • Luke Searer (7M)
  • Alita Oakley (7F)
  • Down Smith (8M)
  • Luna Snare (8F)
  • York Leabowl (9M)
  • Amber Pike (9F)
  • Everest Strong (10M)
  • Indigo Cartwright (10F)
  • Iuv Turntub (11M)
  • Amazonia Fallow (11F)
  • Hudson Rylie (12M)
  • Ardis Blaze (12F)
  • Aurum Livingstone (13M)
  • Killigan Isselli (13F)

Part One: Arisen

Entering the Arena- Davyn Moltaggio (7)

Light. That's all I can see as I am raised up into the arena along with the other tributes. I close them and wait for my plate to carry me to the top, gaining my focus and forming a plan in my head.

When the plate stops moving upward, I open my eyes. The Cornucopia is in front of me...across a lake.

Great. I have to swim.

There are wedges radiating out from it, but they're on an incline. You can get to them from the Cornucopia, but they'd be too tall to climb from the water. Not happening. So I'm kind of stuck here, huh?

I take a quick glance around me. To my left is Vera from 12. She's eyeing this up as well. Something tells me this isn't her strength either. But she can pull through. She's upbeat and optimistic, but at the same time very competitive. She knows what it's going to take to win this thing, and she's doing everything in her control to make sure she's prepared to pull if off.

She's just like Daylin.

And that's why I'm allying with her.

I can't seem to find our other group member, Lia from 6, in our sector of seven tributes. To my right, though, I notice Reed Crest of District 4, eyeing the Cornucopia and the water around it with a pleasantly surprised smirk on his face. He made a dangerous, dangerous move by choosing not to ally with the Careers. I really thought something like that was going to come back to hurt him.

Now he's going to be the first one to the Cornucopia for sure. If he can pull it off the first ten minutes, then he's someone to watch out for. Anybody here is, really. You have to keep your eyes open at all times, or you don't stand a chance. That's the Hunger Games for you.

And that's exactly what it takes to win.

So when the gong sounds, I immediately forget about how bad of a swimmer I am and jump right in. Because if I want to do this, this year, in this arena, with this crop of tributes, I simply have no other choice.

Let the Hunger Games begin.


Marcie Coldren (4)

So far, I'm liking this arena.

I dive into the water as soon as the gong sounds and start swimming the fifty yards or so to the Cornucopia. This is a pretty good year to be from District Four, I must say. And sure enough, there is only one person fast enough to beat me to the Cornucopia: Reed, my district partner.

As I run up there, he's already grabbing a backpack and stuffing it with food, weapons, everything he needs. It's a dangerous move for a guy from Four to not join the Careers, but the Gamemakers helped him out on this one. He should get away just fine.

Reed shoves one trident in his backpack, turns around, and tosses the other to me.

"Uh, Reed? We aren't allies, you know...."

"I know. I could never ally with those people, it sickens me. But we are District Four, and we've got to do this. Good luck out there, Marcie."

"You too." He nods and takes off for the hills to the north just as Orion Nightlock (1), Brass Sater (2), and Aria Camelliston (3) arrive at the Cornucopia. Orion grabs a backpack, not bothering to check what's in it, and dashes off before Brass can grab a weapon. Aria grabs herself a bow and does the same. I ready my trident, then hesitate. I watch until he's out of my reach.

So those are two tributes who aren't going to be allying with us. Naturally, we have to fill those spots. One of them went to Glitter (9). I don't know how the hell she did it, but a 10 in training is more than enough for us. And the other...well, we had a couple of guys that wanted to get in, but honestly, there's no way I'm allying with somebody who claims he's going to sacrifice his victims to Satan. And so Zorin Calpe (7) has joined our alliance.

Just as Brass grabs a sword, Zace (0) reaches the island and quickly dashes off to the side. Brass, without wanting to risk throwing his sword, starts to chase him down, but quickly realizes he won't catch him. He's out of our grasp, but he's without any supplies. That's a fair trade if you ask me.

But the next one to the island is John (11). And this time, Brass is ready. One quick swipe is all it takes, and John falls, the first death of these games. Maia (0) and Cassidy (10) reach the Cornucopia at about the same time. Luckily for them, Brass can only make one kill at once, and they get away.

Many more, surely, are to come very quick. Because we aren't giving up this Cornucopia anytime soon.

Zorin Calpe (7)

I'm pretty sure most of these guys think that deep down, I'm not a true Career.

If so, they would be right.

Annie (5) reaches the island just before I do, and I watch on as Marcie, following Brass's instructions, makes quick work of her with a trident. She knows what she's doing, but at the same time, I saw her hesitate. She wouldn't have done that if Brass hadn't told her to.

Maybe I will find a friend here.

I climb out of the water, dripping wet, onto the island at about the same time as my ally Temepara (1). A few tributes are trailing us slightly, including our ally Renna (2), Halycon (10), who I don't really want to meet, and my district partner Davyn (7). She gives me a quick nod, and I know I have to help save her.

I run over to the side Renna is approaching us from. There are snow-capped peaks rising above the arena.

"Hey, guys, can you come over here a sec?"

When they arrive, I explain. "The Gamemakers would never put a complete wasteland in an arena. There has to be something useful within those mountains, namely, a reliable source of water, and most likely food as well. Do you think it would be worth checking out?"

Brass ponders this. "Well...depends. We'll see what kind of supplies we can get from here. I'll keep it in mind."

"Well, Brass, I mean, this IS fresh water here. There has to be a stream feeding it or something."

I see Davyn quickly scoop up a backpack and jog over to her ally Lia (6). "Let's go, Vera!" Lia yells.

Well, that screwed everything up.

Vera (12) quickly jumps out of the water as Lia scoops up a bow and dashes off, Davyn right on her tail. Vera, the youngest of the three, is struggling a little to keep up. Brass notices and frantically searches for a distance weapon, wanting to pick her off. It's to no avail. He doesn't know how to use Marcie's trident, and I thankfully have not grabbed an axe yet. He scowls and stomps the ground, and, grabbling a knife, throws it out into the water. I look on astonished as he hits Heice (3), who has been waiting for us to move, in the head. He quickly sinks beneath the waves, and he won't be coming back up.

Brass tosses me an axe. "Your turn. The 8 girl's coming up now, she's all yours."

Oh gosh...

Soul (8) is about to turn back into the water when she realizes it's me. She shrinks back in fear, with a look in her eyes that says she is pleading for mercy.

"Come on! Throw it already!"

Well, for my own life, I have to do this.

I close my eyes and throw the axe. I don't even have to look. I know I hit her.

And I really, really don't want to have to see what I've just done.

Brass pats me on the back and tells me I may have a future, but I'm not listening.

I'm simply questioning why I ever agreed to do this.

??????, ???????

I open my eyes. Where am I? For that matter, who am I?

I've been strapped down into a bed; it looks like one for medical treatment. The room around me is filled with buttons and machines of all sorts. As I have no idea what they do, I dare not get out of my bed.

A door opens, and a middle-aged man in a white coat walks in. "Ah, good. You're awake. Jackson, mark this down. 4D6A."

He stares at me intently. "Do you remember anything?"

I lie back down on my bed, digging as deep through my limited memory as I possibly can. "Uh...well, I woke up, and I was all confused. Where am I, by the way?"

"I'm not authorized to disclose that information."

Of course. Something tells me that's typical..."Can you at least tell me who I am?"

He glances down at the sheet on the clipboard he's holding. "You're strong."

"I'm strong?"

"Why, yes", he chuckles. "Let's see, uh, twenty-eight point one vertical, one eighty-five-"

"Stop changing the subject. Who am I?"

"You are strong. But you will not talk to me like that." He walks over to the wall and presses a large yellow button. An electrical current is sent through my body, and I black out again.

Temepara Black (1)


Savage (6) stumbles onto the island, ready to...honestly, I have no clue. He tiptoes behind Marcie (4) in about the most obvious fashion ever. Without looking back, she calls out, "Yes, Savage?"


"I don't have a crowbar."


"I can give you a trident in your chest if you don't shut up."

"Then I couldn't break things. So don't."

"I won't if you promise to get the hell out of here and never bother us again."

"Okay then. BYE!" He grabs a water bottle, probably for beating up insects, and runs off. Brass comes over to talk to us.

"Marcie, you really should have just killed him right there..."

She shrugs. "Well, he's not going to bother us again."

"Or is he?"

"Guys," I pipe in, "do you honestly believe he has a chance here? He's going to kill himself doing something stupid, you know that, right? I'd be surprised if we ever had to fight him now."

Brass thinks this over. "...Fair enough. I would have fought, but that should be fine. I don't see...guys, they're getting away again!"

Oh, jeez...

Renna Tsu (2)

They've been waiting. All of them, treading water, waiting for their time to move. And, boy, have they found it.

Thorn (8) leads the, uh...stampede, I guess? Sure, why not. He grabs the closest thing he can find- a spear- and charges off after Savage, yelling "FOR SATAN!"

Lira (13) and Milo (9) are next, and they get off fairly easy as well, just without any weapons. They're both in great shape; we'll have to keep an eye on them.

At this point, Brass has finally gotten the alliance ready for a battle. Halycon (10), Maizie (11), and Spark (12) are all slowly backing away, looking for any supplies they can briefly pick up before dashing off. Brass calls out, "Stand! Tomato dragon!"

Yes, we have some weird codes.

Anyways, Brass, as he told us, goes after Halycon, clearly the strongest of the three, with a spear. Our job is to guard the edges of the island and make sure nobody else reaches it. He doesn't see Maizie and Spark as threats later in the games. Temepara quickly chases after them to make sure they don't leave with any of our supplies, but doesn't pursue them off the island.

I look around. The only tributes still on their plates are Ali (5) and Sylvester (13). Nobody else is in the water.

Well, no work to be done here. Might as well finish off what's left.

Halycon is actually holding his own against Brass. He hasn't let down his guard yet, but he's tiring. I can see it. Two-on-one should do him in. I yell out "Panther!" Brass ducks, and I throw my knife, hitting Halycon in the thigh. It isn't a deathblow, but it did what I wanted. He goes down, losing blood fast- it must have hit an artery.

Getting back up, Brass calmly walks over and spears him in the heart.

And just like that, our job is...well, I hesitate to say complete. Five kills is a pretty poor bloodbath showing. But it gives us something to build on. We'll find a way.

Ali Swintnose (5)

After the events of the island unfold, only Sylvester (13) and I are left on our plates. I look over to his plate, two to the left of mine. He doesn't like water any more than I do.

All of a sudden, two wooden planks rise up from the ground. Hopefully, they will lead us to safety. But this seems very...easy...

Sylvester, not seeming to think so, dashes up his as quickly as possible. Halfway to his goal, it snaps in half. He clings to the end, but it's no use. He falls into the water, and it's clear that he can't swim at all. I avert my eyes; I have no desire to see him drown. Not when my fate could very well be the same.

So, yes. That was too easy. I bend down and examine the wood plank a little. Sure enough, it's rotten.

Well then...there must be SOME way. Otherwise I wouldn't be given this chance.

I think. Sylvester was practically running when his snapped. You're moving fast. The wood isn't exposed to the weight of your body very long if that's the case. But if the wood is rotten, it doesn't matter. Not if the weight of your entire body is on one foot.

Which leaves me with the only possible option I have to get out of here: reduce the pressure I put on the wood.

Slowly, I start to crawl out over the water.

And somehow, by some stroke of luck, I make it.

Six cannons sound, signaling the end of the bloodbath.

Let the Hunger Games begin- for real.

Metellus Green (Capitol doctor)

The device in my pocket begins to buzz. Good. This should be the last one awake then.

My colleague and I walk back up to the hallway and open the door marked 13. This is the final one. Ah, yes, the one who has given us quite a hassle in the past. The one who President Fairchild has specifically condemned to death-for a second time. The one and only, Gerrit Khone.

Slowly, he lifts his head up from his bed and waves to us. It seems weak from my perspective, but I have been told many times that this kid is not to be underestimated.

"Good morning, son, I'm Dr. Metellus Green. This is my colleague, Dr. Decius Palmer. We'll just be monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns and whatnot to make sure everything is good. Is there anything else we can do for you?"

"Just some water would be nice, thank you. And would I be able to talk to Grim at some point?"

I freeze.


"Yes. Grim Frost, from back home in District Six."

Oh dear...

"I'm sorry, but that is not allowed at the moment. I'll be right back with the water." Seething, I pull Decius out into the hallway with me.

"I thought that thing was supposed to erase their memory!"

Decius scowls, and I can see more than frustration in his eyes. "I don't get it. The other twenty-seven don't remember a thing..."

"Well...there's nothing much we can do about that now. But we'll have to contain him. He could be dangerous."

Decius mutters "Oh, trust me, he is," and goes off to get the glass of water. I walk back into the room. Gerrit is able to sit up a little more comfortably on his bed now.

"Son, do you remember your name?"

"Gerrit. Gerrit Khone. Why?"

"You're going to be encountering some others your age soon. You may tell them your name, they should know theirs. But you will not share any of your memories, okay? It is vital that they be kept secret."

"Like, I-might-die-otherwise vital?"


"Wait a minute...others my age...they put me in the Hunger Games again, didn't they?"

I hesitate for a second, but he already knows the truth. He's not waiting for me. "Yes, Gerrit. They did." Decius walks back in and sets the water on the table next to Gerrit. " of luck to you." The way things are going for you, you'll need it.

Reed Crest (4, NW)

I'm glad to be out of there.

If I've learned anything from my mentors, there's always a certain level of trust between the members of a Career alliance. Those with strong trust usually perform very well. If that is not the case, though, the alliance is vulnerable.

The bottom line is, I can't trust those guys. Well, okay. I can trust Marcie, she showed me that. But that won't be nearly enough. Brass scares me a little, to be honest. Temepara seems like someone who could snap. I don't even know how the hell Glitter earned a 10 in training and got into the get where I'm going with this?

If there's one thing I can't do, it's to make a false promise. Because this is the place where false promises get you killed.

I look up at the mountains in front of me, snow-capped peaks towering over the rest of the arena. I doubt they offer much in themselves, but maybe there's a hideout in there somewhere...

Well, if there's one thing I can do, it's climb. I might as well give it a shot.

Lia Mainwaring (6, SW)

I am an idiot.

I came into training having virtually no experience with weapons, so I decided to pick up a bow and see how it went. Bottom line, it went pretty good. Good enough to earn me a 7. Good enough to be a weapon that I actually feel comfortable defending myself with. I felt confident enough with a bow for it to be the weapon I picked out during my dash through the Cornucopia.

Well, let’s wait a while and see how much good it’ll do me without any arrows.

We actually did come up with a few decent supplies. Davyn’s backpack had some dried fruit, rope, and a pair of night-vision goggles. But an alliance of three isn’t worth much if nobody has a weapon. And this one is entirely on me. Granted, I’d rather be weaponless than dead back at the Cornucopia…but this was not smart.

We’ve found our way into a bit of a forest. It’s a little dark in here, even now at about three o’clock in the afternoon. The trees reach up to the sky and protect us from the light rain that is falling outside what is our safe haven for the moment.

Only six bloodbath deaths…I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. We’d like to stay out of the way of as many people as possible, but, as you might expect, I hate these games and want every single one of us to live. Well, obviously, that’s not happening and I’ll need to suck it up, but wishful thinking should be okay…at least, for the moment.

We come upon a small stream that flows down out of the forest. This should be a good spot to set up camp. “All right, girls, nice work! Let’s settle down here for the day and we can look for some food. Davyn, you check downstream. Vera and I will work up to the source.”

You know, I really do like this alliance. One way or another, I have friends here.

North Baron (5, top-secret HQ for revived tributes)

A pizza party? Sure, I can dig it.

I will admit, it was a little awkward to wake up in a random hospital bed and not have any idea who the heck I was. But I suppose this makes up for it. At least, for now. There are a whole bunch of other random teenagers here with me, and I don’t know what the Capitol put in this pizza, but damn, it’s good.


A middle-aged man, fairly tall with shoulder-length hair that is dyed green, jumps up onto a table next to me. I stumble back. The girl next to me, whose name is apparently Cabria, laughs, and Gerrit across the table shakes his head.

“SO. Thank y’all for coming tonight, even though you had absolutely no choice! We are HONORED to have you here with us today, and we hope you enjoyed getting to know each other! Well, you better have. Because we’re sending you all off to kill each other now, okay? Okay. So…have fun with that. And may the odds be EVER in your favor!”

Stunned silence.

“So…get in the hovercraft over there and we’ll be on our way!”

Before I get on the hovercraft, I look over at Gerrit. “Dude…”

He puts up a finger and shakes his head again before looking down at the ground and walking to his seat in silence.

What is up with him?

Zace Ciphra (0, NE)

I've spent the whole day trudging through these rugged hills, heading far away from the Cornucopia. The farther away I can get from those idiotic Careers and the nutcases from 6 and 8, the better off I'll be.

Looking back on it, I'm not exactly sure why I came over here. These mountains, while offering great protection, appear completely devoid of any source of food or water. Seeing as how not grabbing a bag was the only way I possibly could have escaped from the Cornucopia alive, that doesn't exactly help me.

I grumble again as I head towards the crest of the...sixth hill? Seventh? No point in keeping track anymore. I reach the top, expecting to see the same landscape of endless hills.

Instead, I'm looking down upon a fertile green valley, with an expanse of grasses, fruit trees, and even a freshwater lake which very well could have fish in it for me to eat.

Actually...I think this may have worked out quite nicely.

This time, I run down the hill at top speed, eager to take a closer look at what will hopefully be my home for a while.

Ardis Blaze (12, SW)

I don't recall the pregames for the Hunger Games lasting only about two hours, but whatever. It isn't like I have a choice in anything anymore.

I take a look around me as I'm brought up into the arena. The twenty-eight tributes are lined up in a pretty typical circle, with the Cornucopia at its center. We're on an expanse of beach, with sea on three sides and a rainforest on another. The sun is setting off to the west.

Did they really have to do this to us? Twenty-eight tributes wasn't enough, they had to bring in another set?

Then again...that's only one way to look at it.

From another angle, I've just been given a second chance at life. If I come out of this mess, I could have everything I never did the first time around. Well, I'm assuming I never did, anyway. I don't actually remember.

Anyways...this could actually be one hell of a chance for me.

And as ridiculous as this opportunity is, I have to make the most of it.

They say you only live once. Well, they're wrong. This is my second time around. But as great as it is to be the end, I'm in the Hunger Games, and it feels completely the same. Right now, life is not much, if you consider the impending death that very well could come my way.

But I'm changing my mindset this moment. Life is a gift. My gift.

And I won't let it slip through my hands again.


Amber Pike (9, SW)

I jump off my plate as the gong rings and wait around the outside, knowing I have no chance in a direct confrontation. These tributes seem even bigger, even stronger, even smarter than a normal crop of recruits, and I wouldn't stand a chance.

Olly (3) is the first one to reach the Cornucopia. He grabs a sword and starts swinging it around his head as he runs out, narrowly avoiding Chloe (2). As most of the tributes scout around the outside, the Careers begin to head in. As they do, I creep up just far enough to grab a blunt knife, which is likely all I'll have to work with for a while. Oh well. It'll do.

The Careers, however, jog in slowly instead of sprinting, realizing that nobody else will dare to follow them. Olly, seeing this, comes back and uses it to his advantage, creeping up on Wren before anybody realizes what is going on. A second later, he is pulling his sword out of Wren's back.


I have no doubt at all that he will. I turn and run into the forest, surely with somebody on my tail.

Aurum Livingstone (13, SW)

Well, this looks like it will be about the most boring bloodbath in history.

All the other tributes, seeing that the Careers are clearly strong enough to take all the supplies here, dash off into the rainforest without any supplies or much of a plan. Soon, I'm left alone here with the Careers, and only Cabria and Everest are still here to scout with me.

Thalia raises up her trident with her right hand. Cabria takes off and runs.

Everest and I nod and make a quick dash to the outskirts of the pile. Everest grabs himself a dagger, and I turn to pick up a blue backpack. Everest dives out of the way of Thalia's trident, and a knife whizzes by my ear. Everest runs back out toward the forest as well, yelling "Thirteen!" I whip around to see Chloe Piperholt staring at me. Her second knife hasn't missed.

I feel an impact in my neck, and everything goes black.

Orion Nightlock (1, NE)

This place is...well, it's about as close as I'll ever get to paradise, that's for sure.

I got a bottle of water in my backpack, but it turns out I won't need it. There's plenty of fresh water to go around here. Plenty of berries, some small game, and I thought I even saw a few fish in that lake. Climbing through those hills was definitely worth it. I could pretty much stay here the rest of my life.

If there's any downside at all, it's that my only weapon is a small throwing knife. But it's a weapon nonetheless, and to be completely honest I don't think I'll need it. The Careers are lazy, lazy people, and they'd be idiots to come back here without knowing about this little valley. I began to question why I was doing it sometimes. But now that I'm here, no regrets.

Well...there is one. Just not here. Back home.

My only regret is not telling Bella I loved her before I left, when she might actually have the chance to acknowledge it. Even with the odds in my favor so far, winning is still a very difficult task. I'd do anything, however, to get to see her one more time. Otherwise, I'd probably have given up by now. But she keeps me going. Always.

You heard that, Bella. I'm coming home for you.

Gerrit Khone (6, SW)

The Hunger Games. Of course. Why would I expect anything different at this point?

I figure if they're doing this, they probably don't have much of a choice. I went out and broke a lot of rules, and maybe I'm paying for it again. And Glade, too. I'm still in awe at what she had the courage to do, knowing very well that she would die doing so. I know the Capitol told me not to, but I need to talk to her about this whole thing. I'm just praying that I can find her.

But if I do, watch out. The Khones and the Frosts never back down from a fight.

As I look to the skies, I see only pictures of the standard tributes, those who weren't in my bloodbath. I'm sure they want this to stay secret as long as possible, but one of them is bound to be over here somewhere. This forest  is actually a pretty nice place to be if you take away all the people trying to kill you.

Well, something's going to have to give, and soon. It could be me, it could be Glade, it could be the new tributes. Something has to in order to sort this whole mess out.

I'm just hoping that the something is the Capitol. Because I'm fed up with everything they've thrown at me. There's a problem with this whole YOLO thing. My body has lived twice, yet my mind hasn't lived at all. Both of these lives have been practically worthless so far. And that has to change.

That change, though...well, that change is up to me.

End of Day One

Day Two

Lira Roberts (13, NW)

After taking a rest at the mouth of this river, I've started to trudge up the river valley with snow-capped peaks surrounding me. This land doesn't look very nice, but chances are, farther up the valley there's something I'll want. At the very least, somewhere food can grow.

If I can find it, then maybe I can slip back into the mountains at night. The mountains can hide me from just about anything. This year was a bit unfortunate, normally I'd be able to come away with some sort of weapon from the Cornucopia. But it didn't happen, and so for now I need to hide. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a knife as a sponsor gift, but that would be a surprise. A 7 is a decent score, but with this year's class, it isn't anything special. There are others that will gather much more attention.

I reach the crest of a rolling hill and stop dead in my tracks.

Footprints. Unmistakably human footprints.

I look over to my left and see that they go all the way down to the river. Somebody was trying to be sneaky and hide their tracks.

However...they also vanish into the distance on my right side.

Somebody's up in the mountains, and they could very well be waiting for me.

Orion, Reed, Aria...all of them escaped the bloodbath with supplies, and all three could probably handle me easily in a fight with the weapons I'm sure they have. I know they probably don't want to kill; there's a reason they aren't Careers. But I don't want to risk it.

I hurry along farther upstream, anxious to get away from whatever threat might be present here.

Maizie Hawthorne (11, SE)

I came away from the bloodbath completely empty-handed. I was afraid I might be done in by nature. Now...well, what I've found is nothing short of paradise.

It wasn't too bad of a swim over to these islands, and now I've found myself a little atoll to work from. Three islands stand with small gaps in between them, a saltwater lagoon in the center. If I need fresh water, it's not too far back to the lake by the Cornucopia, but I can survive for a while without it. Food, too. Maybe living in Eleven has prepared me for something like this.

The only thing I could really use at this point is an ally. I'm still screwed in a fight. But there's not much I can do there other than let them come to me. When they do...well, I think I can make it work. However, there is one problem. It needs to happen pretty quick.

There are four strips of land branching from the Cornucopia. I followed one and ended up here, so I'm led to believe the Careers, after staying at the Cornucopia, will discover that there are four separate parts to the arena. As a result, they'll try a different section every day when they go hunting. If that's the case...I'm sure they're already out hunting. If that's the case, I have three days to find an ally, or I'll die.

Well, this should be fun.

Vera Shadows (12, SW)

Lia and I were able to work our way up to the source of the stream yesterday, where we found a small pond that provides plenty of shelter. It's really only accessible from the stream, and it's free of the bugs that plague some of the other parts of the forest. It's a pretty nice place to be, so we decided to camp there for the night.

We only had enough rope to tie two of us into the trees, so Lia volunteered to sleep on the ground. At least in that way, somebody would be with the supplies. She set the bow and the food at the base of the tree last night.

Well, the food is gone, and we're all completely dumbfounded.

Who could have possibly been here last night?

First of all, I'm surprised that they were able to come anywhere near us without me hearing them, because I don't sleep all that well. Second, I thought there would be footprints, at least, by the shore of the pond. Such is not the case. And whoever it was obviously came here at night, otherwise we would have seen if that's the case, why didn't they take the night-vision goggles? The goggles were sitting right next to the food, and we found them this morning in the same spot.

But perhaps the better question is...where did this person go? Since they obviously came from the direction of the Cornucopia, it's safe to assume they continued away from it. Well, the arena is divided into separate parts, meaning this one can't go on forever. And there's salt water on at least one side. The bottom line is, they can't have gone too far. We'd probably be able to find them.

But right now, there are more important things on our mind. We need more food as soon as possible, or we'll be in some serious trouble real soon. And a few berries won't cut it, because you haven't seen Davyn eat.

Harlow Moon (3, SW)

Something about this does not feel right.

I'm all alone in the forest right now, not quite sure where to go. I'd have liked to ally with my district partner, because he can kill fairly well, almost as good as me. But he might be...okay, I'm not going to sugarcoat it, he's pretty much psycho. Not a chance there.

I'm completely on my own at the moment. No food, no supplies, no nothing. And yet I'm getting the strange feeling that I've handled this type of thing before. My only real job is to survive, and as long as I do so I should be okay.

I still, though, cannot escape the feeling that I've been tricked. There's something out there, in this arena, that others know about, and the tributes were never told. I don't believe in keeping things secret, and I do not like to be tricked.

I suppose I could be wrong.

But if I'm not...somebody will pay dearly.

Savage Wrench (6, NE)

This is highly disappointing. I do not have anything to break stuff with.

After the Career girl said she would kill me, I grabbed a water bottle and took off. However, I discovered very quickly that breaking things with water bottles is not a good idea, as it is in fact much easier to break the water bottle itself.

I haven't seen any other tributes since the bloodbath. At the moment, that's probably a good thing, because I don't have any way of breaking their faces. If that girl from Four had been nice and given me a crowbar when I asked for one instead of threatening to kill me, things would be a little different. But now, I don't have much to do except wait.

I got a strong score in training. Maybe I can get a crowbar from a sponsor. Or some bacon. Bacon sounds really good right now. Bacon always sounds really good. I mean, come on. Bacon.

Yeah, waiting is boring.

I snatch a small stick off of a bush. This looks like a pretty decent stick. Maybe I can go beat the crap out of some insects or something with this. There's only one thing that a stick could be better used for.

Naturally, that's to cook bacon over a fire.

I keep walking away from the Cornucopia, hoping I'll stumble upon a crowbar or some bacon somewhere. It's not like I have anything better to do at this point.

Cassidy Goldrain (10, SW)

I've managed to create a little home for myself here in this tree. I'm short on supplies, food, weapons, you name it, but I've been able to hide here so far, and I'm going to stick with that plan.

Only one interesting thing has happened so far, and it's something that I really don't understand. I've been trying to put a finger on it for most of the day, but I just can't seem to figure it out.

Earlier today, I was sitting in the tree (obviously) when I heard something on the forest floor. I obviously had to watch out, being weaponless and all. I looked down, and sure enough, there was a girl there, a girl with long, dark, beautiful hair. I figured, therefore, that it could only be Temepara, and that the Careers were out to get me. I'd chosen the wrong section, I was sure of it.

Then...I'm not sure if the girl heard me, or what exactly happened, but she looked up, and I got a good glimpse of her face.

The girl looked exactly like Davyn.

She didn't see me, thankfully, but I've been perplexed this entire time. Davyn has the shortest hair of any of the girls here, and it would take her a year, at least, to grow it out to the length the girl I saw had. But their faces were exactly the same. I'm not sure...which one could it be?

Davyn, with a cleverly crafted wig? Why would she want to disguise herself?

Temepara in disguise? Again, why?

Or is the Capitol up to their tricks again?

Chloe Piperholt (2, SW)

Today has been a complete and total waste of time.

We honestly have not done anything other than look through the supplies that nobody else was able to get. They're great supplies. Food, weapons, the works. But we've yet to do anything with them. Considering how obvious the gameplan is from this point...that worries me a little.

The tributes all escaped to the forest, and there's no other way back here. In theory, if we stay here, we can keep all of the others, even the ones we haven't seen yet, away from all supplies. But that really doesn't do us much good as an alliance. So our actual plan is simple: split up into three groups of two. One group takes the left flank of the forest, another the right, and the third stays to guard the supplies. The only way to beat it would be with a forest fire, and anybody who's stupid enough to start one would die right along with us.

I glance up at the sun. It has to be four, maybe five PM.

"Blake, are we almost ready to go yet? We're wasting time and resources here, the others are all getting away."

Blake looks up at me and groans. "We're getting close, Chloe. Give it time."

"All right, that's all I needed to know. Do we have something to start a fire with in there? I'm kind of hungry."

"I think so, you should go look."

"All right, I'll get something going." I'm not actually hungry. I just need a little time to figure this out. This is an alliance that could be very, very strong. Virtually impossible to match.

It could also fall apart in an instant.

What kind of alliance do we have on our hands?

Something tells me that may well be up to me.

Brass Sater (2, Cornucopia)

Current Alliance Locations

Careers (Cornucopia): Temepara (1), Brass (2), Renna (2), Marcie (4), Zorin (7), Glitter (9)

Girls (Escaped, heading towards SW): Lia (6), Davyn (7), Vera (12)

Solo (escaped): Zace (0), Maia (0), Orion (1), Aria (3), Reed (4), Ali (5), Savage (6), Thorn (8), Milo (9), Cassidy (10), Maizie (11), Spark (12), Lira (13)

Death List

I'll make a legit chart when I feel like it.

56th: John Poluse (New 11M)- Sword by Brass Sater

55th: Annie Swalop (New 5F)- Trident by Marcie Coldren

54th: Heice Gelomani (New 3M)- Knife by Brass Sater

53rd: Soul Silverless (New 8F)- Axe by Zorin Calpe

52nd: Halycon Theradras (New 10M)- Spear by Brass Sater

51st: Sylvester Velvet (New 13M)- Drowned

50th: Wren Hayes (Revived 2M)- Sword by Olly Oompa

49th: Aurum Livingstone (Revived 13M)- Knife by Chloe Piperholt

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