This is my very first hunger games and i'm very exited. Please give me some tributes! comment their character names, their district, what you would like to be their training score, and a short bio containing anything else i should know (like a token for example or reaping details). you can send me up to 5 but i might not use them all. If i get too many tributes from the same district i will A. not use some or B. move a tribute to a new district and edit their back story as needed. If i don't get enough tributes that are origional i will add a few of my own. Also i am going to have real sponsors. How i will do sponsors is each person would be allowed to comment once a day, with a tribute name that they would like to sponsor. The gifts would be decided based on how many people wanted to sponsor for example 2 sponsors would result in water whereas 15 sponsors could get a bow and arrow. Please don't be offended if i kill off your tribute! some tributes must die otherwise the story would be awful and unrealistic. Please comment and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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