No cursing,

No getting mad if ur charicter dies,

And you can only have 2 people in this games.

Back story



name wepon token age hight gender stratigy



Sword N/A 18 6'6 Male ?



Knives Necklace 18 6'0 Female ?




gold neclace 18 6'9 Male ?
2 Teresa Silver


nifes and Sword

Note book and pin 18 5'11 Female ?
3 Shade Spwcturs Dagger Necklace 16 5'9 Male ?
3 Hermione whistin Bow and arrows Locket 17 5'4 Female ?



Axe Silver Bracelit 17 6'7 Male ?



Toma Hawk Earings 15 5'7 Feamale ?
5 Adam Phineas


a Axe 

N/A 16 5'4 Male ?



Bow and arrows Neclace 17 5'6 Female ?
6 Twix Cinders Spears Hat and scarf 12 5'2 Male ?



Sword Neclace 15 5'6 Female ?
7 Mist Scorchil Toma hawk Pocket watch 14 5'10 Male ?



Knife Bead Bracelet 16 5'9 Female ?
8 Witchita Firehill Bow and arow and Poison Wooden ball 15 5'4 Female ?



Blades Oldd coin 14 5'5 Male ?
9 Silver Clockson Double Knifes Pocket watch in eye 16 6'2 Male ?



Spears and Scythes Acorn 18 5'10 Female ?
10 Terry Gasston Knives Wrist watch 12 5'3 Male ?



Sling shot Gold ring 17 4'8 Female ?
11 Trent Korey Tridont N/A 18


Male ?



Blow gun 

and Wip

Ring from


16 5'11 Female ?
12 Nickolass Datonay Sythes neclace 13 5'2 Male ?
12 Echo Jamin Hammor Old teddy bear 17 5'7 Female ?


the arina is a distroid town so you can go in house and it looks like district 13. And it is a ghost town. The cornicopia is a huge house on fire and there only one pond.


Penelope Underwood, District 1.

I look around at the other tributes and I think this wont be fun it will be to easy people looping nots, and swinging swords, and all that crap. I got this in the bag I mumble to myself I mean this will be boring so I go to the careers and thay are all thinking the same thing that they will no be fun to kill it will be to easy I mean there is a dude with a clock for his left eye. This is stuped. I can tell I will win it would be stupid if I dont so I just walk around looking at the pethetic people in the game. I thought it whould be funny to show them my knife throwing and scare the crap out of them so I did and it was so FUNNY everyone stoped and stared when I hit the dummy in the eye with my knife it was priceless. And then came my privat traning I got a easy 10 of course.

Trent Kore,. District 11.

I was just doing what I was suposed to do show how I can through a trident and spear when I see th girl from 1 showing of with her knife hiting the dummy in the eye and the heart and bla, bla, bla. when I see the boy from 2 is looking at me so I throw the trident in my hand right at the dummy as hard as I can and then he comes over here and he asks me "do you wan't to join the careers." And then I lost  it I grabed him by the shirt and slung him agensed the wall over and over again till I got seperated from him. I know that was not the best idea but he deserved it. But when I thought it was over I got a 10! I dont know how but I did.

Nickolass Datonay, District 12.

I am looking around and I dont know what to do so I pick up a ax and start swinging at a hand to hand combat area. When the dude from 11 starts slaming the gye frome 2 into a wall over and over agin it was kinda funny when I get the breath nocked out of me and fall "dont let your gurd down" he says to me. darn I blew it looking at that fight I got a 6 crap.


Rosepetal Lenour,District 10.

"Hay everyone how are you." Says Ganon Flickerman. "We have some grate tributes tonight."  He gose down the list untill he gets to Rosepetal Lenour. Next tribut is Rosepetal Lenour. "Hellow Rose is it ok if I call you that."

"yes." I reply. "what did you think when your name was called." He says to me. "suprised realy suprized." I reply."Well so whould I if I was called." he says. "so what whould you do if you won the hunger games." I dont think I will I say to myself. "I whould help my family and live my life like I was a normal girl in district ten". I say.

"Well that dose sound good helping your family and all". "what do you like the most here in the capital." "The food". I blert out. "BUZZ!" gose the buzzer. "Well thats it may the odds be ever in your faver Rose. "Rosepetal Lenour Everyone!" He says.

Fawfull James,District 8.

I wave as I get up there its hard not to frown, but I force myself to smile. "Hello" Says the dirt bag. "Hi"I say in a nice tone. "Sit,sit."he says. what if I don't want to sit I say to myself. But I sit very politely.

"Well how do you like the capitol!" He says like a like a stupid little freak. "Oh I love it so mutch." I say sarcasticly I hope he did not catch that. "Good I am glad that you liked it".

"But what do you like most about it." he says to me. "I wish you whould shut up." I mumble."What did you say"?

"I said my favoret thing was the chariot's" I said covering it up. "BUZZ!" gose the buzzer. YES I said to my self. And walk off the stage quickly.

Blood bath day one.

Trent Kory. District 11.

I look around at the tributes one last time all together and start to shake. but I cant be negative I have to win. But then I start hearing 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. And I run at the blood bath head on and Boom! I see someone fall with a    kife in his back. I can't make out who it is but then I see her coming for me and I grab a tridont and through it at her and I cant belive it I hit her dead in the heart I think it was the girl 7. and I find out who the boy was it was the dude from 12. but I finaly get to the cornacopia and I see people geting killed in every place I look. but when I get to what I want I see the dude from 9 also wants it and it slips out of my hands I let go and he falls on the ground. But he was a creep what kinda idiot puts a stopwatch in his freaken eye. So I jump on him and we wrestle for a moment till he fell right off me with a spear in his side, but to my to my seprize it was the girl from his district and she helped helped me in the rest bath she said her name was Bailey.

Bailey Starshine. district 9.

I look around the the arena and Its a town that looks like a crazy dude will pop out with a chainsaw. And then I look at the cornicopia and see a pack of spears, I know I am not suppose to go to the blood bath but Its to tempting I know I am going for those spears no mater what. So I wait for the cannon and then run as fast as I freaken can and I get to them but so does the dude from 10 and I dont know why because he was using knifes all of training but still I try to kill him without hesitation and find a awl right behind me even though I dont know how to use one I swing it at him and he fall's to the ground dead as a door knob. and I grab the spears and run for some syths I also saw and the guy from 7 was geting somthing that was right next to them. "perfect time to try out my spears." I wisper. and I threw one at him and it pearsed his side and he fell right away. And I grab the syths when I see the cornicopia start to catch fire and I start to run and I see the dude from my district and I suddenly get mad at him and and I threw a spear at him and he fell down right away. And the dude who he was fighting I made a alience with him right away.                                                                   

Fawfulll James. district 8.

I stand on the plate and think to myself I have to win and fast I will have to get a wepon and kill as much people as posseble. And quick so I run at the blood bath and right away find what I am looking for two blades. But there are far in the cornicopia. So I go in and I get to them but Brett the dude from one is right beside me grabing a sword. And he swings at me and I get a huge gap in my side but I hit him in the head with a blade and I cut his eye and probebly took it out and then I find myself runing away but I know I have broke one of my ribs bad and then It happens Brett comes to finish me and i stumble around whith every jab till I sudenly fall and thats it I die.

Name District killer Death by day






Knife in back

day 1

blood bath






Tridont in heart

day 1

blood bath






spear in back

day 1

blood bath






awl to the head

day 1

blood bath






spear in the side

day 1

blood bath






multiple hits in side with sword

day 1



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