• BendoBobbo

    Hello I'm searching for 24 tributes for another year of Hunger Games. I will begin the games on a weekday if the list has been finished. The winner will get some kind of prize (not a gift). I do not have any favourites I'm 100% neutral. I will write the story/game as a commentator. Start making your aplication now everyone can enter. Miley Cyrus is my tribute she wont make it I promiss.

    Share your thoughts.

    The training score will only tell how good your tribute not if he will win.

    1. You can have 2 tributes.
    2. Tributes that are unserious or to overpowered will be denyed.
    3. Use my template.
    4. Age from 12 to 18
    5. District 1 to 12
    6. Anyone who disrespect, curses, or uses racism will get ban. If the person has a tribute then he will get killed by someone.

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