• Benuc184

    101st Hunger Games

    November 16, 2011 by Benuc184

    The Arena: Is basically the Cornucopia surrounded by forests. Creative I know, but the forests has some NASTY surprises.


    Spider: 8

    Mary: 8

    Shadow: 10

    Amazon: 10

    Ian: 5

    Shana: 5

    Cedar: 8

    Kajama: 9

    Austin: 5

    Armina: 6

    Golden: 6

    Pema: 4

    Cypress: 6

    Plank: 7

    Chiffon: 7

    Colby: 8

    Sheila: 7

    Markus: 8

    Revelyn: 3

    Jonah: 6

    Markus: 6

    Grass: 8

    Aaron: 6

    Lilac: 11

    District 1:

    Name: Spider Tablo

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Skills: Close combat fighting.

    Arena Strategy: Career alliance, find Mary

    Name: Mary Tablo

    Age: 14

    Sex: Female

    Skills: Knife throwing

    Arena Strategy: Career alliance, find Spider

    District 2:

    Shadow Dusk {C}

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Tall, tan skin, blonde hair, brown eyes, heavily built

    Skills: Swords, spears, running, hand to hand combat, knives, daggers, flexibility, agility


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