The Arena: Is basically the Cornucopia surrounded by forests. Creative I know, but the forests has some NASTY surprises.


Spider: 8

Mary: 8

Shadow: 10

Amazon: 10

Ian: 5

Shana: 5

Cedar: 8

Kajama: 9

Austin: 5

Armina: 6

Golden: 6

Pema: 4

Cypress: 6

Plank: 7

Chiffon: 7

Colby: 8

Sheila: 7

Markus: 8

Revelyn: 3

Jonah: 6

Markus: 6

Grass: 8

Aaron: 6

Lilac: 11

District 1:

Name: Spider Tablo

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Skills: Close combat fighting.

Arena Strategy: Career alliance, find Mary

Name: Mary Tablo

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Skills: Knife throwing

Arena Strategy: Career alliance, find Spider

District 2:

Shadow Dusk {C}

Age: 14

Appearance: Tall, tan skin, blonde hair, brown eyes, heavily built

Skills: Swords, spears, running, hand to hand combat, knives, daggers, flexibility, agility

Strategy: Team up with the Careers, kill everyone

Amazon Glacious {C}

Age: 16

Sex: Girl

Skills: Knives, throwing knives, spears, swords, daggers, hand to hand combat, javelins, crossbows, anything with a blade, running

Strategy: Get anything at the Cornucopia, join up with the Careers and kill EVERYONE!!

District 3:

Ian Volt


Sex: Male

Skills- Anything to do with electrical thing. Setting and restting mines, wire, very smart, lying,running, and spears and knives. Good at inventing things, knows how it feels to starve

Weakness- Any weaponds beside spears and knives. Swimming, climbing, ok at hand to hand combat

Strategy- Ally with Shana. Go hide after the gong rings, but close to the Cornucopia. When the carrers go hunt, run tho th golden horn get a and wire shovel and dig the mines out. Put them around the careers base camp and watch them explode. After that trap the remaing tributes with his wire.

Shana Buzz

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Skills- Wire, brain, running, mines, lying, pretty, seems very trust full, and very clever

Strategy- Same as Ian

District 4:

Name: Kajama Odair

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Strengths: Anything, any weapon

Strategy: Ally with Cedar

Name: Cedar Mellark

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Strengths: Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Javelins

Strategy: Cover Kajama while she fights for weapons, if nessacary scrifice his own like to save her.

{C}{C}District 5

{C}Name: Armnia Mackenzie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Skills: Guns, knifes, bow and arrows, and poison things.

Strategy: Be exactly who she is so she can get lots of sponsor gifts.

Name: Austin Gerjanjer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Skills: Sharp things.

Strategy: Drive everyone crazy so he will drive them crazy.

District 6

6 male:Golden Hawbrook


Skills:Good with weapons, hand to hand combat.

Strategy:Ally with Pema and hide for the rest of the games. If she gets killed, he will stop at nothing to kill her killer.


6 female:Pema Alderweel


Skills: Is fast, good with plants

Strategy: Team up with Golden and hide for the rest of the games. If he gets killed, she will kill his killer.


District 7

Cypress Beech

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Skills: Axe, bullying

Plank Oak


Age: 18

Skills: axe, strength, cruelness

District 8

Chiffon Leek

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Skills: Knife throwing, poking with sharp things(like sewing needles), stabbing

Strategy: Ally with someone with opposite strengths, preferrably someone she's already arranged to ally with.

Colby Button


Age: 17

Skills: Fencing, archery, stabbing, plant smart

Strategy: Make allience with the first person who asks (he'll even join the Career pack if they ask). Then leave them at the final 4.

District 9

Name:Sheila Swift

Age: 17

Skills: Brilliant at any type of swords and throwing knives, Trick people into their own death, Always comes up with a plan before striking

Weapons: Sword, Throwing Knives

Strategy: Ally and then kill them when the time is right, Never allie with Careers, Focus on winning to get back to her family, Grab a sword or throwing knives from the Cornucopia if possible

Name: Markus Brown, Male

Age: 15

District: 9

Skills: Fighting, Extremely Quick, Climbing trees, cliffs, etc., Good stamina, Has some survival skills

Weapons: Trident, Sword, Spears, Anything sharp or anything he can get his hands on

Strategy: Move Fast, Survive, Ally with Careers if possible but if not, go alone, Be very careful when trusting Careers, Maybe grab a weapon from th Cornucopia but if not sprint as fast as possible away from the fighting

{C}District 10

Revelyn Eagle

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Token; An emerald bracelet her mother gave her.

Strategy: Only ally with Jonah, no one else. Dont talk to anyone else. Get a bad score.

Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives, javlins

Jonah Monarcha

Age: 15

Strategy: Save Revelyn, get her out of the games, ally with other people if revelyn says so. DO NOT go to cornucopia.

Weapon of Choice: Axe and Sword

Token: A picture of him and Revelyn

District 11

Name: Barley Xavier

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 11

Weapon of Choice: Scythe

Skills: Gathering and Gaining Trust

Strategy: Join The Careers and kill all of them in their sleep

Grass Whistle

District: Eleven

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Skills: Hand-to-Hand combat (learned while in the Capitol), Can go days without sleep and can forgo food for long periods of time. Good at sparring and at archery. Good at hiding and stealth. Has keen senses of a fox.

Strategy: Hide out in one corner of the arena and guard it. Use knowledge of plants and berries to obtain food. Doesn't need to sleep so he stays on guard at all times.

Weapon: A sharp, hollowed-out stick that he can carve from any tree (specifically bamboo). Bow and arrow if needed.

District 12

Name:Aaron Winters

Gender: Male


District: 12

Skills:Bow/arrow,climbing, is fast.

Strategy:To hide and pick people off with arrows.

Weapons:bow/arrow,throwing knifes

Name:Lilac Coalburner

Gender: Female

Age: 15

District: 12

Skills:Is good with all weapons, and is very fast.

Strategy:To kill as many people as possible without getting killed.


Day One

The gong rings and everybody runs. Some towards the cornucopia, some away. Shadow is the first to make it. He grabs the nearest weapon, a sword. Austin, who comes up behind him gets stabbed in the chest. Chiffon, who just made it, reaches down to pick up a knife has the same fate.

Mary picks up a knife and sees Ian running. Perfect. She extends her arm backwards and throws it straight at his head. He falls over, dead. She sees Spider and nods. They run towards the Cornucopia.

Amazon gets to the cornucopia and looks at the dead bodies at Shadow’s feet. She laughs. “Allies,” she says. “Yes,” is the response.

Cypress picks up an axe just to be tackled by Golden, who has a knife. They wrestle until two arrows, shot by Lilac goes through both of them. She smiles with a very evil smile, and they die.

Barley runs towards the cornucopia , stops to pick up a scythe and is already gone. Kajama and Cedar who have been waiting by it both stab him on either side. They run towards the Cornucopia and meet, Spider, Mary, Shadow, and Amazon. “Allies,” they say in unison. Everyone nods.

Plank runs and grabs an axe. comes behind him and breaks a twig. Plank turns and Markus stabs at him. Plank ducks and swings his axe, only for it to find the grass. While he pulls it out, Markus grabs hold of him, and swings his sword towards his neck. The head come off.

Revelyn finds a backpack 20 yards away, runs, grabs it, and runs away with Jonah. They hide in the forest, setting up camp. “Allies,” they say once their done running. Hours pass and the anthem plays.


Austin Gerjanjer- Stabbed by Shadow

Chiffon Leek- Stabbed by Shadow

Ian Volt- Hit by Mary’s knife

Cypress Beech- Shot by Lilac

Golden Hawbrook- Shot by Lilac

Barley Xavier- Stabbed by Cedar and Kajama

Plank Oak- Decapitated by Markus


The careers woke up, had breakfast, and started to go hunting. Shana hated them for Ian’s death but she couldn’t worry about that now. She ran towards the Cornucopia and grabbed a shovel. She dug and found the mines. She set fifteen of them, stole some food, and ran off. A cannon went off. And another. She hid behind a bush and watched as they came back. Only five. Shadow and Amazon, Spider and Mary, and Kajama. What had happened to Cedar? She had set the mines around the Cornucopia, so the explosion would kill many. When Spider stepped foot on it, the Cornucopia exploded. Two cannon fires. Spider, obviously, but she didn’t want to see who else. She ran. As fast as she could.

That morning when the Careers wet hunting, something went wrong. The victim was supposed to try to shoot Shadow and hit Shadow’s armor. But when Kajama stepped on a twig, the boy heard her. “You’re killer’s name is Aaron Winters. Remember it.” He shot an arrow, but Cedar was pushing her aside. The arrow went through his chest, and he was gone. His eyes a white abyss. Kajama charged. Austin couldn’t nock an arrow fast enough. Kajama’s knife was in his throat, out and in his heart. She couldn’t stop crying. “Come on Kajama, we’re done for the day,” Shadow said. After half an hour, she got up and walked towards the Cornucopia, everyone following her.

DEATHS: Cedar Mellark- Shot by Aaron.

Aaron Winters- stabbed by Kajama

Spider Tablo- Blown to bits by Shana

Amazon Glacious- Blown to bits by Shana

Day 3

“Morning,” said the voice of Jonah above Revelyn. “Today we attack.”

“Why?” she asked, groggy from sleep.

“The career tributes were injured. Some killed. I heard an explosion. If we attack now, when they’re weak, they don’t stand a chance.”

They ate berries, rabbit, then set off towards the Cornucopia.

Lilac had been hiding for days in a tree. No one had come by, but they would soon enough. She wondered how she would kill them. Maybe an axe. Or an arrow. Maybe she would finally get the chance to use that sword she had gotten. Either way, it would be fun. Then she saw a trio one with an arrow knocked, another with a knife, and the other with a sword. “Take them out,” she muttered.

That morning when Pema had woken up with her partners, she was surprised. She hadn’t been killed in the night. They were waiting for her. “Hunting time,” Sheila said. They went off without breakfast, silently.

Revelyn and Jonah got to the Cornucopia about thirty minutes after they had left. They saw Kajama, Shadow, and Mary. None of them looked ready for a fight. Jonah clutched his sword and pointed at Shadow, indicating he would fight him. Revelyn pointed at Mary and pulled out a knife. They moved in a little more and Jonah stepped on a twig. With a loud CRACK, the Careers turned. He charged.

Lilac jumped down, twenty feet and landed like a cat. She silently brought out her axe and smiled. This would be fun. She swung it at Sheila and the girl tumbled down like a rock. Pema turned and threw a knife, but Lilac ducked under it. She threw her axe at the boy and it hit him squarely in the chest. She pulled out her sword and locked eyes with Pema. She had a knife ready to throw. Lilac knew she could take her. She ran in a zig zag and stabbed her. She slashed at her neck and made a gaping wound.
“Tell the devil Lilac says hey,” she said as Pema’s eyes closed.

Jonah swung his sword at Shadow’s leg, only to find it blocked. Shadow faked a left lunge and went for his right side, but Jonah dodged. He rolled under the boy and smashed the flat of his blade against his head. The boy slipped, but got back up. Jonah looked over at Revelyn. She threw a knife and it hit Mary square in the chest. Kajama smiled evilly and ran to the Cornucopia. Jonah knew he didn’t have much time. He punched Shadow in the jaw and slammed his foot into his ribcage. The boy crumbled. Jonah ran towards Revelyn at his top speed. Kajama raised her arm back and threw it. As the knife hurtled toward Revelyn, Jonah tackled her. The knife hit his forehead.

“Revelyn, take this.” he said. He held out his picture if both of them. He was coughing blood now. She nodded and took it. She ran towards their place in the woods. She would make Kajama pay.


Sheila Swift: Axed by Lilac

Colby Button: Axed by Lilac

Pema Alderweel: Stabbed by Lilac

Mary Tablo: Knifed by Revelyn

Jonah Monarcha: Knifed by Kajama

Day 4

“Greetings tributes,” the announcer says. “I am inviting you to a feast at the Cornucopia. Before you decline, you should know, all the pods in the forest are being triggered in the forest in two hours. If you don’t come, you have little chance of surviving. Good bye.”

Armnia heard the message right as a silver parachute came down. Her fourth sponsor gift. She looked inside and found a vial. It had a skull and crossbones on it. Poison. Another parachute came down with a quiver. A dozen arrows. She understood her mentor. Coat the arrow tips and shoot. It didn’t matter if she didn’t hit a vital area. The poison would spread. She smiled and headed to the Cornucopia.

Kajama and Shadow looked at each other after the announcement. “There can only be one of us,” he said. “Exactly,” she said.

“We should part ways.” She smiled evilly and stabbed him with her knife.

“There can only be one victor.”

Shana knew she didn’t stand a chance either way. But her best option was to stay. If she went, she would be killed. If she stayed, she might have a chance. She started climbing up a tree, not wanting to think what might happen to her if she stayed on the ground.

Grass heard the message and instantly started climbing up a tree. He grabbed his bamboo and clutched it tightly. This could get interesting.

While Revelyn ran towards the Cornucopia, she thought about Jonah. It wasn’t fair. She WOULD kill Kajama. It wasn’t optional anymore. She had to win.

Lilac hopped from tree to tree when she saw a girl running. She leaped down and smiled. “Well isn’t this a fancy surprise,” she said. Revelyn pulled out a knife and blindly threw it in the direction of the voice. Lilac ducked under it. Revelyn threw three more while Lilac charged with her axe. A knife lodged itself in Lilac’s forehead and she swung her axe, her vision red with pain. A gash as thick as a sword was in Revelyn’s side now. Two cannons fired as they closed their eyes.

The clock struck twelve just as Armnia burst through the trees. She saw Kajama. Armnia grabbed her bow and nocked an arrow. She shot it at Kajama’s heart, but Kajama ducked. Kajama tackled her and the arrows spilled on the ground out of the quiver. Kajama grabbed one and stabbed it into Armnia. She plunged it into her heart as there was a BANG louder than a gunshot. The forest around them had plunged down. There were three cannon fires.



Shadow Dusk: Stabbed by Kajama

Lilac Coalburner: Knifed by Revelyn

Revelyn Eagle: Axed by Lilac

Shana Buzz: Plunged into the abyss by Capitol

Markus Brown: Plunged into the abyss by Capitol

Grass Whistle: Plunged into the abyss by Capitol

Armnia Mackenzie: Poisoned and stabbed by Kajama

Spider Tablo Mary Tablo
Shadow Dusk Amazon Glacious
Ian Volt Shana Buzz
Cedar Mellark Kajama Odair *
Austin Gerjanjer Armnia Mackenzie
Golden Hawbrook Pema Alderweel
Plank Oak Cypress Beech
Colby Button Chiffon Leek
Sheila Swift Markus Brown
Jonah Monarcha Revelyn Eagle
Grass Whistle Barley Xavier
Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner

===== =====

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