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  • Better Be Beetee

    Hi, these are my first games. Ive not been here on this account but Ive been a Wiki contributor for a while. Ive read some games so I think I have got the idea. I will be keeping it to 1 to 12 in districts. And two tributes from each. You can have up to 3 tributes. Please join, I will be doing the reapings, chariots and training scores. I hope you enjoy them.

    Keep it to 3 tributes per person. I will do reserves.

    District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
    1m Bronze Platinum 17 Spear Physical Strength Not That Intelligent
    1f Jennifer Shin 16 Knive and Bow Can run fast, can craft weapons and gets people to like or join her. Afraid of Heights
    2m Xavier Sifonios 14 Kaskara Hand to Hand Combat, Speed, Kaskara "tricks" Diabetic
    2f Aletta Sifonios 1…

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