Hi, these are my first games. Ive not been here on this account but Ive been a Wiki contributor for a while. Ive read some games so I think I have got the idea. I will be keeping it to 1 to 12 in districts. And two tributes from each. You can have up to 3 tributes. Please join, I will be doing the reapings, chariots and training scores. I hope you enjoy them.


Keep it to 3 tributes per person. I will do reserves.

District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
1m Bronze Platinum 17 Spear Physical Strength Not That Intelligent
1f Jennifer Shin 16 Knive and Bow Can run fast, can craft weapons and gets people to like or join her. Afraid of Heights
2m Xavier Sifonios 14 Kaskara Hand to Hand Combat, Speed, Kaskara "tricks" Diabetic
2f Aletta Sifonios 13 Spears Throwing Items, Strong, Fast, Camoflague, Climbing Family Getting Hurt
3m Dexter Bolts 14 Wire Made Into An Electric Trap Or Tazer And Stun Gun Sleuth Being Alone
3f Alice William 13 Coil Making Technology Easily Distracted
4m Finn Odair 17 Trident and Woven Net Knot Tieing Can't Handle A Pack Of People In A Fight
4f Ann Cresta 16 Hiding Swimming A little mentally unstable
5m Ezekiel Fiach 17 Spear, Axe and Mace Sprinting, Swimming and Climbing Doesn't handle reality well.
5f Alexandria 'Lexi' Grobes 14 Bow Fast and Strong Very attached to people
6m Raven Emerald 15 Katana, Crossbow, Axe and Knife Fast, Strong and Smart Half Blind
6f Paige Elementa 17 Bow and Wire Climbing, Attacking and Hiding Falls easlilly for a boy, being alone
7m Reserved
7f Storie Thompson 13 Spear can throw a spear and make it hit the bullseye Cant Kill
8m Ivan Reid 16 Wire and Throwing Knives Swimming and hand to Hand combat Small
8f Lucy Banewolf 16 Bow, Throwing Knives and Trident Accuracy, Running and Climbing Swimming, Doesn't adjust well to nature
9m Shadow Killer 16 Torture can constantly torture someone Hates Killing without torture
9f Sienna Goldsmith 15 Anything but mainly knives :Charming Boys to Fall in love with her, climbing,knots Swimming and Short attention span
10m Lance Thrust 16 Lance or Spear is amazing with a lance Cant use anyother weapons
10f Nikki Miller 17 Spear and Bow Her aim with long-range weapons is astounding. She also is a fast runner. Her physical strength is humilating, and she's too trusting of others.
11m Stewart Wilson 14 Sword Plant identifaction, Hand to hand combat and knot tying Swimming and Trusting People
11f Lauren Hill 12 Knives and Spear Plant identifaction, climbing and camoflage Swimming and Hand to Hand Combat
12m Craig Gillis 18 Snares and Knives Climbing, Swimming and Charming Being alone,Killing Girls
12f Madge Aberscot 14 Arrows and Knives Aim, Swimming and Charismatic Running and betrayel


Servia's (POV) (Capitol Citizen)

I cant wait, its the reapings. Seeing who the tributes are, finally seeing the 24 young soles who will entertain us for the next 2 weeks. I wish they kept the careers till last, they are the most exciting. But they are the first to flash onto our 7 foot wide screen. A sea of blonde kids with flashing green eyes. The most stunning district by far. The buildings are all glittering as a soft drift of snow cloaks the grinning faces of the children. I see my very own sister ascend the steps onto the crystal stage, grinning wildly as she has the hounour of starting the proceedings. She gabbles on about the 3 wars before slowly trotting over to the glass bowls. She swiftly pulls two slips from the bowls, 1 out of each of the glass spheres. She quick steps over to the mice, knowing that if she deprives us of these names any longer it is downright cruel. She gives a soft but clear cough which silences the crown before reaing the names. "This years tributes from district 1 are....Liam Shafland and Danielle Clear". After the names are said a small mutter waves over the previouslty silent crowd as kids from left to right volonteer. Names are collected and placed in a third and forth bowl. This ritual is something that I really only see in this district and 2 others. But it takes time. Finally the escort dips her hand into the bowls and pulls two names again. The names of the first two careers. "The triutes are....Bronze Platinum and Jennifer Shin". Two kids begin to walk forward, to gales of cheers. But before they take their places on the stage the screen flashes to a mountain, district 2.

The snow is replaced by a crowd of hard kids, the blonde hair is replaced by multitudes of brown and black. The soft kind beautiful eyes are vanished to show the solid cruel eyes of the weary children from 2. They are shadowed by the mountains that not only surround the small square but dwarf the city it resides in. The lines of children, hardened by the work the do day after day, are perfectly equal. Looking like the soldiers they supplied for the opposing side in the 3rd war of panem. But they payed for their sins by the recomencing of the games, they and all the other 11 districts payed. A small plump man waddles onto the stage, not wasting his time with the speech, knowing we only care about the actual tributes. He grabs a handful of names and releases half of the names onto the stage, leaving only 1 in his hand, He repeats this action with the other bowl and reads two names. "Aletta Sifonios and Mineral Camlen". A small girl steadily walks up to the stage followed by a giant. I expect a rally of screams echoing from the crowd but a single scream comes from a small boy about 3 rows back. He splits the crowd easily and rises to the stage, the tall giant grinding his teeth in frustation, knowing thaat wa his last chance to ebter the arena. But the small boy doesnt care, all he does is comfort, what I can safely presume is a brother or cousin, though this is only declared true when he states his name to the whole of panem, knowing whilst he speaks that he will not return. As I know as does he that if he protecte her today he will protect with all his life in the arena. " is...Xavier...Xavier Sifonios". The camera holds on his face, catches the small tear that runs down his cheek, but then as it has to it flits again to the 3rd distrit.

I dont like district 3, its not that the district 3 tributes never win and are always hideous but its not a nice district. The factories polute the air, the factories themself are hideous. They are so old fashioned and hideous. Couldnt they make them more modern. We see a short clip of the others districts, all look terrified but 4. Then back to 3. All the children are cowering against the pouring rain, soaking them from head to toe. I scan the crowd looking for anyone that may actually bring a victory to 3 but no one catches my eye. Halfly because I cant see anyone through the torential rain but those I do see disgust me. A small beady eyed woman slowly ascends the steps, being supported by a thick metal rod. Probably picked it of the street, it looks like a tacky 3 pole. She tries to reach the bowls but the pole slips from beneath her. Sending her toppling to the floor, I hear an outbreak of

Tribute Parade

Private Trainings

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