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    The 178th Hunger Games

    April 7, 2015 by Biel1458

     The 178th Annual Hunger Games 

    May the odds be ever in your favor. . .



    District Name Gender Age Weapon
    0 Aster Bright Male Fourteen Knife
    0 Stella Redmoon Female Fifteen Spear
    1 Jake Locketback Male Eighteen Sword
    1 Calpurnia Muselle Female Fifteen Shuriken
    2 Lance Slate Male Seventeen Sword
    2 Ursula Harrt Female Sixteen Knife
    3 Cecil Paratheon Male Seventeen Sword
    3 Lucida Pixel Female Fourteen Knife
    4 Neal Valentine Male Seventeen Dagger
    4 Constanta Pond Female Sixteen Fishing Hook
    5 Devon Ferox Male Eighteen Sword
    5 Celia Rockwell Female Sixteen Blowgun
    6 Wheeler Youg Male Sixteen Bolas
    6 Lavender Morton Female Fourteen Knife
    7 Phileas Oacrest Male Seventeen Tomahawk
    7 Rebel Warpitch Female Fifteen Knife
    8 Kessie Rosamond Female Fourteen Knife
    8 Oxf…

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  • Biel1458

    Hello, roleplayers. I know there is a wiki where i can do this, but when i tried to do it there people told me i need to make my own characters, not ask other people to enter theirs, and blah, and i don't know anyone there anyway, so i'll just copy Erlend, as usual, and do one history about the same thing here, on the Hunger Games Wiki. This is a short (not so short) history about a zombie apocalypse, very similiar to the tv series The Walking Dead, who takes place after an outbreak who changed the world.


    Ok, no weird names and surnames please.


    Please, no many young characters, 30-50 years old are preferred, but two or three younger ones for each gender are fine.


    Do i need to explain?


    Description is not required. A R…

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  • Biel1458

    Hi! Oh well, i've seen one of these recently, but they basically disappeared, so i decided to make 1 >.<

    • Don't submit lunaiis you already used.
    • Don't fight at the comments.
    • Uncropped lunaiis are preferred.
    • Do not steal lunaiis made by other users in past lunaii competitions.
    • If you don't enter a lunaii during more than 2 rounds, you're most likely out of the competition.
    • Have fun. That's mandatory.
    • Please don't quit. Only join if you feel like you can keep up with it, but i'm ok if you give up.
    • There will be 12 competitors.

    • Meoryou 
    • Misytmolla
    • Summer bee 13
    • Kaeghan-is-a-tribute
    • Tehblakdeath
    • Pumpumpumpkin:3
    • Blue-Ribbonz
    • Nommehzombies
    • YourFavoriteSalmon
    • Can't think on a descent username right now
    • MisterStalker
    • Marinalacrosse

    Ok, for round 1, you'll be making a..…

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  • Biel1458

    Hey, Marina here! i decided to make one of those death order posts but these will be different, Any registered user can post the death order they think is right, and i will add to this page. Enjoy!

    24th District 8 male - Killed by Marvel

    23rd District 10 female - Killed by Glimmer or Clove

    22nd District 6 female - Killed by Glimmer

    21st District 3 female - Killed by the District 5 male

    20th District 9 male - Killed by Clove

    19th District 7 male - Killed by Thresh

    18th District 9 female - Killed by Glimmer or Marvel

    17th District 5 male - Killed by Glimmer

    16th District 7 female - Killed by Marvel

    15th District 6 male - Killed by Cato

    14th District 4 male - Killed by Cato

    13th District 4 female - Killed by Cato

    12th District 8 female - Killed by Glimmer …

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