Hello, roleplayers. I know there is a wiki where i can do this, but when i tried to do it there people told me i need to make my own characters, not ask other people to enter theirs, and blah, and i don't know anyone there anyway, so i'll just copy Erlend, as usual, and do one history about the same thing here, on the Hunger Games Wiki. This is a short (not so short) history about a zombie apocalypse, very similiar to the tv series The Walking Dead, who takes place after an outbreak who changed the world.

How to Enter


Ok, no weird names and surnames please.


Please, no many young characters, 30-50 years old are preferred, but two or three younger ones for each gender are fine.


Do i need to explain?


Description is not required. A Real Life Picture for your character(s) is necessary if you want to join. And you might have up to 3 characters.


Before apocalypse, duh.

Previous life:

3 or 4 lines are ok.

Life during the outbreak:

Minimun of 10 lines, please.


Guns and melee weapons are preferred. If you want a gun for your character, please especify name and type (ex: Colt Phyton, awl, AK-47).

Main Characters

  • Joshua Fontaine - Ex-sheriff - 51 - Biel1458
  • Erin Wander - Salesclerk - 29 - Biel1458
  • Juliet Barker - Salesclerk - 33 - Biel1458
  • George Grant - Unemployed - 50 - CTOADURN
  • Layla North - Waitress - 21 - Sambaroses
  • Paisley North - Teacher - 27 - Pippycat
  • Edward Willows - Student - 17 - Sambaroses
  • Maybelle Pandora - Actress - 30 - Sambaroses
  • Cynthia Blake - Housewife - 41 - CTOADURN †
  • Edwin Porter - Psychologist - 39 - Biel1458
  • Rachel Blake - 8 - Student - CTOADURN
  • Rosetta Burns - Bartender - 30 - Rayplayzlol70
  • Skyler Faulkner - Nurse - 31 - Sambaroses
  • Sofia McCurdy - Scientist - 32 - Summer bee 13
  • Fabian Davis - Stripper - 15 - Tehblakdeath
  • Allusio Payne - Fighting Instructor - 27 - Tehblakdeath
  • Jake Dean - Unemployed - 35 - Misytmolla
  • Marcia Clement - 80 - FBI Agent - Frostyfire
  • "Red Eye" Wilkins - 57 - Prisoner - Nlby001
  • Zoey Proasheck - Student - 18 - Tehblakdeath

Part 1 - The Way it all Begun

Even with detailed and realistic theories, no one knows what happened. It begun so fast... People just couldn't fight back. The undead were stronger. Breaking into fortified bases, houses, uncountable refugee centers and taking lives with them, the population started to go down really fast. Government leaders fell. Important people who had a chance to find the cure disappeared. Through the whole globe, presidents died. Ordinary people who managed to flee from the initial wave of dispair now try to find a way to survive, trusting their instincts and staying together. Untill now, it was enough...

The world was torn apart, after the first week during the apocalypse, an uncountable part of the population died, and now found themselves roaming around as undead, having their friends and families as the main source of food. Atlanta is broken now. Explosions, fires and screams appear here and there, but the place is now helpless and lost. 

Suddenly, something emerges from the silent mess. A huge truck pops out of a garage, knocking plenty of starving zombies aside, or crushing and turning then into a bloody mess under its wheels. The truck, moving in a shocking speed and ignoring red or green lights, is out of the city is a few minutes. As the truck gets into the highway, something surprises the driver and its company. Several cars, lying abandoned on the middle of the highway waiting to leave the town, get on the driver's way. The person tries to stop the car, but it hits a lot of small cars, and end up falling to his side and sliding into the woods that surroud the highway

The small Rachel lives the truck, with bruises all over her right side. She looks back and sees her unconscious mother, and confused due to the crash, not knowing what to do, just stays there, on the dirty ground, playing with the grass with tears in her eyes. Soon she realizes she is weaponless, and alone, in the woods, she was basically an alive bait waiting to get caught by a monster. Suddenly, she hears a noise coming from the woods. She closes her eyes, ready fir the wirst, but all she hears are several gunshots and a moan of pain, not from an undead person but from an alive human. Rachel looks to the direction of the gunshots and hears something like a conversation.

-What are we going to do now? - A manly voice croaks out.

-You better tell Rosetta about it, or she will freak out, and it was all your fault anyway! -Another voice, this time from a female, replies

- Blame the hiding clowns! - "Ok, i probably didn't get the last one." Rachel realizes as she hides behind a bush.

Suddenly, someone's hand touches her shoulder. She looks back, horrified, and sees a female zombie with her teeth inches away from her neck. Rachel screams, gaining the other survivors' attention. More gunshots go off and the female zombie falls backwards, dead. Then, a boy who looked to be near 18 and a women with short brown hair approach Rachel.

-That's ok sweetie, we won't hurt you. - The woman says, as the boy gives Rachel a shy smile and nods.

-My mother got hurt, you have to help me!!! - Rachel cries out, and the couple quickly run into the direction of the truck. There, they  have a terrified vision. A walker, who wasn't seen untill now, leaves the devoured body of Rachel's mother, and starts running at the 3 survivors. As Rachel looks into the vehicle, she falls into the unknown boy's arms and starts crying, her hands on her ears like she was trying to ignore everything. Her mother, now undead and approaching then, is quickly taken down by the women, shortly before she shoots the male walker. Then, the girl faints on the boy's arms.

-Look here Edward, we need to take her to the camp. Go! I need to stay and clean this region. They never came so deep into the woods, give a few time and soon herds will be approaching us! They're running out of food, it is, running out of people in the town, and now they're coming to a "fuck the survivors parade"!!!! Soon we'll be dead, but if you want a chance leave me alone and save her!- The woman shouts, and Edward slowly nods, running away with Rachel on his arms. As he leaves, he spots his now undead fellow survivor, Calloway, who was bit in the neck moments before he rescued Rachel.

-What did you do?!? - Maybelle explodes as she hears the news about her friend's death. The cause of his death, is simple. Edward left him by himself as he saw the truck, and Calloway didn't manage to fight against all the walkers. He was bit in the arm, but before reanimating he took down all the walkers who surrounded him. 

People wouldn't be so worried about his death, if it weren't for a small problem. His girlfriend, Rosetta, already lost everyone she loved, and Calloway was all she had left. But now he is gone too. And it comes down to Edward to give Rosetta the sad news, but not before they save Rachel. 

The camp was never so busy. With everyone leaving the town, the camp now has more than 30 survivors, and more humans mean more walkers being attracted. All this information passes by edward's head like a lightning, and soon he replies.

-Calloway died for noble causes. Thanks to his death, we managed to save the child.- He says

Maybelle keeps a serious expression, and sighs, but ends up agreeing with Edward.

-Fine, but tell Rosetta about what happened soon. - She adds before leaving and walking over to Erin, who just came back after eliminating a few walkers on the camp's surroundings.

Edward sighs, and walks into his tent. There, he changes clothes, wishing he could just take a shower. Soon, he is changed and gets ready to give Rosetta the bad news, but before he could do it, he is interrupted by an announcement from the camp's leader, Joshua:

-Attention survivors. As you know, last week we saved a man from these woods. He is now on Skyler's tent getting healed from all he've been through. And i gladly tell you that this morning, we found another survivor, making our current amount of survivors 33. We plan on heading to the town soon, and luckily in a few weeks we will have at least 50 survivors!- After finishing his speech, Joshua leaves the table he was in. As he leaves the table, Edward realizes it was Eileen's table, it is, the table where a girl named Eileen gives people our awful, dried fruit and a few water.

-Can you believe it?- Eileen says, cleaning the marks of Joshua's shoes from her table. The teenagers laugh a bit and Edward soon walks away, to check the girl he found. But before it, he's stopped by a angered and tearful Rosetta, who slaps him across the face.

-Coward!!!!- She yells, tears running down her face. Soon Erin is seen behind her. Rosetta then attempts to kick him, but is guided away by Erin.

-Coward, animal!- Everyone can still hear her screams even tough she is now far away.

-Calm down, Rosetta!- Erin shouts, trying to calm the poor girl crying and kicking next to her.

-But he's gone and that's his fault!!!- This was somewhat a valid affirmation, but Erin wouldn't let Rosetta think like this.

-He died for noble causes. Thanks to him, we saved the child.- Erin says as she enters her tent with Rosetta.

Instantly, Rosetta lies down and buries her head in a pillow, crying. The girl who shares the tent with Rosetta, Eileen, makes a sad expression and looks at Erin, who just orders her to get out. Eileen slowly nods and walks away from the tent.

Rosetta was now wrecked. Erin knew her depression would last enough time to bring trouble to the group, mainly for Edward. Suddenly, Skyler, the camp's nurse, walks into the tent, without Rosetta realizing. He takes something out of his pocket, hands it to Erin and then leaves. A syringe. The liquid inside it is enough to keep Rosetta knocked out for almost one day, and everyone, even Erin, knows it will be necessary.

-It's going to be alright Rosetta, just calm down...- Erin conforts her. In one swift movement, Erin injects the liquid on Rosetta's arm. The reaction doesn't need one second to start. Rosetta screams and shoves Erin away from her, shouting horrible things for her.

-I'm sorry...- Erin says and slowly walks away from the tent

-That's for your own good. - With this said, Erin walks away, and soon Rosetta's offenses start getting lower, untill there aren't offenses anymore. Erin sighs, and walks away from that part of the camp, but not before meeting with Skyler.

-Did it work?- He asks, and as a reply, Erin nods, and walks away. But once again someone stops her. This time, it is the camp's leader, Joshua.

-What?- Erin asks, with a little bit of fear in her voice.

-We need to talk.- Joshua replies, and shoves Erin to a corner.

-We're running really low on supplies. Eileen can hide it to the survivors, but some of them are not stupid. So here i am, warning you about it.- Joshua says. As a reply, Erin just raises a questioning eyebrow, and Joshua sighs.

-You, Edwin, Juliet and Fabian are going to the town to scavenge for supplies. They agreed, and you're leaving...-Joshua stops talking, and looks to his watch- ...Right now, before it gets dark.

-What?!?- This sound, almost seeming like a cry, comes from Erin's mouth.- But the city is broken, there are streets full of herds there!

-So find something you can use to flee from them!- Joshua shouts back.

Erin shivers, but ends up agreeing with Joshua, and after whispering goodbye, she walks to her tent, passing by a brunette women with a black shirt who seemed to be smart enough to know about the group's situation on food. Erin enters her tent, and gets a backpack.

There, she puts a few imperishable food, ammo, a jacket and her pistol. She will stay with a knife in her pocket, just in case something... "not planned" happens. With her suppplies ready, she meets with the rest of the scavenging group, who was waiting for her in front of a jeep.

She greets them, and rellutanctly takes her place in the back seat next to Juliet, just as the jeep starts moving and leaves the camp behid. 

As the jeep disappears into the woods, Joshua, who stood behind at the camp, smiles and lights a cigarrete, knowing that once his group members are back they will have plenty of food. If everything goes as planned.

Juliet relaxes on her seat, now convinced nothing will happen. Far away, she sees what lies ahead. She sees the lights of the city, but not normal lights as once they were. Now all the little light that can be seen is caused by small explosions and fires around the town, all caused by walkers. She doesn't know what to expect at all. On the city, there could be massive herds, or instead survivors who could join them. But both possibilities could be truth.

She lowers her head and looks through her left side, and sees a few hopeless walkers trying to follow the car, unsucessfully. But overall, she keeps her attention  in front, on the town, who is now getting closer. Soon, the group is on there.

-So...?- Fabian asks.

-Well, now we must scavenge for supplies- Edwin responds, leaving the jeep.

-So, we're just going to leave the jeep and look for supplies by feet?- Juliet asks, a bit shocked.

-Not exactly, there is a vehicle stores a few streets away, so if everything suceeds we can get supplies and also a few cars there.- Erin says, calming down Juliet. Juliet sighs, and starts walking with the rest of the group. 

At first, the building didn't seem like a threat to any life, but Edwin's theory was proven wrong. Right now, he is standing over countless dead walkers, without having any idea where the rest of his group is. They decided to split up and each one took a direction, so they could have better chances to find supplies, but since the beggining Edwin knew it was a mistake.

His bloody knife is almost broken, and his gun is now pretty useless, since he is running out of ammunition since he got to the fifth floor of the building he is in. And afterall, he only found a few packs of crackers and a simple, half-filled bottle of water, who was lost as he fought a small herd of walkers on the seventh floor.

Right now he is still on the tenth floor, and hopeless on finding supplies, he is now walking downstairs. The group agreed to meet on the parking slot of a small cafeteria, but with the moon rising up the walkers are starting to appear from their holes or wherever they stay during the day.

Suddenly, someone tackles Edwin to the ground. He shouts, possibly gaining attention from a few walkers, but before he could shout again someone places a hand above his mouth.

-Are you stupid?- A female voice asks. Even with evident anger, the voice still sounds innocent, sweet. Edwin looks back, and watches a girl with long, wavy brown hair take her hand out of his mouth.

-I'm Faith.- The girl says.

-And i'm Edwin.- Edward replies, a bit ashamed for shouting.

-I've lost my mother. Can you help me finding her?- The girl says. Edwin stares at her in her big grey eyes, and realizes the girl is probably on her late 30s, but has a very decent appearance considering her age, almost looking like a teenager.

-Sure.- Edwin nods, replying.

-Thanks, a lot. By the way, do you have any food? I dropped all i had after i escaped a herd on the main avenue.

-Herd?- Edwin asks. -I thought i was the only one who used the therm.

They both laugh, but Faith suddenly stops. Her eyes wide open in shock, as she screams:

-Behind you!!! -But it was too late. The walkers had already spotted them.

Faith grabs Edwin's hand and they both run off, untill a walker who wasn't noticed before approaches Edwin and bites him in the face, ripping off his left cheek. Faiths screams, don't letting go of Edwin's hand, as she sees more walkers approaching. One by one, they approach Edwin and start devouring him by each inch of his body. The first walkers start by his throat and arms, but as more walkers approach they don't leave any inch of him unharmed, and soon everything that can be seen and heard is a pile of walkers and undescribable screams of pain who stop in seconds. Faith only managed to escape because the zombies were too busy devouring her newly-found friend.

As the night becomes noticeable through the woods of the camp, a survivor leaves one of the tents. Maybelle slowly walks through the soft grass of the landscape, watching the stars, wondering if this situation will ever end. She is so focused on the beauty who is above her that she doesn't hear footsteps approaching her.

-You really should pay more attention to what's happening around you. - A voice says.

Maybelle gets ready to shout, but stops as she sees the camp's leader, Joshua, next to her.

-Well, is just that i want to forget it. Forget what's happening and be happy. - Maybelle replies, not getting her eyes of Joshua.

-But you kinda can't forget it. It's real, and you can't ignore it. It is quite boring, but... - Joshua is cut by Maybelle.

-Boring. - Maybelle says - If you feel safe enough to be bored, then you're lucky.

Joshua doesn't show any emotion. He just stares at Maybelle. What comes next was umpredictible. Joshua pushes Maybelle to the ground, and starts ripping off her pants.

-STOP! What are you doing!!!!? - Maybelle shouts.

-HELP! HELP!!! - She shouts, but Joshua laughs at her.

Maybelle shivers, and looks around, in panic. She sees a steel bucket inches away from her. If she could just grab it...

With all her strength, Maybelle kicks Joshua on his stomach, making him fall back. Maybelle runs away, but not away from Joshua. She reaches the bucket, and with all the strength that's left in her weakened body, she smacks Joshua's head with it. Joshua falls back - Maybelle could even say he looked like a drunken idiot - and ends up falling into a bush. Maybelle runs at him, ready to finish him off, but then she sees it. Blood and disturbing moans. She looks into the woods, and then another unpredictible thing happens.

She spots a massive herd, right there, charging at her. And at the other 32 survivors in the camp. TBC

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