Hunger Games fans, the odds really are in your favor this week.

The New York Times reported today that a Hunger Games theme park will open in Atlanta in 2019. This will follow the opening of similar parks in China and Dubai and will be part of the upcoming Avatron entertainment park.

How exactly do you recreate a dystopian world that’s centered around killing kids… and make it fun? We’re still waiting on the full details, but based on what we know about the Dubai park that’s opening next year, we can make some educated guesses.

Here’s what The New York Times is reporting on the Motiongate Dubai:

“After passing through the gates, visitors will arrive in a re-creation of the fictional District 12, a mining region where Katniss grew up. There will be costumed characters and real-life versions of Peeta Mellark’s bakery and the Hob black market.

Check out the rendering of the proposed Atlanta park released by Lionsgate:


So get out your bows and arrows, Hunger Games fans — we’re taking a field trip to District 12 in 2019!

What do you think of the new park? Will you visit? Tell us in the comments![1]

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The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Official Trailer – “Welcome To The 76th Hunger Games”

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