So as we all know that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is coming out on DVD/bluray pretty well soon and it looks like it will be an epic release. Like with fans all screaming and wanting more and more and more of the movie. But at any time the fans will be buying the film and watching it over a hundred times. So who is excited for the films release.


If you were to change six of the of key points what key points would you change and why? Here are my six points:

  1. Peeta - due to the toucher is nothing but sadistic and I hated that Peeta was treat like nothing from Snow.
  2. Coin - she is nothing but one tyrant like snow that craves power and that will create death because of the wanting for power.
  3. Primrose - she is treat differently in the series as she is one character that is highly misunderstood in the series and I feel sorry for her.
  4. Gale - treating someone that is close to you like that, is nothing but wrong, Katniss should not have made a move on Gale as she is emotional towards Peeta as well.
  5. Haymitch - he is wanting power but he knows where the limits is and that could lead towards other issues that could be unsolved like his drinking problem and he looks like he is going through the shakes and no one is helping him.
  6. Katniss - she needs to stop taking orders from everyone and start taking her own orders, like going against the laws and rules that what makes Katniss Katniss, she is one tough girl that needs no ones orders.

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