• Bilgea

    The 175th Hunger Games

    June 27, 2012 by Bilgea

    Welcome to the 175th Hunger Games. This year's twists are:

    1.There are bird Mutts that fly around and watch the games. If they see a tribute they send a message to the other tributes about the tribute's location. the message stays for 24 hours, then expires.

    2. The tributes that you kill join you in a weakened state. they resurrect after the games end; but are not crowned the victor and can join other games

    3. Tributes that die of natural causes are avaible for reuse for the one which found them.


    1. You have to write the name, surname, personality, appereance and other things you want to say about the tribute.

    2. No "The info is in my profile"

    3. You can sponsor anyone that's not your tribute even if you didn't register one.

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