A new Hunger Games fan fiction! ;D Hope you like it. :)

Chapter 1

A soft buzz murmurs through the room as the wire cuts. There were far more important things to be doing, I tell myself, gazing at the soft green dress that hung by the filling tub. I try to ignore the sound by resuming to wrap electrical tape around the severed end. And then take the wire and...

Footsteps echo across the vacant street. All synchronized but too powerful to be one. It has to be Peacekeepers. I quickly undress, dipping my fingertips to test warmth-a habit I've been doing since I was little-it was a joke, like we would ever get warm water here.

I smooth my dress out as I reach the door, twisting the rusted knob quickly, silently heading towards the crowd. Shivers fill my spine as I reach closer to the table. She doesn't even have to ask me, I lay down my index finger as she identifies me. I place blood on the piece of paper as she scans it, then ushering me in quickly. She smiles as she leads me to one of the first rows, with the rest of the thirteen year old girls.

"It's about to start," I hear one girl say, you could hear the terror in her voice.

"Maybe they'll pick you then," teases another.

"Maybe they'll pick you immature-" I try to add in, but then all the voices are hushed, as our escort speaks. She's covered head to toe in purple lace, her hair tied into a braid, with pink ribbons intertwining with her silver hair.

Her pale lipstick glistens as she taps the microphone. "Is this on?" She asks, smiling. Her rose petal eyelashes blink quickly, as if she's...nervous.

"I'm new, if you can't tell." She giggles at this statement. "So, before I mess things up, here's the video of the history of Panem.

The lights fade as the screen illuminate. The history screens, running about how these games started and the War. The lights now shine on the escort.

"So, now should we go to the girls?" She walks-or at least tries to-she trips on the way there. "Sorry, I'm such a klutz." She smiles. Her hands dig through the bowl, lifting up a small slip of paper. Slowly this time, she makes her way back to the podium.

"Our tribute this year will be Ashley Volts."

My eyes widen, tears won't fall today. I walk to the stairs, running up them and reaching the microphone. "It's Ash."

Her eyes widen as she responds "Well it says on here that it's Ashley."

"Now you know it's Ash." My voice is barely there on the last word.

She's already to the boys when I look to the side again.

I barely hear the name, the girls looking at me in horror. Could it be possible they were more terrified then me?

A tear slowly runs down my cheek as I try to breathe. I close my eyes and pretend I am home. Where I am safe.

She places him on stage next to me.

"Congratulations to this year's tributes! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

The doors open as we head towards the Mayor's office. There, I say my last goodbyes.

Too bad there is no one to say goodbye to.

I just sit there for what seems like hours, marveling over the office. A tower of roses, with an almost intoxicating smell, a music chip that is installed to the side of the desk where the vase of flowers is, plays soft music, and a necklace, shaped in a heart, made out of wire lays on the glass table in front of me. The necklace must belong the Mayor's wife, but it's so elegant, so simple and laid out before me. I grasp it in my hands as a Peacekeeper bursts in.

"It's time for you to leave."

I nod, grasping the necklace in my hand. I walk out the doors to my Escort and the other tribute from District 3. I don't recognize him from any of my classes. Yet, our escort tells us to grab each other's hands. I will pretend, for that's all the Games are made up on. Fiction instead of fact, fear over tranquility.

I am urged into a car by our Escort, apparently named Lavender "but you can call me Lav".

She smiles, looking into my eyes. "Ash, that's a beautiful name."

"Not really. It's reflecting what I'll be the first day."

She doesn't say anything and instead looks at the other tribute. "So, you think you can win because...."

"I'm extremely intelligent." He says with simple arrogance.

"I see. How about you Ash? What do you have that could make you win?"

I scoff. "Nothing much, really."

Her green eyes widen.

"You don't want to win?"

"No, I want to win as the next person. I just don't want to kill."

She nods and then the car is silent for a while.

The train is waiting for us and as I step out of the car, I marvel at how complex the machinery is, how interesting they used a specific part and not another one. My District 3 curiosity for learning is getting the best of me.

Cameras are watching me right now, people are watching me right now. So I step onto the platform emotionless. The door closes behind us and we almost start moving immediately.

I can hear the first words from every Hunger Games I've ever watched, Let the Games Begin. This time though, I'm on the other side of the screen.

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