Flora is first. She comes bursting making a trail of tears behind her. "Don't leave me!" she sobbed. I try to calm her down. I stroked her hair. "Time's up!" the peaceekeeper yelled. He pried my sister off of my arms. She threw me my necklace back. On the back it said "I love you, Petra!" Bless her heart.

Mom and Dad are next. They come in and hug me. We collapse in tears. "Win for us!" I nodded. I would win. I have been training myself for five years. Even the careers are going to be jealous. I will. I don't care how many people I will kill, I will win for my brother.

Travis is last, which is my best friend, but the male tribute's older brother. He told us both to win. He said that he will be rooting for us. I cry and hug him, even though his brother may die because of me.

"Hurry up!" our escourt yelled. She ushered us to the train. "This is a high speed train where all the tributes from District 3." Like I am stupid. My brother came on this train. Looking out the window all the people sighed and turned away, we have not had a winner in 50 years. The boy called to me. "You can't belive how much food there is!"

I walked in with piles after piles of food. Fruit, toast, jam, muffins, pancakes, waffles, french, toast, hot chocolate, juice, milk, and tukey on cornbread. "Wow!!" I said a little too loudly. I picked up one of each thing. "Don't use bad manners!" the escort yelled. I rolled my eyes. I ate until I was full and rushed to my room. I looked at my necklace and cried. Until, I finally fell asleep.

I saw the male tribute next to a girl... a career tribute carrying a trident. She stabbed him and he was dead. She stabbed him on and on until he was a big pile of flesh. I screamed and took some wire and electrocuted her too her death, grabbed her trident and carried on.... sobbing.

That night, I found an ally. Her name was Caroline. She helped fix all the bruises on my arms. I grabbed a knife and hit the tree, talking to her bored out of my mind.

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