I'M BACK! It's been a while. By a while I mean almost a year and a half, but that's not the point. I missed this place. So, I am going to write (a much improved!) Hunger Games. For everyone willing to enter here are the rules:

You may reserve tribute slots. However, the time limit is only for 48 hours. If your time is up, anyone can use the spot.

You may make up to 3 characters.

With your tribute you must include:


District (Capitol and 1-13)

Appearance (I prefer actual photos, but you can make Lunaiis if you like)

Weapon Of Choice

Personality (Brief description but not vague i.e: nice)

Age 12-18, however I want all ages to be used not all 18 year olds. You might believe that this would not be accurate to the books but I am subject to interpretation.


Backstory (please be brief, 1 paragraph max)

Token (if there is one)


Weaknesses (this includes fears)

Interview Angle (will they try to be charismatic, weak?)

Oh and if you would like, I would write Reapings, but I believe that's not interesting to read, but if you guys want to see it, I will write it.

Age Name District Gender Skills Token Weaknesses Weapon Created By
Capitol Male
16 Cyanea Larkspur Capitol Female Optimism, exuberance, persistence, creativity Silver locket with rose engraved on it Curious, not very forgiving, too trusting of people, fears death and being alone Bow and arrow, blowgun Sambaroses
17 Copper McPrice 1 Male Making traps, strong, fast, hand to hand combat None Can't hide well, not skilled at ranged weaponry, climbing Brass knuckles, bare hands YourFavoriteSalmon
16 Lavinia Quartz 1 Female Skilled with twin swords and bow and arrow, confident, good at hand to hand combat, manipulative A pink and gold macrame bracelet Inability to stand up for herself, impulsive, cold, some people believe she's weak Twin swords, bow and arrow Sambaroses
17 Nile Sebek 2 Male Extremely fast, strategic, smart, can confuse people easily, climbing Egyptian Anhk pendant Very quiet, swimming, no wide weapon variety Metal staff Icanhasnofriends
13 Naomi Ambrose 2 Female Strong, skilled with scythe, fast, excellent swimmer Medallion Arrogant, claustrophobic, not good at hiding Scythe, Sword, Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
14 Maxwell Byte 3 Male Super smart with science skills and technology, strong, good with throwing knives and hand to hand combat Wire ring Taunts people below his intellect, aggressive in combat Throwing knives, electrical devices, spark cords, bare hands YourFavoriteSalmon
14 Autumn Nuclear 3 Female Intelligent, resourceful, strategic None Low pain tolerance, physically weak, bad at weapons, fear of being abused Whip, knives, poison Pippycat
18 Marsh Steel 4 Male Skilled with weapons, great in combat situations, able to think on his feet, good swimmer None Quiet, easy target, doesn't know plants well, laliophobic Sword, trident The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
18 Chione Nereus 4 Female Fast swimmer, also good at distance swimming, None Slightly physically weak, not strong, low self esteem, hellenologophoboc Trident, net The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
5 Male
16 Celeste Lawless 5 Female Sneaky, good at making traps, strong, good at hand to hand combat, running Bad climber, at times distant Bow and arrow, throwing knives Eleni12
16 Brann Clatch 6 Male Strength, good with all kind of swords, very smart, has a kind personality Wooden necklace Bad swimmer, scared of the dark, 6th of the month he isn't able to move, 19th he is hyperactive, chocolate Swords Robin040197
12 Luna Woodland 6 Female Stealth, accuracy, luck Her hair dye Fears getting forced to do things, not strong, quick to anger, not being able to put down weapons Bow and arrow, mace Rayplayzlol700
7 Male
13 Ember Willows 7 Female Fast, intelligent, strong A necklace with a green heart charm Can't climb or swim, very clumsy Throwing knives, spear, sickle Pippycat
8 Male
14 Jeanna Loomis 8 Female Close combat, fast, manipulative None Overly violent, bad aim, not strong Spear, Glaive Pippycat
12 Kevin Quince 9 Male Good with weapons, can swim and run very fast None Claustrophobic, will go crazy if his brother is hurt Trident and net, Yin-Yang swords Robin040197
15 Catalina Greenfield 9 Female Sword, katana, blowgun Eleni12
12 Freddie Peck 10 Male Accuracy, aim His glasses Quick to anger Awl, whip Raysplayzlol70
16 Silvia Peck 10 Female Defense, strength, quickness Her necklace Losing her brother, attacking, hand to hand combat, force with weapons Sword Rayplayzlol70
11 Male
15 Willow Thorn 11 Female Underestimated, nimble, agile, fast, good with farming tools A wooden pendant of a galloping horse Bad at hand to hand combat, hates killing anyone, meek Farming tools, blowgun Sambaroses
18 Adam Sutton 12 Male Can disable traps bombs, and electronic devices easily, able to tell if he can trust someone or not, agile, good hearing, fast, strong. Number One's Pendant from the Lorien Legacies series. N/A Pickaxe, crossbow, spear Mcoury
12 Sharpe Cindre 12 Female Knows how to kill and isn't afraid to, fast, strong. A surgeon mask with a blood red smile with vampire teeth, painted stopwatches on the cheeks of it Afraid of failure, losing her brother, climbing Knives, crossbow and sword FiftyShadesOfJay
12 Ark Cindre 13 Male Likes blood, strong and fast, can be charming and alluring Fears failure, losing his sister, swimming White surgical mask with a bloody, jagged smile, on the left cheek of it is a silver painted clock Knive, needles, bare hands, swords FiftyShadesOfJay
18 Danielle Cage 13 Female Great with sword, manipulative A used cigarette Naive, her addictions Sword Meoryou

Tribute Gallery

  • Cyanea Larkspur The Capitol
  • Copper McPrice District 1
  • Lavinia Quartz District 1
  • Naomi Ambrose District 2
  • Nile Sebek District 2
  • Autumn Nuclear District 3
  • Marsh Steel District 4
  • Chione Nereus District 4
  • Celeste Lawless District 5
  • Brann Clatch District 6
  • Luna Woodland District 6
  • Ember Willows District 7
  • Jeanna Loomis District 8
  • Kevin Quince District 9
  • Freddie Peck District 10
  • Silvia Peck District 10
  • Willow Thorn District 11
  • Danielle Cage District 13

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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