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-You may only submit 2 tributes. This is subject to change if I do not get enough tributes, but now 3 tributes.

-You may not post lunaiis, I prefer real world pictures of tributes. 

-Don't whine if your tributes die. 

-Don't spam the comments please. 

-No wikia contributors 

-You may reserve spots. However, these spots will last only a day, then it's avaliable for someone else. 

You must post the following for you tributes:



-Age (12-18, normal games)

-District (1-12)




-Fears (please don't make all tributes have generic fears, such as heights, death, etc. be creative;keep in mind some obviously will have the generic fears, but I don't want half the tributes scared of enclosed spaces) 


-Real Life Photo

-Weapon Of Choice

Tribute Chart

Name Gender Age District Strengths Weaknesses Fears Weapon of Choice
Cale Sassano Male 18 1 Speed, swimming, good aim Plant identification, common sense, heavy weapons Getting killed by the poorer districts, dangerous water animals Throwing knives
Analisa Latimer Female 18 1 Speed, hand-to-hand combat, good weapon use Stealth, hiding Being mocked, tight spaces Katana/Shriken/Nunchucks
Guy Shotgun Male 17 2 Strong, tactical, fast Allergic to seafood, low self esteem, plant identification  Being humiliated, a large group being against him Gun/Sword
Monica Wynd Female 14 2 Convincing, stealthy, fast Hand-to-hand combat, reckless, short sighted Teasing, failure Curved blade/Blowgun and darts
Miles Reworp Male 12 3 Climbing, good aim, intelligence, fast Short temper, naive, childish, easy to manipulate under pressure Ghosts, the dark Projectile Weapons
Charisma Dale Female 13 3 Speed, hand-to-hand combat, intelligence Quite off with accuracy, not stealthy, moody Excessive blood Knife/Hand-to-hand combat
Dylan Murrow Male 17 4 Personable, mentally strong, quick, good swimmer, climbing, accuracy Inexperienced with any other weapons beside his weapons of choice, not stealthy, hiding, hand-to-hand combat Games changing who he is, his family or friends being hurt, never seeing his family or girlfriend again Trident/Throwing knives
Chloe Marx Female 15 4 Intelligence, animal domestication, seduction, good at dealing with fire Strength, swimming, hard to open up to new people Her brother Trident/Animals/Fire
Easton Silverbead Male 16 5 Courage, Determination, Swimming, Strength Survival Skills, Climbing, Gets Tired Easy Responsibility, Being Alone, Heights Spear
Cass Fransel Female 16 5 Stealth, intelligence, climbing Hand-to-hand combat, resistance to cold and heavy rain Dying alone, natural disasters Throwing Knives
Grayson James Male 12 6 Intelligence, Stealth, Strength Swimming, Running, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Climbing Males, heights Wire Traps/Land Mines from the Cornucopia
Nina Cortese Female 16 6 Intelligent, strong mentally, good aim, climbing, nimble, wary of others Pushes people away, inexperienced with weapons, hand-to-hand combat Modes of transportation, small spaces, letting people into her life Throwing knives/Twin swords
Thesil Jacobs Male 17 7 Swimming, fast, plant identification and good aim Holding his breath for a long time, endurance and fatigue Having children, drowning, never being able to see his brother again Axe/Mace
Amythestia Thall Female 15 7 Camouflage Speed, Not very intelligent Lions, wild animals Spiked mace/Axe
Saibi Deller Male 12 8 Strong, skilled with weapons, fast Easy target, not trustworthy, tendency to cry  Losing his mother, the dark, scorpions Axe/Throwing knives/Sword
 Ainsley Silverbead Female 16 8 Agile, strong, hand-to-hand-combat, high tolerance to pain Can be "too kind", ranged weapondry, can't swim Being diseased, spiders Machete/Serrated sword/Javelin
Tyler Clifton Male 18 9 Loyalty, courage, stealth, survival skills, strength Swimming, climbing, knowing his limits, stubbornness Dying without purpose, getting too attached to someone Bow/Knife
Fay Kariliah Female 12 9 Hiding, fast, agile, small Not strong, when scared becomes paralyzed Carnivorous animals, sharp objects, strangers, spiders, fire Slingshot
Jamieson Erie Male 14 10 Good aim, good with handling weapons Too kind, climbing Spiders, family dying TBA
Sarah Tulipe Female 14 10 Animal knowledge, climbing, fast Small, swimming, resistance to cold TBA Rocks/Axe
George Grain Male 18 11 Strength, hard worker, tough, range of experience with weapons, fighting Climbing, not quick, hiding TBA Sickle/Sword/Scythe
Goddess Diamond Female 16 11 Making poison, climbing, swimming and plant knowledge Fishing, throwing knives, making allies Death, poison Claws/homemade poison
Bryce Clayton Male 12 12 Fast, strong, can do Parkour Injures easily Losing his mom Knife/Sword
Taylor Astrid Female 17 12 Knows a lot about technology, skilled at building fires Too nice, slow, hiding Sharks, sharp objects Hand-to-hand combat

Tribute Gallery

The Honor Chase: District 1 (In The P.O.V of Larissa Cosbry, Capitol Citizen)

It was close to lunch time, with Blair lying upon father's lap, pulling at her new satin dress. It was a crisp new design, pulled together with the latest fashion designers stitches. There was platters of soft, delicate tea sandwiches, stuffed with turkey and ham. I reach for one, placing it on top of my floral china. Tea was being poured to my left. I nod, the screen lighting up with the Capitol's emblem.

"How beautiful is it today?" Mother asks, twisting a sunshine colored curl. Her collar flairs out into a billion different flowers, each one carefully placed around her neck. Rich, decadent aromas fill the air. The lamb is being baked, but arrays upon arrays of soups, salads lay before us.

As I reach for a sandwich, my mother slaps my wrist. The cream cheese sandwich falls to the ground, causing one of the servants to pull her darkened fingers under my seat silently, hoping that nobody sees her. She disappears back into the kitchen, where you can hear a clamor of various pots and pans banging, stove timers clicking, but no voices are to be heard.

I look over as her gloved fingers point at the large screen. I sigh, the Capitol Emblem being shown once more. "Today," The host smiles. "Is the moment of truth. The tributes for this years Hunger Games will commence." Father smiles, grabbing the bottle of champagne from his side of the table. The lid pops open, causing a delightful fruity smell enter the place.

The liquid is syrup like, being poured into my flask. The liquid is a purple-blue, as I try to take it kindly. My mother takes a sip, muttering something about the color of the host's pastel pink hair and how it is a rising trend. She's probably taking note of dying her hair before the Opening Ceremonies.

"The idea of the Hunger Games was taken from us," She starts, pulling her blouse slightly. "When Katniss Everdeen decided to rebel against the Capitol." Some cursing from my father, who sticks his butter knife to the screen. "But we learned, as a society, that we are better as a joined people, joined by the Capitol, the most generous of any, of all. One by one, the Capitol gained back their power and welcomed all districts. They allowed the Districts to sustain the wealth they once held and soon the districts all joined as one."

The seals from all 12 districts show across the screen a rapid pace behind her. "To sustain our original roots, we put back in place the Hunger Games to keep our society joined together as it once was by this extravagant show put in place once every year. We, The Capitol ourselves, welcome all of the tributes to be reaped."

Panem's Anthem plays as the District One seal is placed on the screen. The music fades as a stout man stands upon the stage, barely reaching the microphone above him. The bowls holding the names are to each side of them are wrapped in gold, flickering in the soft sunlight, diamonds of many colors.

"Welcome to the one-hundred-and-twenty-first annual Hunger Games." Some people cheer in the crowd, some smirking, itching to volunteer. The first, second and fourth districts are always the most lethal of them all.

"Today we are gathered to reap one young man and woman to represent your district proudly, with an honorable name. You all must be excited, to be in one of our most loyal districts." More cheers.

He smiles down, looking at the crowd of boys and girls, then back to the stage. "Then there will be no haste, the reapings will now begin."

The man pulls his scarf tightly around his neck. The remains of snow are melting away, but the breaths from the escort can be seen on camera. The people wait, pulling together their excitement. "As usual," He proclaims, looking to the right of him. The ladies shall be reaped first."

You can practically hear everyone holding their breath, waiting anxiously, wondering who it will be...

"Analisa Latimer." He looks through the crowd to see a blonde girl, who looks fairly young step to the stage with her head raised. She doesn't seemed to be bothered at all, she just stares ahead, flashing a smirk quickly. The build of her shows that she has been training, just by seeing her broad shoulders and muscles laid across her arms.

The distaste in my mother causes her to scowl. "Such a bad idea, wearing all black..." She mutters, pulling at her curls. "I am not going to sponsor her with a look like that."

Father rolls his eyes, writing down odds on the paper. A small habit, yes, but it keeps him on track, which ones to sponsor and which ones to not.

"And now, for the boys." He shoves his hand into the circle, pulling out a card. "Tyl-"

"I volunteer." All the boys look this way and that to see a boy with brown hair, smirking. He walks with a spring in his step, the confidence that shows in him radiates.

As he walks up the steps, the man looks over at him-well up-the boy is at least half a foot taller than him.

"What is your name?" The Escort asked, pulling at his bow tie.

"Cale Sassano." His voice echoes as the people look over at him.

Sassano. His father won didn't he? Married a beautiful woman who won four years before him...they say they were inseparable. The true love story, it was called. Millions tuned in when the Capitol recorded their marriage.

Both people show a confidence that some couldn't face in other districts. The cheers uproar the speakers in the dining room.

The screams, cheers and claps last for a good three minutes before dying down. "Please welcome, the tributes from District 1 for this year's annual Hunger Games!"

The tributes shake hands, some what awkwardly.

Father smiles, slipping the odds into the palm of my hand. He has taken note to perhaps sponsor them. I nod, handing it back, now circled with Analisa. Mother may not approve but, she seems like she could win.

We'll have to see the other Districts first to decide though. I grab another cream cheese and cucumber sandwich as the President comes on.

The Capitol seal flashes behind her.

"We welcome both tributes from District 1. May the odds be ever in your favor." The Anthem begins again as the President shines a smile. The picture of her dissipates quickly as the Capitol seal melts away to the District 2 seal-masonry.

Silence Hidden Behind A Sadistic Smile: District 2

The seal fades to pitch black, where the President steps forward. Her hair falls into lifeless plaits, a dark charcoal color speckled with white highlights. The woman is dressed in maroon, roses, dozens, hundreds cross from the right shoulder and cascade down into a billion of beautiful blooms, with forest green tulle at the bottom.

The whole room is quiet, except when one of the servants slams a butter knife on the ground, which clatters. Mother doesn't even seem to flinch when it happens.

"District 2, the most loyal District the Capitol can ask for. Not only do they as a people, give us the masonry we need, but they also were the first District to accept our generosity. For that, we are most grateful for all tributes to be reaped this year. We wish, in return for your acceptance, our wishes. May the odds be ever in your favor."

The President melts away to a screen of a rainy sky, the clouds grey and murky. Soft raindrops hit the pavement as one of Mother's old friends step on stage.

"Welcome, District 2." Her lips are silver, with winged eyeliner that reaches almost to her eyebrows. "As many of you may know, I am Marra." Cheers from the crowd. Her bubbly attitude always is sure to impress. Her gloved hand pushes back a lavender braid as she looks into the crowd. The camera zooms, which causes many to see how much makeup she has worn to cover up her age. She must be around thirty-six now..

"Well, I know you must be bubbling up in excitement." Her smile shines brightly. "Nobody wants to be out here in this mess." She points to the sky, sighing.

Mother smiles, grabbing a muffin off the tray that just had been laid on the table.

"So, we'll be mixing things up this year," She says, pulling at her metallic jeans. "First, I will choose the boys." Some guys pump their fists in the air, chants of who they want to volunteer...

She retrieves a card from a polished iron bowl, tied in gold and silver tassels.

"" She drops the card on the pavement, causing her to shuffle in six inch heels to retrieve it.

She walks back in front of the microphone, giggling softly. "Such a klutz," She remarks, smiling. Marra clears her throat before proceeding.


"I volunteer." A rough voice says towards the front.

The cheers turn to silence, when a muscular man walks on stage. He smirks, looking over at her and back into the crowd with mischievous eyes.

"Hello there. What's your name?" She asks, looking at him. Even in heels he's still a good nine inches taller than her.

"Guy Shotgun." He smirks, looking at the crowd. What happened even some of the older boys look at him in fear.

Scribbles on Father's paper. He quickly slips it to me, which I just hand it back. I don't know about him...

"And now for the girls." The cheers are still loud, but calmer, more content. They quickly fall silent when she picks a card from the bowl, walking back to the podium. Peacekeepers are to her sides, emotionless.

"Monica Wynd."

The girl has dark cranberry hair, slumped down, looking at her feet, but as soon as she arrives at the steps, her head lifts, her face showing no emotion whatsoever.

Monica climbs up the stairs, looking at the other tribute and then straight ahead of her.

"That's a beautiful name." Marra smiles softly.

Her mouth upturns to a smirk that is even more sadistic than the other tributes. She doesn't respond, but you can almost see what's going through her mind with that smirk...

Father takes notes, muttering something about how he liked District 1's tributes better. I roll my eyes, partially because even their smiles show sadism. I wouldn't underestimate them.

"We welcome this year's tributes for District 2." The President smiles once more, hands clasped together. She looks straight ahead as she pulls out a white rose pin, attaching it to her already rose adorned dress. She bites her lip, causing it to turn a deep red.

That's when the District 3 seal is shown, the Host now taking over.

Mother mutters some curses under her breath, taking a sip of the champagne.

"How long can I go with this yellow, pink is all that people are talking about now..."

The voices fade to white noise as the Host steps forward, smiling, Anthem blaring.

"District 3-Technology, how could we live without their music chips or their machinery?" She starts.

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