I awake with my whole world completly black. I gasp, thinking I was dead. It would not matter, because my name is in the reaping bowl 56 times. I might as well die now. Then, I pulled the blackness off, light. Glorious light. I had tears on my eyelids. This is the day when my brother got his death sentece.

I run to Flora's room. Her little hand grasped to mine. "Don't leave me here!" She cried. I conforted her and gave her my computer chip necklace. She then just whimpered. I sigh. Maybe today will the day where I get reaped. I have to win. My brother was enough.

Mother laid her bright green dress with black shoes by the doorstep. I don't blame her. My room after my brother died, is where I make weapons out of just about everything. I could win. But, now at precisly eleven am I have to leave it all behind.

I had a very small breakfast, consiting of crakers and cheese. I will proboly get reaped, and as far as I am concerned, the Capitol gets all they want. While all of the other people are suffering. I live in the poor part of District 3. We usually only eat two meals a day. But now, I'll get to eat whatever I want.

A peacekeeper pricked my hand. He ushered me along. I stand in the middle of the girl's area. I close my eyes. The escort is the same every year since my brother died. I think the Capitol is trying to mock me. I open them to see the same lady with the garish clothes and a fat, wide lip. "Welcome, glorious members of District 3! Please watch this video of how the hunger games was started," The lady was super thin, and wearing an orange jumpsuit. The video ended. "Ladies firsst!"

Her elegantly flowered nails plucked a paper out of the bowl. "Petra Voltss!" She hissed. Everybody gaped, and let me through. She ushered me on stage. "Now for the male's!" She plucked another sheet of paper out. "Thomas Electron!" Come up here. A little twelve year old walked up on stage. He dared not to look at anybody. "How about a round of applause?" She asked. Nobody clapped.

My eyes darted back and forth. My mother, father, and sister are crying. I look at the male's family, they are in tears too. They usher me into the justice building, where I will sit where my brother said his final goodbyes to me. The Capitol made me get reaped to tourture my family. They don't understand what the districts have to go through. They told me to wait, there is a few people to say my final goodbyes to.

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