There he is. Faster, faster he runs. The girl from District One is following him. He trips on a root. He falls. He rushes up and gasps. There is a gorgeous scenery down below. The plants with pink speckles is so beautiful. He almost forgets he is in The Hunger Games. He decides to jump down. People in our District cheer. We might have a winner this year. He falls on a bed of flowers and falls into a deep sleep.

"There he is," the District 1 tribute whispers. The boy from District 2 nodded. "You can kill him this time, sweetheart." She smiles and picks up her bloody axe. "We might win this year, Sparkle," the District 2 boy sighed. They looked down. "I think those flowers he is sleeping on is posinous, Gorgon! It will be an easy kill!" She giggles and runs down the steep cliff.

He wakes up covered in red, puffy bumps. He runs fast to another spot and the posion takes over he collapses on the ground. He gasps for air as the pus gushed like a waterfall on the ground. District 3 gasps. "There you are pretty boy. How about Wirles? Don't you remember how she died? Because of us. We did not need her so we chopped her legs off. She drowned. You do not know how much we need you to die. So let's start now!"

She picks up her axe. She sighs. "Isn't just great to see them die?" She asks. She throws her axe at the tree. "Now it's your turn!" She threw up her axe and striked.

He gasps in pain his stomach was sliced open, more pus started gushing out. "Who is next?" Sparkle asked. The last thing he heard was Sparkle imatating his voice. Boom! His cannon got shot.

I started bursting into tears. I ran back home. He did not deserve that treatment. I sobbed. I picked up my gear necklace. That was the last thing he gave to me, and now I will be contantly reminded of him. I smashed the necklace on the ground. I never want to think about him again. My brother. The one person that actully understood me. Now gone. Forever.

That year Sparkle won The Games. She came over. Everybody was silent. We do not want to celebrate over this girl. She killed both of our tributes. How can she get stardom? When I am old enough, I will go into The Games, see how they will like that. They will just cheer for me. That's what those wicked people will do. They do not care about us.

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