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chapter 3:

"Welcome to the remake center," the stylists announced. Their eyes sparkled. We need you to look electrifying," she smiled sweetly. I rolled my eyes the only reason they are here is that they want to see me die. "What's you're favorite color?" she asked. I shugged my shoulders. Like I care. "Good, pink is going to look so good this year!" I hate pink! One of the stylists took me to get a makeover.

First wax. She covered me in that goop, and put paper all over my body. One by one she pulled the paper off my legs. I held my lip. It hurt so bad. She pulled my hair while brushing it. "Your hair is beautiful!!" she explaimed. Nice, but the pain still is stinging me. I bet those plants hurt worse than this.

Next makeup. I was excited at first, but she covered me in pink. Pink nails, highlights, gears, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. "How do you like it?" She asked. I gave a shaky smile. I looked like one of those District 1 tributes. "I look like I'm from the Capitol." I told her. She took it as a compliment and hugged me.

Now the costume, it was pink with gears, and flowers. It was ugly with electric spitting out of it. I almost barfed. I was NOT going to wear that. She ushered me to put it on and gushed. She cried. "You look so pretty!" I rolled my eyes now the chariots are coming. THIS IS IT!

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